December is decision time for Herseth Sandlin

Well it seems Herseth Sandlin is running out of December… Supposedly this is the month when she told Kevin Woster at the RCJ she would make a decision on her intention to run for congress or remain a DC lobbyist.

Herseth Sandlin indicated that she would make a personal decision known sometime in December.

Frankly it must be frustrating for her to know that the activists in the Democratic party have moved on so fast. In this time of restlessness that spawned the occupy wall street movement, I haven’t seen one single “organic” outburst of affection from the left in South Dakota to draft Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. But wait, they did find the passion to start a draft movement for an uninspiring 36 year old who speaks in quirky analogies.

Even the respected Kevin Woster hasn’t been able to get Herseth Sandlin to return his phone call…

Kevin Woster tweet

It has to be hard for Herseth Sandlin to have lived life on a pedestal for so long only to see the enthusiasm for her return isn’t there among those who are supposed to adore her… Where is her draft movement? Is there no one with the passion to offer 3 minutes of their time to muster-up a free facebook page? They did it for Varilek. Maybe a simple landing page on a website? Something? Anything? Nothing…

Equally frustrating must be the fact that Senator Johnson sent a substantial donation of support to her potential primary opponent, Mr. Analogy himself, Matt Varilek. Which Varilek took great pleasure in promoting in his recent email:

We are also excited to report that just over $10,000 of our early progress is the result of an extraordinary show of support by Senator Tim Johnson!

I have no doubt Herseth Sandlin would be formidable in a Democratic primary, but if she chooses to delay her decision does that mean she is more likely to run or just that she hopes at some point her party will remember her? She might be waiting a long time.

It looks to me like someone should tell her the party is moving on…

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  1. Amanda

    Varilek is as full of hot air as the Hindenburg.

    Herseth is all the D’s have. Let’s bring on round 2 so she can stop pretending she is still electable in SD.

  2. Anonymous

    The D’s are so pathetic! Verilek has no chance!

    Herseth will drag this out until late february. She has no intention of playing by the party rules now that Hildebrand is backing Varilek.

  3. anon

    When Thune lost to Johnson in ’02 Republicans begged him to run against Daschle. We wouldn’t settle for anything less and we would have lost if Thune wouldn’t have challenged Daschle.

    I don’t understand the Democrats. The Johnson crew must want to move beyond Herseth so Brendan can have a go at something in ’14.

  4. troy jones

    I believed SHS’s statement of a December decision was a decision. Either it meant she knew she was not running and wanted to get out of the way or she knew she was running and wanted to give Barth/Varilek time to get out.

    She will not draw it out past the first week in January (prior to start of the legislature). My guess is she will announce she is not running. But, the big question is will she use her announcement to make an endorsement. If she doesn’t endorse a candidate, it is also an indication she will never run again in South Dakota. She must retain relevance.

    1. WFB "STOP!"


      I think you have it all wrong. Herseth wants to make a decision and she obviously told Woster she would make a decision before Varilek announced. Varilek beat her to the punch.

      Thune didn’t endorse in the primary in 2010. Everyone said he was helping Noem which could be somewhat true but he didnt publicly endorse her. Herseth won’t publicly endorse anyone because she will then have to hurt someone elses feelings. Why do that when she doesn’t have to?

      I don’t think she makes her decision public for quite some time.

      1. troy jones

        Thune didn’t have to endorse to maintain relevance. He is in office. SHS does have to do things to maintain relevance. If she doesn’t endorse, she becomes less relevant.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m torn on a Herseth run this year. for one Obama is on the ballot so that will not help her. Two Noem has almost a million dollars and Herseth doesn’t have any. As a Democrat in SD it will be very hard for her to raise adequate money for a congressional race to ever seriously compete.

    I wouldn’t rule her out though and I might even consider Herseth the frontrunner if she did join the race. The positives for Herseth are simple. Congress has never been more divided. Noem’s freshman colleagues don’t understand politics and will eventually drive leadership off course like they did with the payroll tax. I’m not sure Noem has made her case as an affective leader.

    It would be 50-50 with Herseth being far out spent by Noem but with Herseth having the stronger appeal to voters. I also don’t think a Marking like candidate would take SHS voters and liberals wouldn’t stay home.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure she wants to run and defeat Noem but her best oppurtunity would be to wait for an open senate seat. She would have all the money she would need for that race. The question is could she defeat Mike Rounds? I think she beats Noem for a Senate seat. But I don’t know if they get that chance for a rematch if she waits.

  6. veldy

    I’m no Stephanie fan, but I fail to see how she “owes” anyone insight into plans she may or may not have, or an explanation concerning any time table she might be sitting on concerning decisions concerning those plans.
    As far as a certain Senator ponying up some dough for a declared candidate, makes sense to me that he would do that for someone coming off his staff.


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