Billie Sutton’s Strategy for Governor: the SDDP has “to lay low”

This is a darned funny passage from an article about Billie Sutton running for Governor:

“If he can just get the state party to lay low,” says Mr Maher, “he has a fighting chance.”

Read that here.

You know it’s bad when someone notes a political party has to hide for the candidate to have a chance.

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  1. Anonymous

    If Kristi wins the primary the general is over.

    The only way Billy has a chance is if Marty wins the primary…the whole race will be about Pierre being corrupt, EB5, Gear Up etc…the Democrats will have a field day.

    1. Anon

      Marty can’t prosecute the main criminal actors in EB5 or Gear-up unless somebody raises them from their graves. I think Hickey could do it but he Isn’t cooperating.
      It’s a coverup, you can be sure.

      Perhaps we should question all the candidates about their ability to resurrect the dead. We will never clean out the corruption otherwise.

    2. Anonymous

      Not saying its’s justified, but if it (EB5, Gear Up) doesn’t come up in the primary, it will definitely come up in the general. I’m sure the D’s are hoping for Marty.

  2. Anon

    Sutton’s whole campaign is about how he’s a nice guy and he wears cowboy hats.

    If he can avoid discussing any policies he’ll be fine.

    1. Troy Jones

      So it doesn’t matter who we elect. Besides Billie, Kristi and Marty both wear cowboy hats. Marty is a nice guy. I guess Kristi is out of luck since she is a nice lady. More sexism. (this is a joke)

      1. Anon

        Nice people in cowboy hats.
        The good guys wear white hats.
        Sutton has been photographed in both black and white hats, which will confuse the voters.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, the national democrat party has made such asses of themselves that they will taint the most conservative state or local democrat in the mind of a lot of people, myself included. If you associate yourself with the party of Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Ellison, Hillary, and all the rest of the circus than I have a good idea of your core opinions.

  4. Michael Wyland

    I disagree that the article was policy content-free. “Pro-life, pro-gun” are definitely defining issues and definitely unusual in a contemporary Democrat.

    Regarding Maher’s comment, it’s fortunate for Sutton that the SD Democratic Party organization is both broke and broken at present. Arguably, a Sutton candidacy would have be improbable were the SDDP stronger as a party organization.

    I have never met Billie Sutton, but I’ve seen him in action in GOAC meetings. He spoke little, but when he did, it was worth listening to. His idea for having state agencies retain records for ten years, I thought, was reasonable and presented in a nonpartisan manner. [BTW, the cost would be minimal since most records are already electronic and computer storage costs continue to decline.]

  5. Anonymous

    Sutton pretty much does his own thing being as always focused on the people and a healthy distance away from the toxic element of the SD Democratic Party. He is a banker where he works with people everyday being focused on their needs and does the same with South Dakotans. Good skills to have.

  6. Springer

    Sutton might be a good guy (and probably is) but any Democrat these days is naturally associated with and tainted with the ideals of the national Democrat party. Thus the dire straits of the SD Democrat candidates. Talk about unintended consequences. Until more moderate Dems take back control of their party, this will be the problem.

    1. Michael Wyland

      Of course, if Sutton were to win the governorship, that might result in more moderate Democrats “taking control” of the SD Democratic Party.

      Make no mistake: I’m a Republican from way back. However, I’m a Republican that believes that Republicans – and the state and country at large – benefit from two strong parties debating ideas and giving voters a coherent choice.

      1. Anonymous

        “Of course, if Sutton were to win the governorship, that might result in more moderate Democrats “taking control” of the SD Democratic Party.”

        One can only hope and pray that this happens. Bjorkman is getting grief as it is from within the SD Dem Party by toxic elements that drove moderates away from the party and some into the Republican Party.

        Moderates need candidates like Sutton and Bjorkman.

  7. oldguy

    I Like Sutton a lot. I am not prepared to say if I am going to vote for him. I able to say I am certainly going to consider it . I don’t feel as strongly for Bjorkman but I do still have a open mind to him as well.

  8. Lee

    I live in his district. He is a big ol liberal in disguise. His parents and his wife are self promoters on the verge of rediculas.

  9. enquirer

    i just finished reading complaints at dakota free press about sutton not being pro-choice, and demanding he move to push forth a strong progressive agenda if he’s going to be the democrat candidate. I have often expressed the opinion here, that democrats can resurge if they go to where voters are, win there, and then argue for a better society. making a stand where there won’t ever be a majority of voters, seems doomed.

  10. Anonymous

    If he wants to have a chance at all he needs to distance himself from Indivisible! I would suggest the same for ALL Democrats wanting to get elected. Indivisible Rapid City has a very, very negative public opinion here in Rapid City among Democrats and Liberals because of their constant “protesting” on everything. Indivisible Rapid City is very well known as a anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-Islam group.


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