Damn, now that’s funny. Myers apparently mulling over a Thune Challenge

Headline over at SouthDaCola:  Mike Myers to challenge John Thune?

HA HA HA HA HA HA!  Now, that’s a knee slapper! Seriously, I think Dems and liberals have run out of good options, are through mediocre ones, and are now so desperate to push anyone into running against Thune, they’ve been venturing past left field off into crazy for some time now.

Regarding any consideration of a Myers candidacy, it makes me think back to when Myers was running for Governor:

Move along. Nothing serious or worth considering here. Just someone randomly doing push-ups.

I don’t think it’s a stretch that Senator Thune could not only mop the floor with him politically, as Myers throws out gibberish and holds suicide re-enactments as he did during the gubernatorial race, I think Thune would beat Myers at push-ups as well.

And how bad of a candidate is Myers that we’d even have to bring “push-ups” into the conversation?

Enough said.

4 thoughts on “Damn, now that’s funny. Myers apparently mulling over a Thune Challenge”

  1. It will be great. If there isn’t anything done in Congress this year, with the exception of grandstanding on conservative issues, could Myers be any worse?

  2. The South Dakota Democrats should just put an ad on Craigs List in the wanted or jobs section looking for candidates.

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