Daugaard takes sides in primaries

Do you like that the Governor is taking sides in the GOP primaries? Either way it’s provided another classic Lora Hubbel quote, ?I just wish he would talk to me.?

Gov. Dennis Daugaard?s public support for Republican State Sen. Bruce Rampelberg in the District 30 primary is one of a small group of endorsements the governor is making prior to the June 5 voting.

It is an unusual move by the first-term governor, showing that he is willing to step in and help his friends and supporters in the Legislature and work against those who might not be so friendly.

The three endorsements the Rapid City Journal reported on are all incumbents. Rampelberg (district 30), Tom Nelson (district 31) and Deb Peters (district 9). I don’t have a problem with endorsements of incumbents in primaries, and in many ways I appreciate Daugaard taking a stand to support legislators he’s worked with.

It doesn’t surprise me that Daugaard would endorse Peters, and while I may disagree with her on some issues, her opponent Lora Hubbel has been anything but reasonable about the Governor’s policies.

Hubbel said Monday that she is a conservative with more conservative views than Peters on abortion and other social issues. Hubbel said she sought meetings with Daugaard to discuss their differences but never got them.

?I just wish he would talk to me,? she said.

I guess this is the best way for Lora to learn that if she’s going to dish it out she will also have to learn to take it.

The only thing I really dislike from the endorsements and could be hurtful to their cause is Tony Venhuizen’s comment about George Ferebee.

?The governor just sees Tom Nelson as a very good, solid legislator. He?d like to see him back,? Venhuizen said. ?The governor has heard good things about Bob Ewing as well.?

When asked if the governor had heard similar good things about Ferebee down in the District 30 Senate race, Venhuizen said:

?What he has heard about George has reinforced his decision to endorse Sen. Rampelberg.?

Rampelberg, a 69-year-old retired banker from rural Rapid City, beat Ferebee, a 72-year-old rancher from the Hill City area, by 19 votes following a recount in their 2010 race.

Clearly the governor endorsing legislators in a primary will antagonize the opposition all by itself. Rather than putting Ferebee down, I would have preferred to see Venhuizen strengthen the case for Rampelberg. In a close election, Venhuizen might have just provided the extra motivation Ferebee’s supporters were looking for.

All in all, the endorsements don’t surprise me or upset me.

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  1. disgusted

    very sad to see that the stories of deals being made on hb 1234 are now being proven. the deal was that “republicans” who supported 1234 would be helped in the primaries. illegal? yes.

    do we really want a governor stacking the deck in the legislature? do we not remember the reason for the three seperate branches of government?

    better hope the deal with the devil was worship dennis, many republicans are taking applications for your replacement in ’14.

      1. toga


        It is wrong for the govna’s son-in-law to hold that much power. He is also disconnected with the rest of the state or anyone that doesn’t just get appointed because he’s his son-in-law.

        1. Anonymous

          Idiot as in no real world experience but given the keys to the state?

          Then yes, I agree.

          Having family that close in an advisory role is dangerous because it makes it hard for anyone else to feel they can be totally honest. I guarantee you if Tony doesn’t like someone they are gone. He’s the guru.

  2. spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E

    Trying to understand why he did this. This looks bad all the way around and I do not understand why he would put himself out there for some of the worst Republicans, when it comes to voting records.

    His first two endorsements out of the gate were Nelson & Peters? Right after SDRTL gave them F’s & D’s?

    People were upset that he was doing polling in legislative races across the state. These endorsements coming after SDGOP has been telling others that it is SDGOP policy for GOP officials to not endorse during primaries spells trouble.

    1. Anonymous

      I support endorsing incumbents. 99% of the time we don’t pass bills regarding abortion… I wouldn’t have supported Peter’s and I’d write a check to Hubbel but it’s easy to see why Daugaard supports Peters. SHE SUPPORTS HIM!!!

      Hubbel is out there on many issues. I still like her and agree with her more than Peters.

    2. ymous

      I have to agree. Deb Peters IS NO REPUBLICAN and is a very bad choice for the gov to invest capitol in. I wish people like Deb would just register as what she is, a liberal.

  3. Anonymous

    “I just wish he would talk with me!”

    Is that like a line from a movie trailer like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?”

    I can picture her in that movie.

    1. John Carter

      What’s more “cuckoo” ? Someone who actually votes most of the time in accordance with the Republican party’s Pro-Life platform ?

      Or is it more “cuckoo” when an alleged leader of the Republican party is throwing GOP Pro-Life principles under the bus all in the name of rewarding his political lackeys ?

      If the governor continues down this unprecedented path of primary endorsements of liberal Republicrats, then he shouldn’t be surprised when he finds himself with a primary opponent come 2014.

    1. John Carter

      Politicians think they can campaign as republicans and vote like democrats without people noticing. Crazy.

  4. Anonymous

    Gordon and his cronies have spent months berating the governor publicly. Daugaard has been silent. Now Daugaurd says what we all know he’s thinking about Hubble and friends and these people whine that Daugaard has started a war??????? Daugaard finally fired one well deserved bout of return fire with these endorsements. If these people can’t take it they sure can dish it out. If only the governor would have been honest and said he’d rather see reasonable people get elected than people who are impossible.

  5. Sullivan

    It’s pretty plain to me that people challenging incumbents are trying to divide the party, not the Governor.

    There is no reason that the Governor should be faulted for showing loyalty in endorsing people who endorsed him.

    1. Anonymous

      nonsense! the incumbents are not the SDGOP, the people are.

      please show us a list that shows these people endorsed Daugaard the candidate before the primary in 2010

    2. John Carter

      I have to laugh at anyone who suggests that challenging incumbents is akin to “dividing the party”.

      As if those house and senate seats are somehow the property of the current officeholder and are theirs by virtue of some kind of hereditary right .

      The fact of the matter is — that the individuals currently occupying those seats in the legislature have no more “right” to their positions than my neighbor’s dog has a “right” to leave a steaming mess on my lawn.

      If anything, the party should be happy that there are multiple candidates for these positions.

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Democrat party in this state would love to have a “problem” like that.

  6. Troy

    Bob Ellis throws bombs but won’t name names.

    Who are the Rino’s? Be specific. And who are the “real Republicans” in these people’s eyes?

    The fact of the matter is they manipulate votes to make their friends look to be more conservative than others while making flaming liberals look like conservatives, can’t play nice with others, make extremely serious character assassinations. And, mostly do it with the moniker “anonymous.”

    In the end, they are just mad they aren’t taken serious and their little ego’s are hurt.

    1. John Carter

      Have you bothered to ask Mr. Ellis for a list of RINO’s ?

      If one is not forthcoming, I’m sure that there and a few comment makers here on the site who would be willing to oblige your request and provide voting records to make their case.

    2. cry baby

      somebody get him a warm bottle.

      boo hoo, everyone is picking on little troy and his rino toys. what a tool.

    3. Bob Ellis

      Troy and his RINO buddies like to hide names when it comes to exposing liberal records and making it easier for people to see how their representative voted on the LRC website.

      Now he wants to “name names”…incidentally, that everyone already knows. Typical liberal hypocrisy. Of course, he ignores the fact that names are indeed named (with Gov. Daugaard being the most obvious one) in the article and in linked material…in addition to the fact that we already know who we’re talking about here. But that’s just another liberal proclivity: ignore obvious but inconvenient facts in the hopes that less-informed people won’t notice.

      Liberals are son incredibly predictable.

      1. Anonymous


        What do you think of Kristi Noem voting to not keep a record of committee attendance? That bugs me.

        I have a feeling Stace wouldn’t worry about that. She isn’t half the leader stace is.

  7. ValleyGirl

    Okay, so I have to ask. What’s with the Hubbel yard signs/door hangers. The light bulb with the energy efficient light bulb crossed off? I’m confused. Does she not endorse energy efficiency, or is this a government conspiracy???

    1. rinoette

      put your little horn away, who cares about yard signs designed to catch the eye?

      what real Republicans care about are the issues. where does Deb Peters stand on SDGOP platform issues compared to Lora Hubble? Yeah, that is why you need to change the subject. SOUTH DAKOTA REPUBLICANS ARE PRO-LIFE! IT IS PART OF OUR STATE PLATFORM! PETERS IS PRO-ABORTION!


  8. Spencer

    The message I left at the governor’s office probably melted the phone it was recorded on. Endorsing pro-abortion senators like Deb Peters and Tom Nelson makes me want to vomit. I campaigned hard for Daugaard all the way through the primaries under the assumption that he would be a solid pro-lifer in office. I am seriously questioning that commitment now.

    1. lil wayne

      Well said Spencer,you hit the nail on the head. It matters not to Doogie how they voted on Republican issues,it only matters how they voted on HIS issues.

    2. Disgusted

      I too supported him and beleived his BS that he was a true conservative. Actions speak louder than words. His support of these two pro-abortion liberals killed any future support from me, my family, and every friend we can talk to.

      That is what we get for electing another lawyer!

      1. Anonymous

        Worrying about pro life legislators is about as dumb as claiming legislators can do something about Obamacare.

        Nothing with abortion will change until the Supreme Court changes it… same with Obamacare. Both issues are moot in Pierre, but they come in handy when you’re trying to get someone to vote with their emotions rather than their brains.

            1. Anonymous

              you got him troy! he’s the only one in the world that would use that stupid star wars line! you can finally kick him in the balls like you have been dreaming of these many years! get a life.

  9. insomniac

    Tony shouldn’t have said such stupid things to the paper. He clearly feels important to be saying something that arrogant.

    I have no problem with the endorsements. Peters isn’t ideal but neither is Hubbel.

  10. ymous

    The Gov endorsing Deb Peters is beyond anything I can stomach. Her conservative rating and lock step voting with the likes of Koni Cutler is beyond believable. Gov, endorse a republican next time. I for one have had it with Deb Peters and her votes. We’ll get a candidate next time to challenge her as well.

  11. Spencer

    Apparently, there still isn’t enough pro-life blood pooled on the floor yet. Daugaard just announced that he wants pro-life Rep. Phil Jensen out of the legislature. This article also shows that Daugaard has been providing polling data to pro-abortion senators to help defeat their opponents: http://www.argusleader.com/article/20120524/NEWS/120524006/Gov-Daugaard-makes-fifth-legislative-endorsement-conducts-polling-some-districts?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Home

  12. Ron Paul


  13. Anon

    Seems the common theme here is he won’t endorse the Howie backed whackos either running or already in the legislature. I say good for you Governor. Let the lunatics stay home with their tin foil hats and their salad shooters.


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