Defeat 22 Coalition Announces New Partners Joining Effort

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.09.48 AM Defeat 22 Coalition Announces New Partners Joining Effort
Growing list of supporters shows strong opposition to taxpayer funding of political campaigns

Sioux Falls, S.D. – The Defeat 22 Coalition, which opposes taxpayer funding of political campaigns, has announced six new partners joining the effort. The new coalition members are listed below. 

“The Defeat 22 coalition is growing as more South Dakotans recognize that Measure 22 means taxpayer funding of elections,” explained Larry Rhoden, spokesman for the Defeat 22 coalition. “The proponents of this measure just don’t get it: we don’t want to be forced to fund robocalls and TV ads during dinner. South Dakota needs commonsense solutions, not some scheme to give away our tax dollars to politicians and their political campaigns.”

New Defeat 22 Coalition Members:

  • Associated General Contractors of SD, Highway-Heavy-Utilities Chapter
  • Associated General Contractors of SD, Building Chapter
  • SD Land Improvement Contractors
  • SD Agri-Business Association
  • SD Grain and Feed Association
  • Minnehaha County GOP

Defeat 22 is a coalition of South Dakota businesses, charities, and political organizations who agree that taxpayers shouldn’t fund political campaigns. Earlier this month they released multiple radio ads and mailers to supplement a grassroots door knocking effort. The coalition plans to continue heavy grassroots advocacy and paid media over the next three months. All details about the coalition-led effort can be seen at

24 Replies to “Defeat 22 Coalition Announces New Partners Joining Effort”

  1. Porter Lansing

    Measure 22 enables campaign donations traded for legislative favors to become transparent and honorable. It will ensure that “we the people” have access to the details that identify who the campaign donations are coming from and which politician is taking them. Then, by following the bills initiated by that lawmaker, we can see if favors are being granted or not. It’s a great measure and it’s not hard to see what the groups against it have to lose. Their insider politicians in Pierre.

    1. Anonymous

      You don’t live in South Dakota, so I don’t care about your opinion, Portair. I don’t agree with taxpayer money going to fund the murder of the unborn (women’s health care to people of your ilk), and I don’t want to fund the campaign of anybody who supports the ideals of the Demoncrat party, and I shouldn’t have to.

      Okay, now throw out one of you “haybilly” comments since I don’t believe in abortion, Portair.

      1. Porter Lansing

        I have money that lives in South Dakota. Let’s have a discussion on Measure 22. I didn’t catch your name, ma’am.

    2. Anonymous

      and how does it do that? Please explain….I mean your first sentence in particular…

      I can think of $12M reason each campaign cycle have why we the people might lose….

    3. Charlie Hoffman

      Porter groups were trying to give me money even after I lost the Primary. No way could I make a difference for them in the next legislative session so it must be character which drew the check towards me. IM 22 throws my good character into the cesspool of those whom no logical group would ever support winning or losing. How does that make South Dakota a better place?

      1. Cliff Hadley

        Yes, sir, Mr. Hoffman. Money is speech, and in politics that money flows to those candidates who best represent our views and values

        As an aside, having grown up in Nebraska, the nonpartisan Legislature there isn’t really that at all, as each party endorses its members vigorously in all media. So no one really can hide behind a phony no-labels politics.

      2. Porter Lansing

        It’s great for you to talk about yourself, Charlie … but
        You Republicans have been in charge for a long, long time, now. What have you built? The things that have lasted were all built by Washington (Mt. Rushmore, Oahe Dam, Interstate highways ). The Sioux river is polluted, the best and brightest move away. What lasting monument to conservatism have you left for posterity? Everybody has an extra hundred bucks at the end of a year? Big deal. We liberals are having a hard time differentiating conservatism from laziness. It’s time for a fundamental change in mindset and the Democratic Party is ready to move South Dakota toward the 21st century even if it leaves your “get nothing done” party kicking and crying. Sorry, Charlie. Wrong tuna.

        1. Anonymous

          porter the south Dakota democratic party is dying and comments from liberals like you and the goofballs over at the stoner blog are just killing it faster. total mismatch for the electorate in South Dakota.

          1. Porter Lansing

            Thank-you, Leslie but you Republicans have had the state stuck in a snow bank for too long. And, you’re too old to have a valid opinion of what the young, undecided voters on DakWarCol think matches their life plans.

        2. Charlie Hoffman

          Porter you have once again evaded the question and gone into attack mode. We were having a conversation concerning the gifting of public money to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be a politician. It’s OK Bro because IM 22 is going to die faster than a Hillary snitch………….

  2. Dave R

    The Minnehaha GOP voted unanimously to join the Defeat 22 Committee. No welfare for politicians!

  3. Nancy Drew

    Slick Rick Weiland just won’t give up.
    How many state-wide elections has he been in as a democrat and LOST, BIG TIME!
    Voters in South Dakota don’t like his politics, period.
    So now Rick & his friends from the east coast want to level the playing field by removing the “D”, “I” and “R” from the South Dakota ballot. Rick, it won’t work and by the way, tell your new friend Knobe to save his breath, he too is barking up the wrong tree.
    Now, a more important question … what’s the blue-plate special tonight?

  4. Springer

    One of the best arguments about this was just given by a person I know. He was discussing this issue with someone and asked how much money he had donated to political candidates in the previous elections. The person answered nothing. The “asker” then said, “well, you will donate if this passes, and you won’t have a choice as to where the money goes.

    This is taxpayer money, not anyone’s personal money that will be used. BTW, just where is this taxpayer money to come from unless through increased taxes. Oh, yea, I forgot, that isn’t a problem for the Dems!

  5. Porter Lansing

    Corruption currently costs every South Dakotan about $1,300 a year in taxes. IM-22 will eliminate the corruption tax and restore a government of, by, and for the people.

  6. Fred Deutsch

    Pat, Although I would like to see all contributors use their real name on your blog, I respect this is your blog and you set the rules. That said, might I suggest not allowing posts from people that degrade anonymous posters simply because they choose not to post their name. If you allow anonymous posts, people should not be attacked for posting anonymously.

    1. Porter Lansing

      Just confront me, Mr. Deutsch. I won’t send you home crying, again. – anonymous

      1. Pat Powers Post author

        Porter how are comments like this on topic? Because I’m hard pressed to allow the continuous name calling and trolling.

        1. Porter Lansing

          Examples? You’ve seen the names I’m called and you stay mute? What’s a troll? Someone with a valid liberal opinion?

  7. Springer

    I don’t care if people use their real names or not, but I wish all the anonymous posters would get “moniker” and use that. It is easy and kinda fun to pick a monitor and go with it.