Darn it ! Didn’t you know that Terry LaFleur was “for that before he was against that” first?

From Facebook, there are some hangovers from the primary election season that you can’t shake off, no matter how much Tylenol you take:

So, “Billi” plagiarized LaFleur’s platform ideas? I wonder which ones?

Lori Walsh:

My guest today, gubernatorial candidate Terry LeFleur. Let’s talk about taxes. You mentioned tax reform and voters that have been talking to you tired of tax increases. You’re proposing a state income tax of 10-15%. Tell me about that.

Terry LaFleur:

The reason I came up with the 10-15% because historically South Dakota has not had a state income tax. This is not gonna be your run-of-the-mill state income tax like you see in most other states because no other state has a plan like I’m proposing. I’m proposing a flat tax right across the board. It doesn’t matter how much you make, how much you earn in a year’s time, you will pay one flat percentage tax. We don’t know exactly what that tax is gonna be because it’s basically a case of first impression here like they say in the courts.

Read that here.

Terry was promoting an income tax before he claimed he was against it?

NOW we know which idea he’s complaining Sutton took from him!

8 Replies to “Darn it ! Didn’t you know that Terry LaFleur was “for that before he was against that” first?”

  1. Anonymous

    Both picked a political party opponent as their LT?? Larry Rhoden is one of the staunchest Conservatives in the state. He and Kristi share the same views on 95% of all issues from what I know. None of what he said in his rambling incoherence came close to reality. Believe us Terry, you’re diluted and no one on either side will ever plagiarize anything you do. You’re irrelevant. You’re nothing more than a punchline for Conservatives and Liberals alike.

  2. Anonymous

    Could the Doctor sue Sutton and Noem for stealing his ideas?

    Curious if his 2024 or 2040 campaign for Governor staff has been all hired and he is at full strength moving forward.

    Then there is that $100 million lawsuit. Yeeowza!

  3. Anon

    I’m seriously thinking there is something wrong with this guy.

    Also, they both picked a political opponent as a running mate? Larry Rhoden has been one of Kristi’s best friends since they served in the legislature together

  4. Tara Volesky

    I heard he got a court appointed attorney to file a hundred million dollar lawsuit against Billie and Kristi.

    1. Anonymous

      Even though Whatsupdoc is a lawyer but not an attorney, (or is he an attorney but not a lawyer? I forget which he claims to be) he can represent himself in the lawsuit. Of course, I don’t fancy his chances no matter who represents this boob.

      His arrogance is obvious though his intellige, if any, is not.


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