D7 House Democrat campaign still cringe-worthy. Attacks Governor for defending ‘personal freedoms.’

I know it’s rude to stare at a car accident before it has been cleaned up. But when you see a weird one, you look, you shake your head and go “what on earth were they thinking?”  Which reminds me of District 7 Democrat House Candidate Louise Snodgrass’ campaign so far.

To date we’ve been treated to tiktok videos where Snodgrass advocates defunding the police and replacing them with social workers, advocates decriminalizing drugs, and says “South Dakota is backwards,” and “she hates living here,” etc.

How does Snodgrass move her campaign forward as we wind our way through the doldrums of the summer portion of the 2020 campaign season?  We get more bizarre videos on the chinese government connected tiktok platform:

@loudangjust a few Fun Facts about South Dakota
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My first suggestion for this Democrat candidate? First off, if a candidate is going to put out material attacking the Gov, do a little proofing.  For gosh’s sake, spell “governor” correctly.  Nevermind Snodgrass’ complaints about COVID relief funds going in part towards Law Enforcement, and Kristi Noem “refusing to enact strict covid restrictions/shut downs because of ‘personal freedoms.'”

Those darn personal freedoms!  What was the Governor thinking?  (Possibly the oath she took to uphold the US and State Constitution.)

Stay tuned. The campaign is barely started. I’m sure we’ll be treated to more cringe-worthy stuff.

14 thoughts on “D7 House Democrat campaign still cringe-worthy. Attacks Governor for defending ‘personal freedoms.’”

  1. One of the few mental giants of the Democrat Party. We need more people like her. She should be running for Congress instead of for a mere state legislative seat.

  2. She hates living here…..but she wants South Dakotans to vote for her??? Yeah, the dems need more candidates like her!

  3. Brookings seems like a bit of a SD liberal heaven. They overwhelmingly voted Sutton in 18 and supported masks early. I’m surprised Pat hasn’t moved, with all those antifa members roaming around his city.

    GOP being in disarray at the top could lead to some devastating results down ticket.

  4. Interesting that the Argus isn’t picking up on this… Their legislative political reporter must be too busy sift through Facebook comments to write stories about.

    1. Actually, she just announced she’s resigned on twitter. The Argus’ political reporter, that is.

  5. This young Snodgrass woman is clearly the libbies’ cosmic balancer to Ms. Hubbel. Very young, very pretty and insaner than all get out.

  6. Wait a minute. Ms. Snodgrass and Ms. Hubbel are both insaner than all get out, both hate Governor Noem, both cannot stop themselves from Tik Toking away with bat-shit crazy. They seem to be very much the same. Could Mrs. Voleski be puppet-mastering this young lady as well?

  7. Yet, she’s still running a better campaign than Dan Ahlers. Dan, you still have time to drop out!!

  8. She sounds like AOC’s political doppelganger. What an immature twit. Thank goodness South Dakota voters aren’t generally as idiotic as those from New Yawk.

  9. Wow. Pat, where did the Dems find this loon? How many signatures did she have to get to get on the ballot? Couldn’t have been more than 15 or so. I’m the first one to admit that we need a good, balanced 2-party system that allows for healthy, respectful debate of the issues. This just tells me that the Democrat party has no process of identifying, lifting up and supporting candidates whatsoever. It’s more of a “warm-body” mentality in SD. Quite frankly, this type of candidate does more harm to the Democrat party than good. Sometimes you’re better off just not running anyone if this is what you get. Geez.

    1. This is a perfect candidate for the Democrats and represents who they are and their NEW constituents. The Dashle and Johnson Dems are a thing of the past. Now they have AOC, Rashid Talib,Ilhan Omar, Beto ORoerke, and Elizabeth Warren Types. These people are SO out of touch with regular folks, all that is left are the lunatics. If you’re a Moderate Democrat you have NO party and no Home. You either help your party die by voting for loons like this, you opt-out, or you vote Republican. Either way the Democrat party as many know it is dead and its not coming back

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