Dakota Posts on Stace Nelson’s latest tweet. (Ruining the brand…)

Apparently Stace Nelson tweeted this today…

And Dakota Posts was right on it:


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  1. "Very Stable Genius"

    Just for fun, I have often wondered what the ‘Caribou Show’ could have done with that once press conference. It was really one of the “Greatest Moments” in South Dakota political history. And as far as press conferences go, it ranked right up there with Ross Perot’s July of 1992 press conference, where he claimed the CIA had ruined his daughter’s wedding. If I remember right, it had an eclectic group of people in attendance too, with the Energizer Bunny being the only one who did not show….

  2. Anonymous

    Best meme yet from DakotaPosts!

    All he ever does is attack Republicans….totally ineffective legislator…never heard him criticize ONE Democrat ever

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t this the same guy who tried to blackmail the Republican party in 2014…if you don’t support me I will support an Independent candidacy of Gordon Howie?

    Republican..I think not

  4. mhs

    . . . and not just “a” Democrat, but the Democrat Party poster child for big-money Washington insider interests, cozy insider establishment deals ($650k a year to do what, Rick?): all the stuff Nelson purports to go all bull elephant on.

    What a complete fraud.

    1. a nony mous

      And there is plenty of support. Maybe we should change the name from “Republican” party to “Inclusive” party. Then we can be close to the Democrats.

      Note the sarcasm.

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  6. grudznick

    Mr. Nelson is no Republican. He’s a Nelsonian.
    He attacks the Republican party at every turn and laps at the heels of the libbies in the legislatures. It is known they all laugh at him but tolerate him because he interferes with his ineffectiveness. The man is the least effective in the legislatures since Mr. Kloucek once sloughed about the halls and couldn’t walk the stairs.


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