Daschle willing to mentor… Any takers?

Tom Daschle Ready to Mentor, but America Seems Uninterested

How much would you pay for lunch and mentoring services with Senator Daschle? At a recent fundraiser for the National Mall, Daschle offered himself up for bids with an item called “mentoring lunch with Senator Daschle.”

Bidding on the lunches started at $300, with more than 20 bids for the three lunches.

Unfortunately for the former Democratic Senator, most of the people who could afford to spend more than $300 on a priceless brunch, such as businessman and Washington Kastles owner Mark Ein, bid on lunches with Akridge and Rasulo.

But just before bidding closed, Daschle finally got a bid!

We are confident that the bidding war started, just like all our eBay battles, just before the close.

Maybe it’s just because I’m from South Dakota, but I would actually enjoy a lunch with Senator Daschle. I’d ask him all about the historic 2004 senate race…

22 Replies to “Daschle willing to mentor… Any takers?”

  1. Job Creator

    We all know Daschle is a nice guy and would probably be a great lunch date. But you probably wouldn’t get too much good info by asking him about something that happened so long ago (he’s getting old, you know), even though some of you who chronically “long for the olden days” to “take our country back” will never forget those victories and will also conveniently not remember what some of your standard bearers said and did (that would not float with your TEA party leaders today).

    Perhaps at your lunch date you could also ask Daschle how he and Clinton worked together to make it look so easy to manipulate congressional Republicans to chase their tails for a few years. He would get a good chuckle out of that and could probably convey some of the wisdom that could be found there.

    For the 2004 question, you should get together with Wadhams to discover his brilliant strategies (which should work perfectly on Thune in 2016 if the SD Democrats are intelligent enough to remember them, which is doubtful).

    1. Anonymous

      Has Sen. Thune pronounced himself a “DC resident” on camera and taken lobbyists on a special access trip to the top of Mt. Rushmore? I’m sure Democrats will be smart enough to use those things if they happen.

      1. Job Creator

        Don’t be so sure that the dems will be smart enough. Or they might be smart enough and just not have the guts to do what has to be done. Regardless, Thune’s a shoo-in until he decides to leave or until the dems get a crew that has enough guts to replace him.

        Long chances that either of those things will happen. He might try a presidential run, but I doubt it. He’s seen the tough knocks he will have to take out there. Far easier to be a GOP fluffer, bide his time for a leadership position and just keep getting sent back term after term by the South Dakotans who simply adore him. What a great life!

    2. Anonymous

      I’d pay for lunch with Daschle. He’s a legend in this state.

      But if I wanted to talk to Wadhams I’d just read Lauck’s book.

  2. Anonymous

    I know Tom can say more than no. If you compare veterans health care Daschle is a 100 percent supporter rather than Tune who votes against veterans.

  3. Oldguy

    TD was the leader who 1st used the 60 vote to pass anything when he was the minority leader. Funny how you forget

    1. Job Creator

      So I guess you’re complimenting him as a true innovator and pioneer, since so many GOP leaders have used his strategies since then? He also mastered the art of grouping bad federal judge appointees together and never letting their confirmation see the light of day. He literally saved us from having hundreds of idiotic judges in the federal system!

      1. oldguy

        I am complimenting him. I don’t agree about the judges but wheter you agree with him or not he is a good guy

        1. Job Creator

          Sorry – I’m just not that accustomed to having anyone with a D behind their name eeking out a compliment inside this candy store.

          Actually, I do agree with you on the judges and did then, but what a great trick to marginalize a President when you want (need) to.

          George Mitchell and Lloyd Bentsen spent a lot of time teaching TD how to score TDs.

    2. Anonymous

      Some of the things that Daschle did not pass in the latter years of his term was a farm bill and an energy bill. Both very important to SD and the nation. Neither got passed until he was out and Thune in.

  4. grudznick

    I am willing to mentor young Mr. Daschle over a lunch. He better pay rapt attention to what I have to say.

    1. veldy

      Don’t wear hunting garb that’s right off the rack while filming a campaign commercial?

        1. grudznick

          Mr. Curd and Mr. Daschle both have interesting haircuts, and are boring lunch partners. (Curd likes ranch dressing, Daschle eschews salads all together unless he thinks the media is watching)

  5. walks like a duck

    surprised David Lust didn’t take him up on it. I hear Dave is drooling over Kristi Noem’s seat in Congress. I am sure Tom would love to help a life-long Democrat that infiltrated the SDGOP ranks so well. maybe that already happened and is the secret of Dave’s success? or maybe Dave was simply smart enough to change his party registration and buy the Majority Leader election by himself? who needs to pay expensive lobbyist fees to have them hang around the lobby when you can get your lobbyist into a legislative leadership position to push your agenda? ahh attorneys, that calculating breed of man that allows money to dictate what is right or wrong.

  6. Just Call Me Joe

    John Edwards could use a hand about now – I’m joking. I kind of like TD – I think the Obama administration lost a great potential asset, when they gave up on him for the H&HS Secretary – a job he’d have been perfect for….

  7. John Carter

    How quickly we forget….

    It seems to me that about twelve years ago, an aspiring S.D. politician that is now pretty well-known apparently thought that Daschle would be worth listening to…


    I don’t care if you want to denigrate Daschle (who is now working closely with “republican” Mike Rounds by the way) but it seems to me you’re selectively ignoring instances where republicans willingly listened to him.