Darn it! Why is no one else talking about “Vaccine Harassment” on the campaign trail?

I am absolutely outraged! Why is no one else talking about one of the most emerging issues of our time on the campaign trail!?!

vaccine harassment

Vaccine Harassment. It could be coming to a clinic near you.

Seriously, I’m not sure why this makes me giggle a little. Is it because I imagine someone chasing people around with a big pointy needle threatening to immunize them?  Or is it because Lora Hubbel is taking up the cause against this evil of “Vaccine Harassment?”

I mean, she can run her campaign for State Senate on the basis of opposing of 1000 years of medical history, or wanting to bring back the “good old days” of polio, measles and small pox epidemics.  Or Lora possibly wants the US to join undeveloped nations in having 1.5 million children die each year due to diseases which could have been prevented by vaccination.

But as I noted above, perhaps strangely, no one else has taken up the banner of joining her in her crusade to oppose “vaccine harassment,” so measles can spread throughout the land unabated.

For the sake of coming back to reality, no, vaccines do not cause autism. That was long ago debunked as utter fraud. Are there sometimes reactions to them? At times. But, they’re far, far safer than the diseases they immunize children against. (Before a vaccine, Measles were fatal 30% of the time)

I suppose a candidate spreading such utter B.S. makes me laugh in futility that there are people so off in the head; so utterly nuts that they believe in such lunacy.

Or maybe it’s more that they want to be elected to office to run our state.

11 Replies to “Darn it! Why is no one else talking about “Vaccine Harassment” on the campaign trail?”

  1. grudznick

    I know that young Ms. Hubbel’s ability to be insaner than most always makes me chuckle.

  2. Troy Jones

    The root of the word “vaccine” is from the latin word that means “cow” because one of the first vaccines used cowpox to immunize against smallpox.

    Contrary to what one might think, the word “vacuous” which is often associated with the mind of Hubbel is not related to vaccine. Instead vacuous comes from the Latin word meaning “empty.”

  3. Anonymous

    SD would be better off if nutty Lora won the election over flaming liberal pro-abortion Peters. Just sayin’.

  4. Anonymous

    Please! Someone who knows Mrs Hubbel, PLEASE! Tell her to stop chasing shiny objects and get her concentrated on basic campaigning to win a legislative election!

    Deb Peters is a liberal Democrat and has no business in the GOP.

    If Hubbel loses? Make no mistake, it is because she hasn’t done the basics of running for office. She needs to realize that she has a shelf life in politics and another poor performance will dive a stake into the heart of any support that’s left.

    1. Anonymous

      perhaps she needs to get her old campaign manager back. That wacky one from Mitchell.

  5. Anonymous

    I spent about 10 minutes viewing Lora’s Facebook page. The
    woman has a serious problem and I will never get those 10 minutes back.

    1. Dakota Conservative

      I googled her name and could not find a facebook page or much of anything except DWC postings and a couple of other articles.

  6. Robert Mehling

    Great, now I’m picturing someone chasing people around with a cartoon needle too. Get some Benny Hill Yakity Sacks music going for it too…

  7. Lee Schoenbeck

    Let’s face it, when we see bat guano crazy – we need to call it. Even if she’s right on one issue, a blind chicken can find feed every once in a while. (With all due respect to chickens every where – sorry for the association)

  8. Alan

    According to the article at the link you provided, measles is fatal in about 0.2% of cases. That is not an insignificant number, but no where near 30%. I believe smallpox was about 30% fatal. Still, according to that article, complications arise in about 30% of cases, reason enough to encourage vaccination, even without the risk of death.