Daugaard intends to support Mickelson out-of-state money ban measure

From the Argus Leader:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard on Thursday said he’ll support a proposal to ban out-of-state money to South Dakota ballot measure campaigns.


“I’m hopeful that that will have some success and I might just help him out,” Daugaard said.

The Republican governor clarified that he would likely be willing to provide financial backing to the ballot measure committee.

Read it here.

Interesting that the Governor is in support of the Mickelson measure, especially in light of the AG’s warning on constitutionality. 

10 Replies to “Daugaard intends to support Mickelson out-of-state money ban measure”

  1. Common Sense

    I would be in favor if we also said no out of state money for our politicians as well. It is getting too easy for elections to be bought.

  2. Springer

    What is to prevent an out of state group from giving money to John Doe, s SD resident, who in turn donates it to a SD ballot measure or politician? How would we prove where the money came from? Answer….nothing, and impossible.

  3. Joe

    These initiated measures are getting ridiculous. A traditionally understood republican form of government would empower the people of the state to elect legislators who then vote on these matters.
    The overuse of the initiated measure process, the 17th Amendment popular election of U.S. Senators, and society’s obsession with POTUS/federal government has made state legislatures completely impotent. It’s sad because these legislators are much closer to us and could be empowered to do a good job and much more easily held accountable if they don’t.

  4. Which way is the wind blowing???

    “I might just help him out…”. Another crystal clear direction given by the windsock.

  5. William Beal

    I suspect a $1 increase in the tax would not only fail to raise the projected revenue, but would more likely reduce the revenue currently collected at the current rate.

    It’s reasonable to assume that many smokers already purchase their tobacco in surrounding states with substantially lower tobacco taxes.

    State cigarette tax rates as of April 1, 2017.
    1.53 South Dakota
    0.44 North Dakota
    0.60 Wyoming
    0.64 Nebraska


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