Deep Thoughts with D3 Democrat Candidate Nikki Bootz.

There are times when comments are left that just plain force me to go look. Today was no exception.

Under the post where District 3 Democrat House Candidate Nikki Bootz explained that Legislators only deal with certain issues…


Someone left a notation from her Twitter feed which is either really eye-opening, or at the least, in-artfully stated:

Um, yeah. OK.  I’m not sure I understand. So, which is retired from stripping? Another word composed of 3-5 characters added to the statement would have added a lot of clarity to that tweet.

Darn it.  Of course, with a statement like that, I had to go look and see what other pearls of wisdom that Democrat Candidate Ms. Boots decided to pass to the world. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t disappointed. (and pardon the language):


You didn’t happen to work in a Taco John’s recently, did you?


Say, I hate to mention it, but the whole “R” word thing isn’t really cool, you know.


Seriously, Nikki. Not cool. And thank God I’m done having children. 


Why do I think Democrats may have to offer her some sensitivity training?

IMG_2304Ohhh my. Lots and lots of sensitivity training. Yep.

Why do I think for Republicans, Nikki is the gift that’s going to keep on giving in District 3?


So, Nikki’s opinion is that “slave factory workers” are “morons?”  Not going to be a supporter of 3M in Aberdeen, is she?  Is there anyone left for her to offend?


Theatre Class is hard? Since when  #f***Northern

So, is #f***northern going to be a hash tag for everyday use of her campaign? Or is she saving that for when she’s elected to the legislature, and would be asked to vote on the budget for the Board of Regents?

Sorry Cory. I’m thinking you’re going to be 0 for 3 on that one.

8 Replies to “Deep Thoughts with D3 Democrat Candidate Nikki Bootz.”

  1. Spencer

    She should campaign on dumping NSU in favor of SDSU. Have we verified that she is old enough to even vote? Her comments would suggest otherwise. No wonder Cory wants Kolden to win the GOP primary. These Democratic Dunces do not stand a chance.

  2. Spencer

    Nikki Bootz #meangirls #iaminovermyhead #sddemocratplaceholderturnedrealcandidate

  3. MC

    Doesn’t she know everything you post on-line will be used against you in the court of public perception?

  4. Mr. Sullen

    She sure is good looking and all but her pretty face will only get her so far. Just look at what happened to Sara Palin.