Daugaard: No Special Session for Medicaid Expansion.

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Gov. Daugaard Will Not Call
Special Session 
To Address Medicaid Expansion Proposal

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced today that he will not call a special session of the South Dakota State Legislature to address the expansion of Medicaid.

We have a good plan that would increase healthcare access at no additional state cost and guarantee that the federal government won’t shift its responsibility to pay for Native American healthcare to the state,” said Gov. Daugaard. “Still, I have heard from legislators that they would like more time to study this plan, and in particular want to wait to consider the issue until after the presidential election. For that reason, I will not be calling a special session to take up this issue.” (Governor Audio Clips)


…and there’s also a story up at the Argus:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced Wednesday that he won’t call a special session to discuss Medicaid expansion.

Daugaard said legislators have asked for additional time to digest the plan, especially given the upcoming presidential election, and he won’t call them back to Pierre to vote on expansion until after November.

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7 Replies to “Daugaard: No Special Session for Medicaid Expansion.”

  1. Springer

    I think he read the writing on the wall and knew that it would never pass, and hopefully will not pass when the new legislators take their seats next year. He still thinks the feds will pick up the tab thru different IHS funding, and this is delusional.

  2. MC

    Here is an Idea. Forward the information he has about his plan to all the candidates so they will have the information in hand and ready go before new legislators take their seats.

  3. Anne Beal

    The idea that it won’t cost the state any additional money is just absolutely nuts.
    If you think the federal government keeps its promises I have a big water system to sell you.
    And the idea that the IHS in particular, of all federal agencies, will keep its promises is particularly ludicrous. And since the state can’t sue the federal government, it is left with no means of enforcement.

    Entering into a contract with a party which can’t be sued for breach of contract is so irresponsible, so beyond-the-pale idiotic that it is hard to believe anybody would be stupid enough to do it.
    Since I don’t believe the governor is stupid, I am left believing he is only doing this for his own personal gain.

  4. Cliff Hadley

    The governor doesn’t have the votes. And it’ll be easier to roll a bunch of new lawmakers next winter.

    1. Springer

      If he thinks he is going to roll a bunch of new lawmakers to something like this, think again. If the new lawmakers think they can vote for this and it won’t come back to bite them in the you know where, then they had better think forward a couple of years and see the ramifications for their next election; I assume they all want to more than one termers.
      And we had all better make sure we elect the most conservative of the candidates to the state legislature.

  5. Anonymous

    I think Daugaard needs to drop the compassionate conservative crap and just try to be a conservative. I don’t think he’s as popular as when he started with his lousy vetos and attempts to expand entitlements. Way to go, Dennis!

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, I forgot to mention his full support for Communist Core. Another brilliant stroke of central-government control, Gov!