Dem SOS Candidate Angelia Schultz should learn there’s no place for ‘mean girls’ in politics.

I had a text message today, asking me if I’ve seen ‘the tweet?’

Quizzically, “I replied I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  And I was enlightened. Boy, was I ever enlightened.

A reader quickly sent a link to a tweet by Larry Kurtz. And it was little wonder I hadn’t seen it, because I block Larry’s twitter account & comments, as they will often contain bigotry, misogyny, profanity or some other form of hate speech.   So, an offensive tweet? No big shocker knowing the source.

But when I looked at it – then came the shocker.

Angelia_doesntlikeShantel“Let me just say that @AngeliaSchultz makes @shantelkrebs look like an old hag.”  

Typical gutter trash from Kurtz, but the comment was favorited by Democratic Party Secretary of State Candidate Angelia Schultz herself.

Really? The best and brightest that the Democrat party had to offer for Secretary of State is a mean girl in the tradition of Regina George? Seriously? What else should we expect from Angelia, a burn book talking smack about other politicos?

Angelia Schultz might be an author of juvenile fiction, but for her to approve of catty comments with regard to her opponent as she did makes her seem if she operates at that level of mentality and pettiness.  And against another woman no less.

Having five daughters, several of whom have an interest in politics, I think it’s a good thing for them to see women achieve in leadership positions and the political arena, on either side of the aisle. These are role models for them to emulate.  And to see a female candidate running for office deride another in competition for the same position based on an opinion of attractiveness, it seems tremendously petty. And small.

Do you see Susan Wismer comparing her looks to Dennis Daugaard? Or Rick Weiland claiming better hair than Mike Rounds? No. It’s beyond ridiculous. But such is the territory Angelia apparently operates in.

I asked Shantel Krebs what she thought of all of this, and she noted:

krebs_pic-162x242I’m focusing my campaign on things I believe most voters care about; like who has the most experience and leadership qualities for the job.   It’s unfortunate that politics today has come to a climate where some believe ridicule and denigration is what sways voters.  We’re lucky to live in a state like South Dakota where most people see through that.

It’s bad enough when misogyny & pettiness passes as commentary from someone like Larry Kurtz. It’s made far far worse when it’s endorsed by a candidate such as Angelia Schultz.

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  1. PlanningStudent

    Kurtz is a nasty vile man, the Democratic Party should publicly distance itself from him. And so should CHH, of all the reasons I dont’ like Madville, Kurtz’s comments that are allowed to stay up are #1. I will personally give Schultz 24 hours to blame someone else for the ‘favorited tweet’ and / or retract.

    Krebs is going to absolutely crush this election. Who wins with a greater margin Krebs or Daugaard..?

  2. Dale

    This young lady is going to get destroyed. Why as a candidate for statewide office would you retweet a personal attack against your opponent less than a week after you win the Democratic nomination? This is childish and clearly illustrates the type of behavior this candidate would utilize if elected our next secretary of state. This was a dumb move, Krebs will win with 70 percent of the vote. A misstep like this at this early stage? There will be many more missteps and embarrassing acts like this.

  3. Anonymous

    Angelia made a really dumb move and told us a lot about her. No wonder she lost the Democratic primary to a karaoke singer in Aberdeen.

  4. Democrat War on Women

    Interesting that the SOS race has three women candidates and evidently one of them doesn’t have any class. Imagine that it would be a Democrat waging war on other women candidates on something that is very distasteful and should be condemned.

    Is Jason Frerichs still so excited to be supporting Angelia?

    (Hey Angelia why don’t you condemn Kurtz instead of encouraging him???)

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t Angelia a college professor? This is a bad sign for anyone thinking about sending their kids to a school she is teaching at. I certainly wouldn’t want my kids learning from someone who thinks cyber bullying is ok or encourages derogatory comments directed towards other women.

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe we should feel bad for Larry. The last time he was anywhere near lady parts was the day he was born.

    1. Anonymous

      “Maybe we should feel bad for Larry. The last time he was anywhere near lady parts was the day he was born.”

      May I suggest a correction:

      “Maybe we should feel bad for Larry. The last time he was anywhere near [human] lady parts was the day he was born.”

  7. PlanningStudent

    You’re giving her way too much credit calling her a professor. Teaching at a college or university does NOT make you a professor and her facebook shows that she left her job at Presentation College…

  8. Anne Beal

    Much ado about nothing. Kurtz paid her a compliment, in a weird way, and she liked it. That’s all. Kurtz is unskilled at paying women compliments so this was probably the best he could do. While the incident reveals little about the candidates, it gives us a good glimpse into his love life.

  9. Anonymous

    Why is Schultz being singled out for behavior that Kristi Noem practices fairly frequently? Noem is very definitely a mean girl, something that is overshadowed for GOP voters by her whole conservative, traditional values persona. The attack ads her campaign ran against Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin all were reminiscent of a high school student council or prom queen smear campaign.

    1. Anonymous

      Baloney! Name one time that Kristi commented on Herseth Sandlin’s appearance? NONE.

      That’s trash of the highest order, and any serious candidate would have no part of it.

    2. Spencer

      Actually it was likely SHS’s ad showing Kristi Noem running over a school girl that probably lost her the election.

      1. Anon

        I don’t recall that ad, but I recall the ads Noem ran touting how she was more traditionally feminine than SHS because of her choices. The ads that Noem’s camp approved with Noem’s kids was mean spirited. Also, Noem doesn’t have the reputation of being the warmest or most outgoing person, either.

        South Dakota lost in 2010 when we rejected an accomplished professional woman in favor of a former beauty pageant winner.

        1. Three Stooges: Weiland, Pressler and Howie

          So what if Noem is not outgoing or warm she won and she will kick butt unless Democrats start running people against her. Varilek was a bad candidate and he kept her under 58%. Why not try running someone decent???

  10. South DaCola

    Nice stretch Pat. Larry made the comment, not Angela. As for age and looks, could care less, it comes down to resume for me. While I would have liked to have seen Wismer run for SOS and Lowe for governor, Shultz’s resume is 10x that of the Shoe Salesperson. Krebs; the female Al Bundy of the SD GOP.

      1. Anonymous

        Crazy Larry is the one to be held responsible not Angelia. It’s just normal behavior for Larry and everyone knows that. This character assisination of Shultz was to be expected and I expect more to be stretched.

        We are lucky to have very well educated and accomplished women running for SOS. Lets focus on the issues and skills South Dakota voters care about rather than Junior High behavior.

        1. Anonymous

          This is how the left operates. Attack someone and then play the victim. It’s the Alinsky, Stace, Democrat move.

    1. Cliff Hadley

      It’s not clear how Schultz’s resume trumps Krebs’s. Still, typical that you project your usual heaping helping of hostility toward the candidate who earns her living selling a product people actually want.

      Just can’t help yourself, eh, Cartoon Boy?

    2. Anonymous

      If you “Like” or “Favorite” something, you are giving your approval, so Angelia is part of this story whether you like it or not. If she had made no comment or indicated any approval, then she wouldn’t be part of the story.

    3. Pro Lifer

      South Dacola is demeaning conservative women again with his shoe sales person comments. I guess he likes to hang out with Angelia in the mean and demeaning crowd.

      Krebs is much more than a shoe person. She runs her own businesses (which sells shoes and other products), ranches with buffalo and has been a very successful public servant.

      Democrats keep demeaning conservative women.

    4. Flash Gordon

      You are so full of crap you stink, Krebs has voted on over 4,000 bills in the legislature. Owned a business and doesn’t retweet stupid comments like Shultz who can’t even pull off a primary victory for a legislative race. She will be toast, can’t wait for the first debate. Shultz will be negative and lack depth of knowledge on the issues.

    1. Anonymous

      No offense to Glodt or GSG , but they had absolutely nothing to do with Krebs’s campaign

  11. Feasant

    Schultz needs a knowledgable campaign manager, she makes a lot of gaffs.

    It is interesting how liberals can run women down but they keep claiming we have a war I’m women?

  12. springer

    Maybe Schultz hasn’t yet realized just who and what type of person Kurtz is. She had better wise up there before she likes anymore of his “pearls of wisdom.” As said elsewhere here, if a person “likes” a tweet or post, the person agrees with it; nothing else to be said here and it does show the type of person Schultz evidently is. If she feels this has been taken out of context, then Schultz should publicly say so and disavow any further association with Kurtz. The ball’s in her court on this.

    1. Anonymous

      Just leave that loser, Shantel: we could have a few laughs before you begin boring me to tears.

  13. PlanningStudent

    Anonymous 12:31 that comment is simply f*cked up and disgusting… What were you hoping to achieve?

    PP@SDWC any idea who that is?

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      It would appear to be the author of the original tweet, Larry Kurtz. And like anything Larry says, it’s offensive, without value, and gone.

  14. Max Goodman

    Branding Angelia as a ‘mean girl’ for receiving a specific compliment is a small minded political stunt to manufacture some phony dialog and essentially get ratings by this blog. And those of you who think this juicy news – get a life – for real.

  15. Angelia Schultz

    I apologize for my partial response, above. I am traveling and experiencing technical difficulties.

    As I was saying, for public record, I do not know Larry Kurtz; nor do I know the history of his political stances. He and I met Saturday at the SDDP Convention, and spoke for only a brief moment.

    As for the nature of his tweet, I had assumed he was referring to what he has observed as differences between mine and my opponents demeanor. I am neither a mean girl nor a name caller. Rather, I am an intelligent, capable woman who is a humanist and a feminist. Therefore, I condone misogyny in all its forms, to include careless tweets and blogs that sensationalize the ridiculous. I run this race on my merits, as does my opponent.

    This is all I have to say on the matter. I consider it settled.


    1. Anonymous

      “He and I met Saturday at the SDDP Convention, and spoke for only a brief moment. ”

      Sorry to hear that.

      1. May I suggest a complete medical exam to ensure that no disease of any kind was transmitted to you by Crazy Larry?

      2. Please beef up your personal security to ensure such wackos don’t again come within shouting distance.

  16. Anonymous

    1. If you are an intelligent woman you might want to look up what the word condone means!

    2. It’s not really up to you to decide the matter is settled

  17. Anonymous

    Wait a minute! Moderate Republicans complaining about voters voting based solely off surface issues of looks and NOT substance!?

  18. Max Goodman

    I think it’s pretty clear that she was trying to say ‘condemn’

    You people are grasping at straws. It’s so weak and even disengenuous.

    1. Anonymous

      I wonder what kind of typos she would make on official documents with the Secretary of State’s office? Those things matter you know!

    1. Anonymous

      Why did you favorite the comment and retweet it?

      Obviously because she condemned it.

      1. Max Goodman

        You’re a fool trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. No wonder this blog gets a bad rap out there.

  19. PlanningStudent

    You heard it right here folks: Democratic SOS candidate ANGELIA SCHULTZ stands by the statement; Republican SOS candidate Shantel Krebs is an ‘old hag’ based on her ‘demeanor.’