De vs Kermit

So who will get your support at the ballot box tomorrow in the At-large Sioux Falls city council race? De Knudson, Kermit Staggers or the third candidate Cory Buttemeier?

City Council candidate De Knudson has raised almost $45,000 and spent nearly as much, making her run for the At-large seat the costliest City Council race in Sioux Falls history.

Her chief opponent in the race, Kermit Staggers, accused Knudson on Friday of using a lot of that money to distort his record as a city councilor. Staggers and Knudson served together on the council from 2002 to 2010.

I know both De and Kermit. I have always liked De and went door to door for Kermit in 2010’s mayoral race. While I enjoy talking with De I strongly prefer Kermit as an elected official.

Though Staggers said he and Knudson served amicably side by side, he said her campaign against him has been dishonest. In a mailer paid for by her campaign, Staggers said it implies that he voted against projects that he supported as a councilor. One of them was the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System.

?I have always been supportive and always voted for the Lewis & Clark project,? Staggers said at a news conference.

The Knudson campaign released a news story documenting that in 2003 Staggers introduced an amendment to cut money to Lewis & Clark. But Staggers pointed out that he voted for the $70 million bond issue that will bring water to Sioux Falls by this year.

Knudson responded to the news conference, saying that Staggers? history on the council was one marked by ?grandstanding? who rarely worked behind the scenes with other councilors to get their support. And she said she supports everything in her campaign literature ?100 percent.?

?I?m actually very disappointed that Mr. Staggers has decided to end our campaign in such a negative manner,? she said.

You know I am disappointed that De is making allegations intendend to distort and detract from Kermit’s record, and then when she is called out for being misleading she resorts to the typical political reponse of accusing her opponent of what she is actually doing. Anyone who knows Kermit knows there is nothing negative or dishonest about him. He is very straight forward and willing to discuss any issue with anyone.

Knudson?s ads have featured claims that while she was on the council, property tax rates decreased. Staggers said it?s technically correct that the mil levy decreased, but property taxes went up. Under state law, the city can increase property tax rates by a maximum of 3 percent a year. Each year, Staggers voted against those increases. He said Knudson voted for them each year.

So let me get this straight, De voted to increase property taxes everytime she could while Kermit voted against them and now De is using campaign materials that give the impression she is one of the reasons taxes decreased? Maybe her flyer should just thank Kermit for the decreases?

Staggers also claimed that in his 2010 mayoral campaign, he supported an events center, as long as it would be profitable and wouldn?t require a tax increase. But Knudson said Staggers as a councilor supported an events center only if it were paid for by somebody else.

?I think that?s very deceptive,? she said. ?I think it?s ridiculous. I think it?s a preposterous statement.?

Oh how ridiculous and preposterous to want a project to be “profitable and not require a tax increase.” Wait a minute wasn’t De insinuating earlier that she was the candidate who didn’t want tax increases?

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  1. Anonymous

    Typical De Knudson. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    The council is better off without her services. No more TV time for De on the taxpayers dime.

  2. 73*

    If De wins a city wide election it will say a lot about the voters in SF. Big Government is what they want.

    She would be ok if she was serving her constituents in the upper class neighborhoods but not the entire city on an at-large seat.

  3. Anonymous

    The only knock I have on Kermit Staggers is that he aligned himself with Gordon Howie in 2010. But Kermit is substantially better that Gordon and worth looking past that.

  4. lil wayne

    I would support Kermit in a heartbeat if I could. De is showing what a sleezeball she is. I don’t know much about Buttemeier.

  5. Anonymous

    If Kermit wins it will be an incredible victory for the tea party. He was tea party before tea party was cool.

  6. Lloyd

    I’m fearful De prevails. We keep complaining that government at all levels should not do business as usual; but then we generally vote in the same elites or their progeny again and again. The Dems are about to do that, when they choose Senator Johnson’s hand-chosen staffer with no life experience as the sacrificial lamb to face Rep Noem, over a much more experienced, independent-thinking candidate.

  7. Troy Jones

    De was not done any favors by the proposal to shift capital improvement dollars to the Event Center. If she loses and it is close, this will be the cause.

  8. Big Ern

    Am I the only one who thinks De hurt Dave on the campaign trail? WOW! If she is electable city wide in Sioux Falls I will have to rethink that thought.

    Nice lady but comes off as kooky. Kermit might come off as kooky to some also. Going to be interesting to see what happens.

  9. duggersd

    Unbelievable! I really thought Kermit would lose in a close one. This was a true drubbing for Knudson. And, I believe, a mandate to hold the line on spending. Congratulations, Kermit. Good luck on the council. You will need it.

  10. Troy Jones

    I thought it would be close with De winning.

    When the Mayor sold the Event Center he promised it wouldn’t hurt other capital projects. I think the attempt to divert $4 million from the cap. improvement fund hurt De.

    She and her service deserved better than what occurred yesterday.

    Thanks De.

    I wish you the best Kermit.

    (I wish they both were on the council. Their contrast insured a good debate and their honesty and openness assured us of a straight scoop. Even in disagreement with one or another, I respected them both always.)

    1. duggersd

      The problem with both of them on the council is they cancel each others’ vote out. I had to decide which one best represents what I believe. I find Staggers does that best. Her whole strategy was about diversity and being progressive. Those are two code words that were red flags for me. So, which one best represents your views? A good debate is nice to have, but that will happen without De Knudson. Instead of losing end of 7-1 votes, they will probably be losing ends of 6-2 votes for Staggers.

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve got nothing against Kermit. He definitely brings a point of view to the council that is not otherwise there. Discussion is a good thing.

    That said, Kermit does greatly resemble Mr. Potato Head in his campaign photo.

    1. grudznick

      I think and those liberal sioux falls voters bear me out that young Mr. Kermit’s photo was an asset for his campaign. We should all have such good photos.


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