Daugaard’s official portrait unveiled

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  1. Anonymous

    Steve hasn’t been sleeping lately; he is afraid that if he falls asleep, monkeys will eat his brain.
    I think they already did

  2. Steve Sibson

    Typical cover up tactic demonstrated by you folks, designed to prevent people from conducting a serious investigation into reality. It is one thing to say something is true, it very much an open minded when one is willing to say it is possibly true. Attacking those who are of the latter with personal accusations regarding mental health is exactly what the Deep State expects its loyalists to do.

  3. Troy Jones

    I am just relieved the Governor didn’t have his portrait taken in front of a fireplace. That would mean he was a secret member of the Carbonari. Those guys make the bricklayers look like pikers.

    And you know those high school senior pictures of girls in front of trees? That is really a signal these girls are really in charge of forest Huldra who bother lumberjacks and diminish their efficiency of cutting down trees.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Steve I am a Free Mason and proud of it. I am also a Shriner and just as proud of being a Shriner as I am of being a Free Mason. I am also a Gideon and very proud of promoting Christianity throughout the world. As a Mason/Shriner we do great work in the communities by being better together than we could be alone and have a ton of fun raising money for children in need of surgical care. All three roles blend together perfectly in my life and mind.
    Truly sorry that you have such a fear of your unknown.

    1. Steve Sibson

      Where did I express fear? And you are right in regard to Secret Societies working in the “unknown”, as their good deeds provide cover.

      Have you reached the 33 level yet?


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