Dem Minnehaha Co States Atty drops sexual contact charges against incoming Dem Senator elect.

From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, apparently the Democrat Minnehaha County State’s Attorney is declining to charge incoming Democrat State Senator Reynold Nesiba for his unwanted sexual advances, where the Senator-Elect claimed that the woman was just playing hard to get:

The Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office announced Thursday afternoon that further investigation into the allegations against Reynold Nesiba revealed “inconsistencies” in the evidence about the Sept. 26 incident from which the charges stem.


“I’m thankful that the process was carried out and that I’m vindicated,” Nesiba told Argus Leader Media in a telephone interview.

The 51-year-old alleged victim told officers in September that the yet-unelected legislator made unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave her home on the 700 block of S. Phillips Avenue, at one point removing his clothes and lying on her bed.

Nesiba, according to an arrest affidavit, told officers that he’d used no force and that he interpreted the woman’s actions as playing “hard to get.”

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If you recall, the original affidavit from the victim claimed that Nesiba did a little more than what the Argus story noted above:

The 51-year-old victim told an officer that two days prior she had invited Nesiba to her home after meeting him on Facebook and in person a few times.

After sharing a kiss, Nesiba made repeated, unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave the woman’s home, she told police.

After asking Nesiba to leave, the victim found him naked in her bedroom. He repeatedly tried to undress her and, at one point picked her up, put her against the wall in a rough manner, carried her to the bedroom, and placed her on the bed. The victim said she felt pain in her ribs.

Nesiba told the victim, “You don’t need those pants,” and began to unbuckle the victim’s pants, court documents say.

At some point, the victim said she and Nesiba were in the kitchen when he reached into her pants and touched her vagina.

The victim says the incident lasted about an hour and stopped only because the victim said she needed to go to work.


On Sept. 30, Nesiba spoke with law enforcement about the incident, according to court documents. He didn’t deny much of the woman’s version of events, but said at no time did he use force or cause any harm that he knew of. He said he thought the victim was playing “hard to get.”

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Interesting that it was reported earlier that “He didn’t deny much of the woman’s version of events,” yet now we’re being told by the State’s Attorney that there were inconsistencies in the evidence.

Nesiba might be claiming to the press that he was “vindicated” by not being charged with a crime in the alleged incident.

But by the contents of his earlier statement, it may be hard for him to proclaim himself innocent. By any stretch of the imagination.

One Reply to “Dem Minnehaha Co States Atty drops sexual contact charges against incoming Dem Senator elect.”

  1. duggersd

    If you use the standard that the Democrats did when FBI director Comey declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton, then yes, Nesiba has been vindicated. Most of the media will agree. However, most people who have read anything about this incident will conclude that not being prosecuted does not mean it did not happen.