Dem Candidate notes she’s “a caucasian with a driver’s license,” and claims voter fraud is “a non-issue.”

From Kathy Tyler’s election facebook page comes a somewhat odd stream of consciousness:

And the best part is that she claims “reputable sources have stated that voter fraud is basically a non-issue.”  Except…it isn’t.  Such as this story from last Friday.

A grand jury indicted Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra on Wednesday.

Paxton’s office said the women harvested votes, by filling out applications for mail-in ballots, with forged signatures. Then they would either “assist” the voter with filling out the ballot, or fill it out themselves, and use deception to get the voter to sign the envelope the ballot would be sent back in.

Political consultant Aaron Harris said Friday the case stemmed out of information he provided to investigators back in 2016.

“The harvesters sit around and fill these out by the hundreds, often by the thousands,” he said Friday.


The indictments show several of the ballots in question were for Democratic candidates.

Read that here.

15 Replies to “Dem Candidate notes she’s “a caucasian with a driver’s license,” and claims voter fraud is “a non-issue.””

    1. Michael L. Wyland

      “New applicants, non-U.S. citizens, and transfers from other states must provide proof of lawful status in the U.S. by providing documentation such as a certified U.S. birth certificate (state certified only — photocopies and hospital-issued certificates will not be accepted), a valid, non-expired U.S. passport/passport card, certificate of citizenship/naturalization, permanent resident card, employment authorization card or foreign passport with U.S visa/I-94. If you were born in a U.S. territory, you’ll need to provide a valid, unexpired U.S. passport, passport card or Consular Report of Birth Abroad instead of a birth certificate.”


    1. a friend of education

      Americans hate jumping through hoops and we want to eliminate bureaucratic busywork. Yet, contra Kathy, proof of citizenship isn’t ALL that’s needed. Not all citizens may vote, nor may all citizens vote for all candidates. My son is a US citizen who can’t vote. California residents may vote for Kamala Harris or Diane Feinstein, but those West Coast liberals may not (legally) vote for Billie Sutton. I’d happily vote for Fred Deutsch, but I live outside his district. Our minimum voting age is 18 (by election day). To prevent fraud, voters must at least establish U.S. citizenship, age >17, and place of residence. Hence, showing one’s DL is a shortcut & easier than proving identity, citizenship, age, state of residence, and current address by various & sundry means.

      1. Fred Deutsch

        This is my third race against Kathy. I respect her. She is just has very different values and priorities than I do.

        1. Anonymous

          Kathy has values? She supports the murder of innocent life, that’s evil. She thinks non-white people are too stupid to obtain a driver license, some might consider that racist.

  1. anon

    The Left has lost the House, the Senate, the Presidency, & the Supreme Court. All they have left is the media, bullies, intimidation, street violence & Kathy Tyler’s big mouth.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s give Kathy a break, she’s trying to help educate SDakotans as best she can.

    She’d fit right in with some of my middle-schooler’s teachers, as a white male he has nothing to worry about, he’s privileged.

  3. Anonymous

    There are countless examples of voter fraud.

    The Hill reported – The Justice Dept. charged 19 foreign nationals from 14 countries for illegally voting in the 2016 U.S. elections.

    Chicago Tribune reported – Robert Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., and Scott Foval — two little-known but influential Democratic political operatives — have left their jobs after video investigations by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action found them entertaining dark notions about how to win elections. Foval also goes on at length about how an organization might cover up in-person voter fraud.

    Laura Janeth Garza, 38, a Mexican citizen, pleaded guilty to voter fraud charges of voter impersonation and ineligible voting, both second-degree felonies. Garza was sentenced in Montgomery County Court to 10 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. She will be deported after serving her jail time, according to the Attorney General’s office.

    Non-issue, right?

  4. Michael L. Wyland

    I don’t think it can happen anymore, but when I ran for the Sioux Falls School Board in 1999, one of my opponents was registered in both Minnehaha and Lyman counties. He lived in Minnehaha County but voted in Lyman County, where he said he had some investment property. I thought it was weird that he was running for office in Sioux Falls but never voted, and his explanation only perplexed me more.

    Of course, I’m a big believer in checking the voter registration history of any candidate to see whether they have a history of basic civic participation by voting in elections. Half my opponents for school board had not voted in a school board election for at least the previous four years.

  5. Anonymous

    Kathy one of your signs had taken a beating from the wind up near Summit on Hwy12. It was on the North side of the highway and on a fence with Billie’s. Hope to see you in Pierre! They need you back in the legislature!

  6. Anonymous

    Another Democrat who thinks it’s not right for people to actually have to expend some time and energy to vote. Democrats promote laziness as it seems the vast majority of the lazy folks in this country support the Donkeys.

    1. Anonymous

      Democrats also promote victimhood. Have you heard what they say about black people and voter Id laws? Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters.


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