Democrat PUC candidate promoting pro-Leonard Peltier event on Pine Ridge.

Not something you see every day in South Dakota, when a candidate for Public Utilities Commission hosts an event promoting the release of a man involved with murdering 2 federal law enforcement agents.

As promoted by Democrat PUC Candidate Henry Red Cloud on his Facebook page


Wow. And I mean wow.  A Democrat candidate for statewide office is promoting the release of a man convicted of murdering two FBI agents in cold blood.

Quite the change from when no less of a Democrat than Tom Daschle told Bill Clinton not to pardon him:

From the Associated Press from February 2001:

Gov. Bill Janklow said he urged former President Clinton not to pardon American Indian activist Leonard Peltier before leaving office last month. “I am probably the one who’s responsible for Leonard Peltier not getting out,” Janklow said Friday.

Janklow said he flew to Washington in early December and had a long meeting with Clinton at the White House. He told Clinton that Peltier should never get out of prison because he is dangerous.

“Leonard Peltier is not innocent. He is a cold-blooded murderer,” Janklow said.


Bellecourt noted that Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., also asked Clinton not to pardon Peltier.

Read it here.

(For more reading, I’d recommend the entire website at the No Parole Peltier Association, and the book “American Indian Mafia,” which presents first hand accounts, and the other side of the coin to the propaganda Red Cloud seems to be promoting.)

7 Replies to “Democrat PUC candidate promoting pro-Leonard Peltier event on Pine Ridge.”

  1. chief

    If Peltier didn’t actually pull the trigger, he and his allies have to know who actually did.

    1. Anonymous

      How many other triggers were pulled during this time? Think both sides used there indexed fingers on cloudy days……
      “Murdered in cold blood” ya there was a lot of that going on.. Badges don’t make it right…

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s just hope Daugaard does not co-host the event. He loves to coddle criminals.