David Montgomery of Argus Leader fingers Tim Johnson operative as RinoMike?

So, has Stace Nelson been retweeting a democrat operative all these months? Because tonight, David Montgomery believes a simple mistake may have blown the cover off of this Tim Johnson operative:

If you follow RINO Mike a lot, you’ll know he has a certain style and cadence to his tweets. He goes after Rounds’ aides a lot, he uses a lot of capitalized words, and uses similar language to go after Rounds.

That tweet from Mike Chapman looked a lot like RINO Mike’s usual handiwork.

Who is Mike Chapman? He’s a former legislative director for Sen. Tim Johnson who’s currently a lobbyist (ironically, given this attack on Glodt) at D.C. Strategies, which he co-founded. On Twitter he actively supports Rick Weiland and touts Democratic chances in the South Dakota U.S. Senate race.

As I said, Chapman deleted the above post a few seconds after making it. But that wasn’t the first time the phrase “Milquetoast Moderate Mike” had been uttered on Twitter. It had been said three times, the other three in the immediate aftermath of last week’s debate, when Jason Ravnsborg called Rounds “milquetoast.” Two of them were by RINO Mike. The other was from another anonymous account claiming to support Annette Bosworth.

Read it all here.

88 Replies to “David Montgomery of Argus Leader fingers Tim Johnson operative as RinoMike?”

  1. Anon

    Yep. there it is. Montgomery caught him red handed. He might have gotten away with it had he not deleted his post so quick. Always thought he might a Dem.

    So what does this mean?

    First, that a former Tim Johnson political operative and promoter of Weiland and DC lobbyist has been the push behind RinoMike for over a year now. That tells me that clearly the Dems have wanted to take down Rounds early — I frankly don’t know many Republicans in South Dakota who would tweet that many thousands of times all day long for a year. They view Mike as a real threat and should. So what do they do — attack him and try to prop up other candidates at every turn.

    Second, that Stace Nelson and others have been played by Chapman for a year now.

    Now i would look for Chapman to deny all of this. That would make him a liar. But what would he care about that? He’s been deceiving all of us for a year acting like a conservative when he’s a full blooded liberal.

    1. Anonymous

      This is a big deal. I hope people realize that this guy has tried to ruin reputations and destroy anyone who wishes to join the political process.

      Does this ty back to Brendan Johnson?

      1. Anonymous

        The fact that this ties back to the Johnson’s in histerical and really shows how vicious they are as a campaign aparatus. Shame on them. I bet this guy is getting paid to shamelessly attack young kids interested in joining the political process. How shameful.

  2. grudznick

    I don’t know who all these people are. I just thought it was always Mr. Nelson with a lot of time on his hands, twittering away.

    1. Anonymous

      I knew it wasn’t Nelson as the cadence was not his as David mentions as it’s consistent. Similar to picking out a Drew post. However, I assumed it was someone in South Dakota (I won’t mention the two names I thought it was), not someone from DC!! Regardless, he must not be getting much lobbying done if this is true!

      1. Anonymous

        Are you saying you can pick Drew’s posts out of a line up if they are all titled anonymous? That is funny!

    1. Anonymous

      Stace sure got comfortable buddying up to Democrats and retweeting them all day long.

      1. Anonymous

        That isn’t surprising and I would bet that Nelson knew who it was. The problem is that the Dems have been using Stace all over the place because they know he’s the lame duck that could easily be beat by Weiland in November. He just never caught on. Ego in the way.

        1. Liberty Dick

          We could put an (R) behind the name of your pet rock and it would beat Weiland in SD any day of the week.

            1. Anonymous

              That’s Stace Nelson, Howie drops out for Stace as he acknowledges Nelson is the conservative we need in DC.

              Rounds is as moderate as Pressler.

              1. Anonymous

                You’re really that delusional? Rounds as moderate as Pressler? That’s funny. Not even close.

  3. Ymous

    It’s the pattern sweeping the country with regards to republican primaries. The democrats intervening to prop up the candidate they want to win. It actually makes complete sense. That party has real integraty. Win at all costs.

    1. Anonymous

      If you knew how to correctly spell ‘integraty’, you might have integrity too. All political parties will do anything to ‘win at all costs.’ Spreading innuendo and trying to create a scandal where none exists is another example of ‘win at all costs’. You are a professional at that.

      1. Anonymous

        A part of the Republican party has decided to join the Libertarian and Constitution parties and NOT win-at-all-costs. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.

  4. Felix

    He was probably doing it in under the direction of Rick Weiland. Their way of attacking Rounds and making all the Rounds supporters hate Stace all at the same time. Hey Rick, what do you say about this?

    1. Austin

      I think what’s most interesting is that Chapman was part of the crew that was trying their best to keep Herseth-Sandlin out the of race. He and others wanted a real liberal like Weiland. I guess they got what they wanted — but for the part they were hoping to avoid a run against Mike Rounds.

      When the story keeps being told about Weiland’s team pushing Herseth to the sidelines, there will be a lot of Democrats looking for a different option. Heck, even the Dems I know think Weiland’s too liberal.

    2. Anonymous

      What is saddest is that Stace retweeted RINO MIKE all the time. Stace was ok with the crap this guys spewed.

      Is this the guy who went after the TAR’s?

  5. grudznick

    I don’t understand. Mr. Nelson is being backed by Democrats? That seems insaner than most. Why would that be?

    1. Anonymous

      If you were Weiland, who would you rather run against in SD, Rounds or Nelson? That should answer your question. They were paving their way for the easiest win in November. The Dems at Madville have at least been honest and stated it in writing numerous times but Nelson just didn’t catch on. He was used like a two bit you know what. Some investigator he is!!

    2. Anonymous

      So, I wouldn’t call it being backed or you’d have seen other ‘amenities’. Nelson didn’t know it so that’s not being ‘backed’. He was just being their puppet (w/o knowing) and they knew he would bite because he’s a known R basher. Wow – they’ve got game. One up for the Dems on the devious/clever scale. But Montgomery blew the puppeter’s cover! He deserves a bonus for that one!

        1. Anon

          yes, Stace either knew the game was going on with the Dems or he was played. Which will the NCIS guy prefer? Don’t they make TV shows about NCIS?

  6. Anonymous

    So a Tim Johnson democrat, former staffer who’s in love with rick weiland is RINO mike. Something tells me Mike Chapman and Rick Weiland have some splainin’ to do.

    Fat fingers pal. It’ll get ya every time.

  7. grudznick

    I don’t understand the tweeting business but is there a way to count these tweetings? How many times did Mr. Nelson tweet the Democratic operative tweets and how bad is that. Seems bad.

    1. Anonymous

      RinoMike tweeted around 5-15 negative and false Rounds tweets PER DAY (140 characters) and Nelson probably retweeted an average of 1-3 per day or 5-15 per week.

      If this is true, Rounds needs to sue him for every charge possible (defamation of character, slander, etc.). How pathetic. And if it’s not him, he needs to use resources to find him and nail him.

      I assume this guy isn’t from South Dakota so I am slightly encouraged by the fact that this was not done by a South Dakotan. That would’ve been doubly disappointing.

      1. Anonymous

        Rounds is a public figure. Read up on libel laws before you suggest that in the future.

      2. The Truth

        Mike Chapman may not need to fear Rounds’ coming after him – but the private citizens who are NOT public officals certainly have a legitimate case.

        1. Anonymous

          ‘The Truth’, the comment at 10:52 p.m. didn’t say anything about private citizens. It mentions only Rounds.

          1. Anonymous

            First it says “if true” and also “every charge possible” and then lists some possibilities. It does not say “these are confirmed potential charges”. Read the actual post before you comment in the future.

            1. Anonymous

              ‘First it says “if true” and also “every charge possible” and then lists some possibilities. It does not say “these are confirmed potential charges”. Read the actual post before you comment in the future.’

              Again, you need to understand that Rounds is a public figure. He willingly placed his name on the ballot. He is an open and fair target for criticism and he would be unsuccessful at suing for slander, libel, defamation, etc. Whether it be true or not, all politicians are fair game. There are too many twitter accounts to count that are ‘fake’ and mock political figures.

              There is a fake Dennis Daugaard twitter account (which has a number of hilarious posts), a fake Stace Nelson twitter account. You can split hairs and mince words to save face but the fact of the matter is you are wrong.

              1. Anonymous

                No need to save face. If there aren’t laws currently to allow enforcing cyber bullying then there needs to be. Plain and simple. The FEC has laws about who can call my house, my cell. A twitter account is personally tied to someone and there should be similar laws. Are you RINOMike? Trying to deter anyone from taking any legal action? I would never say there is no legal action to take because that tells me there just needs to be a new law to be passed. No law is perfect and I wouldn’t expect this one to be either but there needs to be some deterrent at minimum. So no thanks to your advice.

                  1. Anonymous

                    Oh but I do. I think you’re RINOMike trying to convince everyone to look the other way. Not happening.

    1. Moderate Meltdown

      Now, now.. Roger, Mr Powers wont post ANYTHING about Rounds’ many scandals and factual shortcomings. But, speculation by a liberal reporter in which he can spin it to go after a conservative? He’s all over that! 😀

        1. Anonymous

          I think the proof comes from the fact that it was a coincidence and he has ties to starting a PAC for Tim Johnson or Brendan if they were to run for office in 2014. Too many ties to overlook here for a person smarter than first grade.

          This guy is a troll who went after private citizens lives. Marty Jackley should take him down.

          1. M

            Just like how Rounds has ties to Richard Benda, and NBP, and all the EB-5 stuff? Let alone using his position to gain private flying hours and obtaining his license on tax payers expense.

            Of course, this is just all to coincidental. 😉

  8. The Truth

    Mike Chapman on Madville Times Blog
    2013.05.24 at 07:44
    No argument, Cory. I’m hoping they will emulate both Obama campaigns and build out a vibrant online effort that connects everyone interested.

    This guy is a classic Democrat cyber-spook attempting to influence a GOP primary. I’d be a little embarassed if I were Stace and a lot scared if I were Mike Chapman. He’s slandered many and now he’s exposed, tied to Weiland and is the Treasurer of a super PAC:

  9. Anonymous

    Cyber bullies are the worst kind of bully. These are people who should be thrown in jail for trying to hurt others and destroy their images. It’s incredibly stunning.

    1. Kurt Evans

      An anonymous commenter wrote:
      >”Brendan Johnson will probably hold a press conference soon to slam cyber bullies.”

      After I suspended my 2002 Senate campaign and endorsed Thune, I attended a candidate forum at Dakota State University in Madison to serve as a stand-in for Nathan Barton, the Libertarian candidate for governor, who had a scheduling conflict. Brendan Johnson was at the forum as a stand-in for his dad.

      Afterward, at Brendan’s suggestion, we met at Subway to eat and talk. I told him that before I’d gotten into the Senate race I’d been concerned about the possibility that both major-party candidates would campaign to the middle of the political spectrum and that voters wouldn’t see a significant difference between them. He laughed and noted that that was exactly how it was playing out.

      It was a polite, enjoyable conversation until he got around to the real reason for the meeting. He started telling me about how well I’d supposedly been doing in his dad’s internal polling. He claimed that I’d been in double digits before I stopped campaigning and that my numbers were going “up, up and up.”

      My impression was that he was blowing smoke and stroking my ego in an attempt to bait me into withdrawing my Thune endorsement and resuming the campaign. I suppose that’s a relatively minor sin by campaign standards, but overall the encounter left me with the impression that Brendan was fake and smarmy.

      It still makes me uncomfortable to think of him as a U.S. attorney.

  10. Anonymous

    Here’s this a$$ clown’s business phone number 202.549.8655.

    Give him a call and let him know what your think

  11. wazzzupp

    Yep, Dave Montgommery and Pat Powers; frickin’ regular Sherlock and Holmes or Woodward and Bernsteins. Who gives a rip about this inside baseball bullcrap.

    Marion, Rob and Jason are still sitting there at night all bunged up hoping folks don’t blow the lid off of EB-5.

    Follow the money and connect the dots folks. It’s not real tough.

    1. Anonymous

      Who cares? Who cares about innocent people being cyber-bashed and bullied? I do. I don’t care how old you are or what your maturity level or if you’re a public figure or a private citizen, this is not acceptable. You may not have pity for people in this situation but it changes lives and life experiences and although it’s never been done to me, I care about the people that it’s happened to. Many of us do.

  12. Anon

    What’s wrong with journalists today? He flies something up on his blog – a mere informed speculation – while saying he has sent a request for in to the person he is accusing? Shouldn’t he wait until the person comments before blasting it out? DM has reduced himself to being a blogger.

    1. Anonymous

      Montgomery’s no dummy. He must have a pretty strong hunch or even more than he’s putting out there…

  13. Anonymous

    So Nelson has been a Democrat plant all along? Montgomery is usually on top of these things. Incredible, but explains a lot.

  14. Troy Jones

    This so explains a lot.

    I watched Nelson’s 100 eyes deal the other day. I was struck by one thing: Nelson’s catch phrases were very similar to ones anonymously said here and by RINO Mike. At the time, I wondered “is Nelson picking up talking points from anonymous blog posters” or are they picking up phrases from Nelson on the stump.

    I can’t figure out what it means that RINO Mike is a Liberal Democrat activist except having it confirm “you just can’t make this up.”

  15. Anonymous

    I think an apology to Drew Dennert is in order. Attacking TARs because they are working for a conservative instead of the RINO pick is really poor form.

      1. Moderate Meltdown

        So you attacking TAR Drew Dennert anonymously, is okay? But Rino Mike “attacking” moderate Mike Rounds’ for his actions as a public figure, that is wrong?

        Seems the moderates have fully employed the evil Alinsky tactics of the left.

  16. Fanny

    Chapman is going to be sued. He defamed many people. His whole cyber-bullying campaign based on lies will be exposed. And his many connections to Brendan Johnson will also be exposed. Dems have lots of explaining to do.

    1. Anon

      Yes, there are people who will sue and prove it was him. Interesting that this guy lives in the DC area and spends a lot of time in Texas. He should learn to cover his tracks better. A social, liberal guy like Mike should know that IP addresses can identify your location.

        1. Dicta

          Considering these statements were made about public figures( see Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323, 345 (1972).), there would be a very high burden for anyone to succeed in a defamation claim. Any Plaintiff would have to prove that this RinoMike character knew his statements were false or acted in reckless disregard as to the falsity of the statements (see 376 U.S. 254 (1964).) Good luck proving that, especially in an area of the country where First Amendment rights are sacrosanct, even for idiots saying idiotic things.

          1. Anonymous

            The sheer number of tweets per day, per week, per year will clearly show recklessness (not to mention insanity) and the fact that so many of them are just repeated will be very useful. If he tweeted something different each time that’d be one thing but he repeated over and over. He’ll get what’s coming, I’m sure of that.

  17. Anonymous

    So add that to my list Nelson supports another liberal in attacks against Republicans.. that and 100 eyes report on Nelson’s outrageous attacks … I am going to have to get another piece of paper as to why this guy is NOT ELECTABLE.

    1. Anonymous

      To be fair to Nelson, my guess was he didn’t know that RINOMike was a Democrat. They totally used him unbeknownst to him. He was a super easy target with the big ego they were looking for.

      BUT he has no excuse for retweeting over and over and bashing R’s like he always does. That’s just never excusable especially in this manner.

  18. Anne Beal

    I guess what we really want to know is, will Mike Chapman be blocked from posting here, under any name but his own?

  19. Rorschach's Favorite Blotting

    I assume two things about Rino Mike, he is not tweeting from sd and is not currently a sd resident. If he was, our fine state investigators would spare no expense in tracking him down and finding anything to arrest him and lock him up with the sodomites. I would not be surprised at all if RINO Mike is not even from the USA or in the USA.

    1. Anonymous

      Stace Nelson does not fit into the political quid-pro-quo environment. He does not trade votes and is known for being overly straightforward in the House. All of that has earned him anger and loathing from those who go to Pierre to “go along, to get along, to get ahead.”

      That is just what we need in DC. We have too many pragmatic Mike Rounds type politicians already there that are happy to “go along, to get along, to get ahead.”

      Oh wait, I forgot.. Mike Rounds now claims he is a “conservative” to try and fool the voters by saying words he knows they want to hear. He can switch back to being a pragmatic moderate for the general election.

      1. Anonymous

        No, we do NOT NEED Nelson in DC. We don’t need someone who draws a circle around himself and says “if you don’t believe what I believe within this little circle like I do then I will not compromise with you”. We don’t need someone who has no censor on their mouth. The list goes on and on and on of why we don’t need an argumentative, combative person to represent us. We need integrity and principled. We only get one shot at this every six years, we can’t afford to blow it.

        1. Anonymous

          Oh YES we do need Nelson!

          We don’t need more bought and paid for politicians like Rounds who will say anything and lie to get elected!

  20. Anonymous

    I would say we don’t need Rounds or Nelson! I think Ravnsborg said it best in the debate, we don’t need another moderate and we don’t need a bomb thrower either.

    A principled conservative yet not one seen as extreme. He could bring us the best of both wings of the party. I have heard a lot of people talk from both sides and say that he is their #2 choice, well he is my #1.

    Oh and I like that he doesn’t have a record in the legislature. I think we need more people willing to serve and he has served us in the military, just not in politics. Someone who was honored at Congress is a pretty solid American in my book. We need less politicians and more Statesmen like he says. Plus he talks in detail about the issues and has solutions–as Pat said here he has the best message, he just needs to meet more people and he has worked hard that is evident in life and this campaign.

    I would encourage people to check him out at http://www.jasonforsouthdakota.com

    1. Anonymous

      Roundsberg is such a plant by Lederman that his campaign manager is rumored to have thrown in the towel.

      Jason Glodt recruited Roundsberg to help split the vote further.

    1. Anonymous

      They did on the 100 eyes show the other day. He state unequivocally that he did not know who it is.