Daugaard gets his hands dirty

These endorsements really don’t fit the impression I had developed of Governor Dennis Daugaard. On one hand I’m thinking YES! Governor Dennis Daugaard is taking a stand, and he’s showing people that he will put skin in the game. On the other hand, running for the legislature is an opportunity for people looking out for their constituents’ best interest. That isn’t always what’s in the best interest of the Governor or his office. What he and his staff are doing indicates that if you are with him you will reap great rewards but if you are against him you may suffer severe retaliation.

I had an image of Daugaard as someone who could quell the conflict in our party by bringing people together. Taking sides and endorsing a challenger over an incumbant isn’t the way to do that no matter how nice of a guy Val Rausch is.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has endorsed House Speaker Val Rausch in his primary challenge to incumbent Republican Sen. Tim Begalka, R-Clear Lake.

Combined with another new endorsement, that of former Rep. Mike Buckingham in his battle with Rep. Phil Jensen for an open Senate seat in Rapid City, that makes five endorsements for Daugaard in Republican primaries this year.

The article mentions that Daugaard was inclined to support Rausch over Begalka because of Rausch’s fiscal disipline, and the other key factor was that Rausch endorsed Daugaard for Governor in the 2010 primary.

Certainly there are many in the party who are absolutely unreasonable and maybe they are impossible to work with or incapable of being realistic. In that instince Daugaard might be right to take sides now rather than wasting his time attempting to bring a segment of people together who will never see eye to eye no matter how much effort is exhausted.

I am a big fan of returning loyalty, but I’ve also always had a tendancy to root for the underdog. The Governor of South Dakota has so much strength and financial backing compared to an individual legislator that an endorsement can be very powerful.

Endorsing in contested primaries especially against incumbants will only increase the animosity among alienated legislators or segments of the party. It’s hard for me to understand why this is being done, especially when Republicans control such vast majorities in both legislative chambers.

This move could payoff for Daugaard in the short term while the GOP is fat and happy in numbers, but if Democrats ever make any real gains in the legislature over the next six years, Governor Daugaard might find himself reaching out  to some of those individuals he chose not to support for key votes on important pieces of legislation.

In many ways I admire Dennis Daugaard for his endorsments, but at the same time I feel uneasy about the whole thing.

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  1. Anonymous

    I guess we now know that he will be backing Rounds on day one if there is a primary.

  2. Closer to 51 than 21

    This was a good move for governor Daugaard. Either he runs the party, or Gordon Howie does. I can guarantee you that if the party is left to Howie, we’re screwed.

    1. insomniac

      That is a good point but I’m going to come down on the side of neutrality. He has no reason to risk so much. He will pay a price for this at somepoint.

      This is just Tony and Dusty showing they have all the power.

      1. insomniac

        Daugaard is never going to get rid of all the Howie type candidates in SD until he gets rid of Stace.

        1. Anonymous

          you mean the Christian conservative Republicans? the traditional base of the Republican party? Ohhhh I don’t know, these rinos are doing a pretty good job of pushing those elected traditional Republicans out the door. If the voters ever figure that out, I suspect the SDGOP will see the backlash like the national party did/has.

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I and my friends are in Gov. Daugaard for creating this rift in the party. He convinced us that he was a conservative, even though he served as Lt. Gov. for 8 years under RINO Rounds. We won’t be fooled again.

    1. 73*

      First off Daugaard isn’t creating this rift. The rift was there. He’s making it bigger. Howie, Hubbel and Stace started it. Daugaard wants to finnish this fight evidently but he’s only going to increase the scale of this inferno.

      1. Bob Ellis

        No, Democrats calling themselves “Republicans” caused the rift when they started trashing and bashing the Republican agenda, values and platform.

        And Gov. Daugaard isn’t going to finish it by promoting more RINOs. I know liberals would love to have Republicans abandon the Republican Party, but that isn’t going to happen.

        As Reagan said, “We don’t intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn’t make any sense at all.”

        1. Dennis Daugaard imersonator

          You started this BOB. (and you are nuts)

          Don’t you dare call the kettle black.

          I’ll see your insane acusations and raise you a bunch of legislator endorsements. Who’s laughing now?

          1. Bob Ellis

            Once again, you liberal RINOs started the rift when you gave the middle finger to Republican values and the platform; no amount of your lies will ever change that truth.

            No one will be laughing if you fakes destroy people’s faith in what the Republican brand means…which you, Daugaard and your fellow RINOs are well on your way to doing.

  4. lil wayne

    My guess is the polling done by Daugaard showed Begalka way ahead,so they had to do something. If you want to get sick to your stomach listen to Rausch’s radio ad : “I live out my conservative moral values daily, I’m not in it for myself,I’m endorsed by Gov Daugaard and Sec of State Gant.”

      1. lil wayne

        Yes,as the head of elections in the state,he should be the LAST person in the state to endorse anyone.Shame on him! Chris Nelson would have never even considered such a senseless move.

  5. 73*

    What I take issue with is Daugaard going after underfunded legislators. I disregard the idea that someone is either a Howie supporter or a Daugaard supporter.

    I’m a Daugaard supporter but I’d have told him where he could go on HB 1234. He had absolutely no intention of listening to the people or legislators opposed to the bill.

  6. 73*

    And another thing. He came out and said at a meeting that 1234 wasn’t the only plan and if people had better ideas they could come to him and suggest things. That was not true. He didn’t give a rip about another idea.

    A couple months ago I saw him talking about party unity. Now he’s doing this.

    I’m with everyone who says Hubbel deserves this because she’s openly called him out on everything from here to China. Let her get trounced.

    Everyone with a different opinion doesn’t dislike Daugaard. But he’s acting like a bully inserting himself into these races.

  7. anon

    This wasn’t started by Stace or Daugaard or Howie — they are simply the players of this season. This has been going on for years — remember Stan v. Ellie of a few years ago? And there are many more.

    I say good for Dennis Daugaard. Sometimes a leader needs to stand up and poke a bully – or in this case a bunch of lunatics – right in the eye. To call DD a democrat is absurd and the more they say stupid stuff like that the more they relegate themselves to the Gordon Howie 10%.

  8. Stace Nelson

    Val Rausch? Val Rausch? why does that name ring a bell? Ins’t he the guy that played in Taxi? No, no, that was Danny Devito.

    Wasn’t he the former life-long Democrat that changed parties in 2000 simply to run as a Republican to make his chances better to get into office? Yeah, that’s the little guy.

    Wasn’t Val Rausch the one that kicked me off the Ag Committee as a simple move to make a place for the governor’s appointee? Wasn’t he the one that also later got caught by KDLT admitting that was a lie and that it was done for political purposes?

    Seems to me he was also the little fella that also lied to the press & the House GOP Caucus and said that “Rep. Nelson threatened to kill Rep. Moser?”

    Let’s not forget that he was one of those identified as having tampered/obstructed others bills.

    Val Rausch is one of the most dishonest scumbags I have ever met, and I spent decades helping put child molestors, rapists, murders, etc., in jail.

    Val Rausch, the best legislator that special interest monies can buy.

    Seems it was more than rumors that deal to endorse those in the primaries that supported HB 1234?

    Yep, that is the great “Republican” the governor has chosen to endorse over solid Life Long actual conservative Republican Incumbent Sen. Tim Begalka.

    1. Anonymous

      I would hope that reading Stace’s rant would prove to everyone that Rausch is the right choice.

      Rausch is respected enough be his peers to be elected Speaker of the House… Nelson is so far out of his mind that his fellow caucus members threw him out.

      I can’t imagine voters sending someone like Nelson to Pierre full well knowing he will be totally ineffective.

      Rausch is a winner… District 4 should vote for him… Besides, if Nelson hates him, that’s reason enough for me to vote for him.

      1. lil wayne

        Excuse me ! The caucus did NOT throw him out. Rausch and Lust did. The reason given: an argument with Moser. (the sort of which happens weekly at the Capitol) The real reason: payback (by abuse of power) for Nelson daring to question their “leadership”. Besides did anyone else want the Speakers job? Did anyone run against him ?

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry, but obviously you weren’t there…the caucus wanted him gone… The leadership followed their wishes.

          1. Anonymous

            didn’t leadership say something to the effect that they had made the decision that Nelson and Russell were no longer welcome in caucus and that if people disagreed, there was the door?

            Why again was it that they took this action? Because they claimed Nelson threatened to kill Nick Moser, which has been proven a lie.

            what a courageous bunch of Republican legislators we have.

  9. Anonymous

    If I was Stace Nelson I would issue out endorsements to counter the Governor.

    Stace if you run as an Independent in ’14 against Daugaard he will lose!

    ASAP. I believe he would carry some weight with people who are active in politics. GO get’em Stace!!!

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      I agree. I’m sure Ellis or Howie would give him space on their website. Heck, I’d do it here on the DWC (so long as the rationale wasn’t personal or derogatory, ala referencing Val Rausch’s physical height or that he is a convert to the GOP like Reagan or Rick Perry). Endorsements by leaders of different perspectives gives voters insight they might not otherwise have.

  10. Anonymous

    It is too bad that Daugaard has taken this approach. I for one am very disappointed.

  11. dawn

    Stace are you comparing Val Rausch to rapists and murderers? You just jumped the shark if that is the case. Val and you might not get along but that is over the top.

    1. Stace Nelson

      I have sat down knee to knee with the worst society has to offer and got along fine enough to get confessions & admission. I was paid good money to do that. I am no longer paid to do that and I refuse to accept the dishonesty that I personally suffered at the hands of Valentine Rausch. I got along just fine with him until he decided to resort to his dishonest nature and lied to the public & caucus about me.

      When an elected official lies to the public in an effort to circumvent their proper representation, and attempts to corrupt the citizens government for political gain, the circumstances would argue similarities. Who was the worst murdering rapist Hitler who facilitated that as a politician? or Ted Bundy who did it personally? I rest my case.

      1. anon

        The world wishes you’d rest your mouth instead, Stace.

        You have nothing but accusations…most all of which have been proven false… Yet you keep throwing the same lies out there hoping one more mentally challenged person will believe them.

          1. Anonymous

            The panel that was called, needlessly spending state money to investigate Stace’s pointless accusations found that they were all false. Nothing more than stories he made up…

            On the other hand, Stace has made hundreds of allegations over the past year, NONE of which have been proven to be true. Yet, he still throws them around, in hopes of finding one more person dumb enough to believe him.

            1. lil wayne

              So Stace and Bender made the story up ? Why?? Any proof to your ridiculous allegations?

              1. Stace Nelson

                The only time I nearly lost it was when that weasel Lust was disrespectful to Rob Bender.

                Let’s hope old Davy isn’t able to buy the leadership elections this next session.

                Mark Venner for Majority Leader, an honest man, a true Republican, and a real leader. Godspeed & God bless his campaign. Best thing is, he doesn’t need a law firm to buy him respect.


        1. Anonymous

          Wouldn’t it be his fingers? If memory serves correct, Rausch was the one that told people Nelson threatened Moser and he called out the highway patrol, was in the papers. Clearly Nelson never threatened Moser so how is that claim of lies by Rausch proven false?

          Read the Daily Republic article and saw the TV news spot, that claim about Raush is true too.

  12. Troy Jones Post author

    Stace: Now you are using Hitler and Bundy to describe Val Rausch? Rapist and murderer wasn’t enough? Oh my Lord.

    Les, you really take this guy’s accusations serious? C’mon, you know better. Read Section 8: Offenses against the truth in your catechism.

    1. Anonymous

      You may want to take off your hate glasses Troy and reread the post. That is not what was said. Shame on you for being so dishonest with your own reciting of his post.

      1. Anonymous

        Why don’t we just threaten to kick each other in the genitals? Be internet tough guys? That should clear all of this up. 😉

        1. Anonymous

          Stace should apologize…

          My word who compares Val Rausch to Hitler? That is truly apalling.

          1. old farmer

            Nobody even nibbling on this. People across SD have seen the truth. Rausch owes his parents and the whole state an apology for being such a liar.

    2. Les

      I’m not so much looking at what Stace said or is saying as the fruit of our state government Troy.

      We are not in favor of Obama care but we continue to take money we will never be able to repay.
      We run with the Feds ridiculous drivers license requirements for fear of losing something they haven’t taken from those states who didn’t comply and we are given false reasons why.
      Appearance of our state ag pushing for the dairy over the wishes of that counties residents.
      As for Staces accusations, if it was me he was accusing, I would be on the front page of the Journal with a reply to each and every one and then into a court of law if he contined after my thorough rebuttal.

      So far I haven’t seen a rebuttal of his point by point accusations.

      I don’t feel we are a state full of Rinos as much as a state full of double standards. It is ok to take the unborn(unless you stab the mother) but not the murderer or no woman’s choice and kill the murderer.

      All of the above politicos are complicit on those double standards, top down. But that’s politics.

      1. old farmer

        Don’t forget a certain old farmer that was with Nelson when the lrc employee told them both that Rausch and Lust were tampering with other legislators bills.

        Still waiting for someone to explain why that old farmer would have to lie as claimed by David Lust?

  13. grudznick

    This blogging has certainly made me decide I am all in favor of giant corporate pig farms in whatever district all this manure oozes from.

  14. disgusted

    grud, all that manure seems to be oozing from Pierre. I don’t know what the govenor is doing. First he rips off the scabs that formed over the wounds inflicked in caucus, then he applies sandpaper to the wound before he throws gasoline on the dying embers. Is he trying to destroy the Republican party? Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave.

    1. anon

      Wrong on all counts… He’s trying to save the republican party. The wackos that call everyone that doesn’t agree with them rinos are the ones that are divisive. Kudos for the Gov for trying to rid the party of their fungus.

      1. Bob Ellis

        What a bucket of propagandistic lies. We seldom see such brazen lies outside of Marxist countries. You cannot “save” the Republican Party by taking it away from its very clearly stated values, goals and principles as Gov. Daugaard and his RINO cohorts. They are the divisive ones, for when you drive an organization away from its most important values, you are dividing it, undermining it and weakening it.

        1. eye pea

          Shouldn’t you be out burning a few crosses today, praying for the End Days or something, Bob?

          Must be tough having to camp out at the Golden Corral just to feed your freedom to be obese on the GI dime.

          1. Bob Ellis

            Sorry, once again you reveal that, like all liberals, you just can’t seem to get a single fact right–the most important one being that it’s been your Democrat buddies who started the KKK and reveled in cross-burning for the past 150 years.

            It must really stink to cling so slavishly to a morally and intellectually bankrupt philosophy that you have to lie every time you express yourself because you lack the courage to admit you’ve been wrong and embrace what’s right.

      2. disgusted

        “Wrong on all counts? He?s trying to save the republican party. The wackos that call everyone that doesn?t agree with them rinos are the ones that are divisive. Kudos for the Gov for trying to rid the party of their fungus.”

        Save the party from what, it’s conservative values? Every one of the candidates endorsed by Daugaard is more liberal than their opponents and less in line with the party platform. Even Rounds didn’t do anything as idiotic and divisive as this.

        GOP – Grand Old Party or Got Other Priorities?

        1. Anonymous

          Well said. The ideas the rinos call whacko are SDGOP planks. May we suggest if the rinos think our Republican ideas and principles are whacko, go to the Dems or start your own moderate (aka pragmatic, aka say do/say anything to get elected) party

  15. Elais

    Bob Ellis

    You’re reduced to citing the KKK now as an argument against the current Democratic party? How sad, considering their views align with the GOP.


    1. Bob Ellis

      I didn’t CITE the KKK; I pointed out that it was founded and populated by Democrats–the same Democrat Party that’s played the racists for 150 years or more. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? That’s why you loathe it so much. You should embrace it, let it get your heart right, and come into the light.

  16. common sense

    This is just getting silly, I think it is so funny that everyone is hooting and hollering about these endorsements, many legislators, PUC officials and constitutional officers endorsed Dennis in an ad printed in the Argus Leader prior to him becoming governor, the current Senator Thune endorsed Romney, and we heard no hoots about that. Now all of a sudden Dennis (probably the the most kind, most fair governor SD has ever seen) is being called unfair and abusing power. Just because you don’t like what he said doesn’t mean he can’t say it. As far as the SOS saga, the halos that are being placed over Chris and Joyce are making me ill. They both endorsed canidates while in office!!! I even recieved a letter from Chris personally endorsing a canidate. If I knew how to scan it in here I would. Though they say that the “never endorsed while in office” both Chris Nelson and Joyce Hazeltine endoursed canidates including endorsing who should be their replacement when leaving the office. Chris Nelson endorsed Noem as well as Bray and Joyce endorsed Chris as well as was chairman in a presidential primary in the 90’s. I don’t care about the endorsements personally but I find it so funny that everyone is perfect when they have a finger to point at someone else. Babies I say, babies. Also, the lying about never endorsing a canidate makes me ill. I like Chris and Joyce alot and I know they didn’t get to pick who took over their office when they left, but that is no reason to demean the man working hard to make it a better process for South Dakota. Time to grow up and put our big boy shorts on. If the canidate you want to win is so great, there is no need to worry about endorsements from a couple of guys who just expressed their opinion. Also, if republican’s keep attacking republicans, they are going to all seem crazy and then let’s see who ends up getting elected. most likely not republicans!