Defeat 22 TV Ad Reminds Voters That IM 22 Is Pushed by Mass. Special Interests

Speaking of that Initiated 22 measure that’s being promoted by out of staters…

Defeat 22 TV Ad Reminds Voters That IM 22 Is Pushed by Mass. Special Interests

Statewide Ad: “They say it’s about ethics and transparency, but it’s really just a scheme to use our tax dollars to get politicians elected”

SIOUX FALLS – The Defeat 22 coalition today released a television ad urging South Dakotans to vote no on Measure 22. The ad, which runs statewide on broadcast and cable stations, points out that Measure 22 will create taxpayer-funded campaigns. The ad also highlights that the proposal is being led by a Massachusetts special interest group.

“People in Massachusetts shouldn’t be telling South Dakotans how to spend their tax dollars,” said Defeat 22 chairman Ben Lee. “We know what’s best for our state, and using our hard-earned tax dollars to get politicians elected certainly doesn’t fit the bill. Our TV ad gives South Dakotans the facts about who is pushing Measure 22 and what it will do with their tax dollars.”

Tom Helland, Board Chair for new Defeat 22 coalition member Rapid City Chamber of Commerce, adds: “This television ad highlights why we are proud to join the Defeat22 coalition. Our tax dollars should be spent on infrastructure and other essential services, not to publicly fund political campaigns. We are encouraging our members to vote No on Measure 22.”

Defeat 22 is a coalition of over 20 South Dakota businesses, charities, political leaders and organizations who agree that tax dollars shouldn’t fund political campaigns. The coalition has led a robust grassroots effort of door knocking and phone banking to educate South Dakotans about the measure and urge them to vote no. They have released multiple radio ads and multiple mailers to supplement the grassroots effort. All details about the coalition-led effort can be seen at

5 Replies to “Defeat 22 TV Ad Reminds Voters That IM 22 Is Pushed by Mass. Special Interests”

  1. Anonymous

    Fair-minded liberals who are putting their ideals ahead of party politics are against IM 22 because the publicly funded campaign system that it would create would waste funds that could otherwise be spent on education and health and human services. The only South Dakotans who are in favor of IM 22 are extreme liberals, mostly Democrat party hacks, who know that they cannot get elected without forcing South Dakotans to fund their campaigns. That is also why they want IM 23.

    Conservatives across this state need to realize that IM 22 and 23 and Amendments T and V are a grave threat to our political system and spread the word to everyone they know that these things may pass if more people do not know the truth behind them. The casual observers are seeing the advertisements to vote yes, and too many of them are having the wool pulled over their eyes.

    1. Anonymous

      Americans for Prosperity – SD is not an out-of-state group. It was founded in 2014, and it has an office in Sioux Falls, an office in Rapid City, and members and activists across the state.