Defeated Senate Candidate already poor sport, already name calling on his opponent.

I know I mentioned this last election after Cory Heidelberger waited a couple of days to and started calling his opponent in the District 3 State Senate Race names.  This year, Cory only made it until 6:30 AM this morning, the day after the election before he started the name calling.

People really don’t care for a sore loser. Maybe that’s something that Cory should consider for the next time he decides to take on Al.

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  1. Steve Sibson

    Why isn’t Cory celebrating South Dakota’s first female governor? Proves he is not only a misogynist, but also a hypocrite.

  2. duggersd

    You just increased his readership on his website for this one article by 10X. If not for this, nobody would see it.

    1. a nony mous

      “”””” But those voters weren’t enough to save South Dakota from descent into deeper kakistocracy. ~ Cory Baby “””

      What the heck is a “kakistocracy”? Thesaurus dot com doesn’t know, and neither do I.

  3. Anonymous

    “And up here in District 3, I got 246 fewer votes than I did in 2016” All those billboards and campaigning for 4 years yielded you this?

    We need to send our undercover operative who posts on DFP and resides in Colorado a big fruit basket and a thank you card. 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      I think the more people see of Hamburglar the less they like him. He probably should have just filed to run and then shut his trap.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve seen more than a few rants about and insults by the Sutton supporters after his loss.I live in the northeast , which he calls “sacred Democrat territory” . That isn’t exactly true. many Republicans win here quite handily , the trouble is many times there are no Republicans running in the state Senate or House races. I think Sutton was a likable man , but his support of Bernie and Hillary was enough to turn off a majority of South Dakotans.


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