Daily Kos saying it’s impossible for Slick Rick Weiland to win unless Pressler drops out.

Here’s an interesting call to action by a group of Democrat activists.  They’re on the warpath and have formed a petition for Larry Pressler to drop out of the US Senate race.

Why? Because they admit, it’s impossible for Slick Rick Weiland to win because Pressler has taken all of the Weiland voters:

Sign and send the petition: Tell Larry Pressler to drop out

A recent SurveyUSA poll in South Dakota shows Democrats have a strong chance to win a U.S. Senate seat that they’ve long since given up on—but only if centrist independent candidate Larry Pressler drops out.


Simply put: This is a sure-fire GOP win if Pressler stays in, and a toss-up if he drops out.

Sign and send the petition to independent Larry Pressler: Drop out and support Democrat Rick Weiland.


Read it here.

Yes, you’re reading it correctly. The message alternates if you refresh it, but Dems are saying “As long as you (Pressler) remain in the race, Mike Rounds will be the state’s new Senator.” And they’re begging him to endorse Rick Weiland.

Let me repeat – they claim it’s their “ONLY CHANCE to defeat Mike Rounds.”     5 weeks out, and they’re down to begging Pressler to drop out.

O, How the mighty have fallen.

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  1. Anonymous

    Larry Pressler is the best chance we have for the GOP to retake the senate. Pressler will caucus with the GOP. Rounds has way too much baggage and should endorse Pressler. Come on Mike! Set the ego aside and think of the big picture! Think of South Dakota and the US where we are today and what needs to be done. Your not going to make it bud. Too much baggage.

    1. Anonymous

      This is absolute crap. Larry is polling double digits down. And he professes adoration for Barak Obama. Who is this, Rhino Mike?

    2. springer

      Let’s see – Pressler voted for Obama twice, he invited Obama to SD to campaign, he openly likes the progressive agenda, and….he’s going to caucus with the GOP?! Uh, right.

  2. Felix

    Pressler and Weiland will not drop out. They are both delusional liberals. Pressler will go home to DC when it’s done and Weiland will get a cushy appointment from the Obama administration.

  3. El Kabongg

    The big story of the numbers is that Rounds has a decisive advantage in what is essentially a three-way race. The problem is that everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too – Weiland wants to be the Democrats firebrand, but he ALSO wants to keep total freedom to be to the left of most Democrats if he gets the Senate seat, so he’s losing big to Rounds. Pressler wants his seat back, but he wants total carte blanc to be some kind of party jumping centrist if he gets the seat, so he’s losing big to Rounds.

    The biggest chunk of likely voters has specifically preferred Rounds at every moment in the race. That’s the biggest fact of all.

    What happens if either Weiland or Pressler quits? The whole complexion of the vote split changes if it’s only a two-person race. It seems to me more likely that Rounds benefits more than Weiland if Pressler is out. When Pressler ran, the conventional wisdom was that he would draw votes from Rounds, and part of his percentage goes back to Rounds if he quits. There is no statistical way that Weiland can scoop up and keep together the total non-Rounds vote in the three-way split. A lot of the undecideds get motivated if there’s only two candidates, and that segment splits too. Rounds goes up and well over 50 percent in any head-to-head scenario, it seems to me.

    I mean no disrespect to Senator Howie by not counting him in the calculation. He’s not dropping out, and his supporters are either going to vote for him or write in Stace Nelson if Howie isn’t available. They’re the serious protest vote in the race, and have that luxury precisely because of Rounds’ big lead. If Weiland suddenly went ahead the Howie bunch would have to soul search and decide how badly they wanted something different than Democrat rule.

    At the end of the day, the Daily Kos has done no rocket-science examination of the state or the race. They see it’s a loser for both Weiland and Pressler, and in a perfect world THEY would just want Weiland to be as close as he can get to a recount margin, which opens up other, shall we say, Democrat strategies for victory.

    1. Anonymous

      Why would you mean no disrespect for Howie? He and his band of haters have been trashing Republicans all year. At least Stace actually ran as a Republican.

      Howie, Ellis and all 4% of their band of “Republicans In Name Only” are thankfully done after this election when their hate for the GOP has been exposed.

      1. El Kabongg

        “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in” – – from Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address. Bring ’em home I say.

  4. Anonymous

    Pfft, the democrats polling paints a pretty clear picture that Weiland gets a third strike and IF ANYONE should drop out it is Rick.


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