Dakota News Now livestreamed Haugaard Announcement. I think we have a failure to launch.

Dakota News Now livestreamed the Haugaard Press conference where the former Speaker of the House made his announcement for Governor.

And I hate to say it, but if you were looking for a speech that provided inspiration or aspiration, this wasn’t it.

I’m sure there are a few of the hardcore right who will cheer Haugaard on, but that’s only a small portion of the Republican electorate at large.  When the speech to launch his campaign goes on about “Big Education” and “Hollywood,” “not answer to the boardroom,” etcetera, we’ve heard it all before. The original parts were mainly about him being upset there was no special session on COVID and wants government to stand against vaccinations.. and well, that was nothing new either.

When someone is coming out of the gate and wants to replace the person there, we’re looking for “how are they different?”  and “here’s how I’m new.”

We didn’t get it.  Instead we got “I don’t think Kristi is being Kristi enough, so I’m going to promise to be more Kristi.”  That’s not really much of a message when you’re not Kristi.

I think what we have in Haugaard’s case is a failure to launch.

As opposed to the “ok, I’m going to show up at Republican events and say I’m running” that we got.

9 thoughts on “Dakota News Now livestreamed Haugaard Announcement. I think we have a failure to launch.”

  1. What a yawner. I can’t believe he’s running. Someone is telling him he can win. That he has charisma. That he’s smarter than her. No, no, and no.

    1. Nailed it. Echo chamber of a VERY small number of people. I literally felt sorry for him. 20 seconds of silence. Super awkward ending. This will be sad. 🙁

      He spoke of leadership and doors opening. Did he run for any leadership positions? I heard but do not know for sure that he ran for Speaker again and lost? If that is accurate information, um, then he should’ve ‘listened’ if the peers that know him most did not vote him in. Again, I do feel sorry for him but if you’re stuck in an echo chamber, you (he) probably will continue on. Again, 🙁 .

  2. I don’t think he gets the actual idea of first. There can only be one. That is why it is called first.

    “As Governor I will put farmers first, families first, small business first and South Dakotans first.”

    If my elementary education serves me well South Dakotans would be served fifth. Just a thought.

    1. Too bad Noem only puts herself first over all of South Dakota. She only cares about trying to run on a national ticket, even though she is unelectable.

  3. It would be nice to see some substantive ideas that would help solve the issues he presents. Instead, we get this nonsense. I totally agree that in order to have any chance whatsoever, Haugaard needs to show us not only how he is different, but moreover, how he will be a leader who will bring everyone together. Yet, based on his history, I don’t think any of this will occur. He will just continue to pander to the ultra-right wing folks shouting Kristi isn’t conservative enough.

  4. Nobody who has ever met Mr. Haugaard thinks he has charisma. Mr. Haugaard, a top-notch Overgodder, is like a bland saltine cracker that somebody put a kipper on, let the juice soak in, and then pulled the fish off and left you with the soggy bread afterwards.

    grudznick, for one, shall enjoy the entertainment that Mr. Haugaard shall afford us all.

    1. I am always suspicious of charisma. Most people who have it were born with it and figured out how to use it when they were 2 year old sociopaths and it worked so well they never stopped.

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