Democrat Billie Sutton Opts for Unfounded Attacks over Policy Proposals

Democrat Billie Sutton Opts for Unfounded Attacks over Policy Proposals

Four-term legislator attempts to run from own insider record

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Before offering details about the policies his administration would pursue, Democrat Billie Sutton launched unfounded attacks on Republican gubernatorial candidate Kristi Noem in a recent digital ad campaign. In falsely labeling Noem an insider, Sutton attempted to paint over his eight-year tenure as a Pierre insider and leading member of the Democratic establishment.

“Billie Sutton claims he’ll upset the status quo, but as a long-time Pierre insider and card-carrying member of the Democratic establishment, what would South Dakota’s ‘new normal’ really look like under his administration?” said Justin Brasell, Kristi for Governor campaign manager. “While Sutton has kept his plans for South Dakota under lock and key, Kristi Noem publicly released a detailed plan for South Dakota, including 11 policy papers and a commitment to Four Pillars of Protection: no new taxes, no government growth, a fight against federal overreach, and more transparency.”

FACT CHECK: Despite claims, Sutton is the ultimate Democratic insider.

• Sutton’s family roots run deep in the Democratic Party. His grandfather was the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in 1978.

• With nearly a decade spent in Pierre politics, Sutton has risen quickly to become one of the state’s top-ranking Democrats.

Sutton backed insider Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

13 thoughts on “Democrat Billie Sutton Opts for Unfounded Attacks over Policy Proposals”

  1. As an aside, a link to the eleven policy proposals would have been nice. Onto the larger point, this post is a great example to reveal why many South Dakotans (and Americans generally) are so tuned off to politics. What does a “party insider” even mean? That the Senator and Representative caucus with their party, are privy to policy, and know how legislation is created? It would seem obvious that both candidates fit that description. Voters don’t base their votes on this sort of empty, noncritical word play (and if any do they should rethink how they engage politics). This seems to insult the intelligence of the voters who are beyond tired of the optics, photo shoots, and empty rhetoric.

    Representative Noem’s four pillars are also quite maddening. They are so vague as to really not mean anything. “No new taxes?” Anyone who is an adult knows that governance requires, at different times, both an increase and a reduction of taxes. To say otherwise insults the intelligence of the voter with another rhetorical ploy—promising no new taxes isn’t just empty ideological posturing, it’s also just bad governance. It shouldn’t be disqualifying to speak hard truths to voters about that. And if anyone believes in an absolute pledge of “no new taxes” I would offer the suggestion that you are both being lied to, and (again) that you need to rethink politics. Governing is an incredibly complicated process and because of that, there are no single, Golden-rule solutions or pledges. One cannot govern (well) tethered to ideology.

  2. Oh, good grief!!! They are starting again?!!? We had a nice, one month reprieve while Kristi came up for air and didn’t put out any of her ridiculous Fact Checks and Press Releases, all of which do nothing but slam her opponent and never tell us what she can do. I can’t believe it took me this many years to figure her out, but I WILL NOT vote for her again, EVER!! I would much rather vote FOR a person, than vote AGAINST a person, but Kristi has pushed me to the brink. I have never voted for a democrat, but apparently my time has arrived. Billie Sutton will get my vote!

    1. You do realize, don’t you, that a vote for Sutton is a vote for the Democrat (radical) philosophy and platform (though it isn’t formally transparent, we can assume it is the same as that of the national party). You don’t have to vote for Noem if you don’t like her; thank goodness and God and our brave veterans for that. But please don’t tell me you are voting for a person without also telling me that you also support the philosophy of that same person. From what I understand of your post above, you are simply voting against Noem for reasons not explained.

        1. I think that’s a bit unfair. I’ve talked to a few Marty staffers since the primary and while they have expressed disappointment in their loss, none of them have been talking about how they are going to go vote for Billie Sutton because they are mad.

      1. Springer, Sutton is a vote for the Democrat (radical) philosophy and platform? Now if you said Democrat (radical) Philosophy and Platform with Cory Allen Heidelberger I’m with you but Billie Sutton? No way! Two very different people, different backgrounds and in how they relate to South Dakotans. Billie was re-elected repeatedly in a very red district and works with people every day helping with their investments at the Bank. It is not just this election I would imagine he is looking at but earning and keeping that trust with the people of the state looking forward. Sutton is a moderate and not Hard Left or Right.

        1. Lol!! There was never anyone running against him. So technically he could have won with 1 vote. He is not the big favorite that everyone thinks he is in District 21. And he is on board with the democratic platform all the way. And I sure as heck wouldnt trust him handling my investments.. my goodness.. pretty sure the only reason he has that job is cause his wifes family owns the bank. Convenient.

      2. I will never understand you extreme right wingers claiming all Dems are bad because they lean a little left. Liberal and Democrat are 2 very different things. I am a Democrat but have voted red on numerous occasions. You are the problem with society. Too busy thinking the entire right wing’s shit don’t stink and constantly bashing decent humans JUST because they vote blue most of the time.. Sick.

    2. Why doesn’t sutton just get Brazell’s southern accent on TV more.

      Sutton is toast either way. He’s highly overrated.

    3. Meanwhile all you do is go negative on Kristi…no positives about Sutton


    4. Thats weird Former Kristi Volunteer.. the part of not telling anyone what they can do? Sounds just like Sutton.. he never goes in any detail about how or what he can do either. And as I recall.. I think Sutton took the first slam at Kristi just recently.. soooo…. whats up with that? Is it allowed by him cause he is a “good ole country boy?” If you vote for a Democrat you are voting for what that party represents. If Sutton didnt agree with what they represent, he would have switched his party. So one can safely assume he is ok with the direction the Dems are going.

  3. Noem is complicit with the tanking of the farm economy. Fix that first, or how can we trust you to run our state?

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