Democrat PAC sends out invitation to lobbyists for fundraiser next week

South Dakota Democrat Legislators are teaming up with Democrats’ captive Political Action Committee  “The Majority Project” to raise money for their elections next week:

Given how many people are in the picture, they’ve got a long way to go to hit a majority.

Here’s the PAC’s latest campaign finance filing, in case you’re interested.

12 Replies to “Democrat PAC sends out invitation to lobbyists for fundraiser next week”

  1. Anonymous

    Baby Rhino was getting his diapers changed and missed the photo shoot. He has been having accidents lately for some reason.

  2. Anonymous

    I still believe Dennert is salvageable if he would just wake up and quit following Stace.

    Dennert could have a bright future, but as long as he hangs with Stace, he has a low ceiling.

    1. grudznick

      The very young Mr. Dennert has toasted his future already by aligning with that big RINO moron, Mr. Nelson. Mr. Nelson is so full of himself his belly grows every time he pats himself on the back and his head grows.

  3. Anon

    Hmm.. one could make a case that the Democrats are too cozy with the lobbyists. Will there be champagne and lobster? An exchange of gold watches?


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