Dakota Posts takes on Lora Hubbel’s continued party switching

This AM, Dakota Posts is taking on Lora Hubbel who has just left the Republican Party for the second or third time now. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by others as well.

I would just point out to the Constitution party (led by Lori Stacey, the Robot Bee lady) where Lora has landed….  WE DON’T WANT HER BACK. YOU  HAVE TO KEEP HER THIS TIME. NO GIVEBACKS!

34 thoughts on “Dakota Posts takes on Lora Hubbel’s continued party switching”

  1. Who is Dakota Posts?

    They have really kind of gone after Tapio, stace and hubbell.

      1. It has nothing to do with gender or ideology; every time she loses a primary she switches parties.

  2. Mr. Lederman must not understand that the Constitution Party is conservative, whereas the Democratic Party is liberal. To equate the two in order to attack a conservative is illogical.

    1. Lederman is chair of Republican party…. so we should be saying the best about the Republicans and the worst about all other party

      1. Tara does the Constitution Party have a platform regarding Galactic Aliens? We need extreme vetting with them.

    2. the current democrat party is unashamedly socialist-collectivist, a true oligarchy with the clintons still riding the top levels of power. i can’t find a single thing about it which i would call ‘liberal.’ and the right-fringe parties have a hard no-compromise posture at their core to differentiate themselves from the GOP. there’s nothing ‘conservative’ about rejecting and squandering political power. conservatism is a goal, not a set of tactics.

    3. Why would he cares what the constitution party is..there were more delegates at the convention 620– than in all of the constitution party -473

    1. Why so he can do is 3rd again..
      He got in bed with lautenslager…he got what he deserved

      1. Zach lautenschlager is the guy that represents as gun owners and sends out the florescent postcards that lie about peoples records

  3. Now now guys….clean it up…what would Trump do???? A bit cheeky and totally unnecessary and unbecoming for GOP. Chair????

    1. Lora has used the Republican Party to advance her unviable candidacies. She’s a Republican as long as it gets her a microphone on the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit. As soon as that runs dry and she loses a primary, she joins another party and keeps going. She takes advantage of the counties which allow all declared Republican candidates to speak, and that’s getting old.

      1. kind of sound like maybe you are a little jealous of her guts? hm how many times has Mitt Romney run for office? Better question how many different positions has Mitt Romney taken both sides on?

        1. Mitt Romney the ultimate RINO ? Should he consider a name change to Flip Romney?

        2. Mitt Romney actually won an election and served as governor of Massachusetts. Lora can’t wven win a primary in her legislative district. At some point she needs to face reality and devote her time and money to something else, like backing an electable candidate instead.

      2. Why would they invite her? all she does is ever attack the Republican party including leaving it and running against the party!

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