Dem State Senate candidate suggests resignation of State Rep with ailing child

Republican State Representative Dan Kaiser has been going through an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.   Kaiser has been busy for most of the session attending to his child in Sioux Falls who has been bravely battling leukemia. The Kaiser family has been the recipient of an outpouring of support for their son Jaxon, as they work for his treatment and recovery. I didn’t think there was anyone who would begrudge him that, until yesterday.

And yesterday is when a recent comment from newly announced District 3 State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger was shocking to the sensibility of many, as he suggested Kaiser’s resignation, so a bill Heidelberger favored could be passed:


Apparently, the cancer diagnosis was too inconvenient for the Aberdeen Democrat candidate for office.  However, the comment was crass enough for at least one Republican legislator to take the time to chastise the ultra-liberal legislative hopeful for his insensitivity towards Kaiser:


Should voters hold this against Heidelberger at the ballot box?

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    1. @SoDakCampaigns Post author

      Actually Cory, you said it pretty clearly. No editing. No snippets. It’s there in black and white, and you get to own every letter. Save your “clarifications” and “explanations” for the candidate forums.

      1. DR

        Call it what you want Cory. Its the voters that you have to answer to. They are going to read it as you put politics before family. Good luck with that in South Dakota. Regardless of what you meant, it reads you are suggesting a resignation.

    2. duggersd

      Cory, this is one of the few times I have to agree with you. In no way, shape, or form do you “suggest”. From the context I see here it says “Secure Kaiser’s resignation today, Daugaard could ….” You then suggest you could be the willing Aberdonian to do his bidding. This looks like a command to me.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s tough to get lower than a maggot beneath a 3 month old rotting bison carcass.

      He’s creepy, crawly, and stinks while sucking the life out of civil society..

  1. a

    Well Cory, once again you don’t surprise me with your insensitivity. You, like many other liberals want acceptance and compassion while not willing to put yourselves out to convey the same to others. Hypocrites to the core.

  2. Anonymous

    In some way, I believe in karma. I believe that somehow, in some way, we all will be held to account for our actions.

    While I do not wish upon Kory’s family what has befallen Mr. Kaiser’s family, I would not be surprised if similar Karma visits the Heildelbergs as a universal accounting for Kory’s long-running despicable behavior & comments .

    I pray otherwise, but justice must be paid.

    His wife must be devastated and utterly ashamed of him.

  3. Feasant

    Cory, this is low, even for you! Can’t believe you would stoop to these levels. I do hope you never have to go thru what the Kaiser Family is going thru.

  4. ymous

    Whats to be taken out of context? The words speak for themselves.

    Own them, then apologize with no “but” in the apology. The best best advice I can give is stop digging and offer him compassion and civility. The illness or loss of a child I can’t even imagine that fear and pain but the lack of civility towards that individual shows ones lack of character.

    1. Anonymous

      –but the lack of civility towards that individual shows ones lack of character.

      Of course, this is not the first time that KKKory has demonstrated a lack of character (which of courser, IS his character, meaning no character).

      A few years ago, the same jerk Kory questioned the the fund-raising efforts of a poor mother who wished to return to SD to attend the execution of her young daughter’s rapist & murderer.

      The guy has no heart, and a massive ego that revolves around his own selfish views and weird ambitions.

      His family must be absolutely appalled.

  5. father of three

    I have mixed reaction to this. On one hand, I can see where asking for a resignation is not out of line. The legislature only meets for a short period of time and you need to ask are the constituants(sp) who elected the legislator getting equal representation in Pierre? No. They are only getting one vote in the house while the other districts are getting two votes on each issue. (assuming someone is not in the bathroom when the vote is being taken)

    On the other hand, we are taught to be compassionate and assist our neighbors in times of trial. Offering any support we may have, whether it be monetary, words of encouragement, and prayers.
    Telling him that he is not doing his job as a legislator, whether in public or private, is not telling him something that he does not already know. This issue should not have been public and should have been a conversation between the Representative, no matter who they may be and/or party, and the leadership of their caucus, if they felt it was an issue.

    1. Anonymous

      There is no conversation between Kaiser and the caucus.

      The only one asking for it is Heidelberger-with-fries. And he’s a jerk.

  6. ymous

    Wouldn’t this be covered by FMLA time anyway? Why are democrats so inconsistent regarding their own? Does Tim Johnson ring a bell at all?

    I’m sure I didn’t hear democrats asking him to resign and he was out for a very long time.
    I’d sure love to hear Cory’s thoughts during that time regarding Senator Johnson.

    1. Anonymous

      I’d love to hear Kory’s explanation of how he supports PAID family leave, especially for mothers & fathers of newborns, but is quick to demand Kaiser’s resignation so that he can fill the seat.

      What a freakin’ jerkwad.


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