Democrat Senator "I would have been impeached as Governor" for not offering a budget

This is exactly what we need to have happen if we are going to break the gridlock in Washington DC. There are legislators on both sides of the aisle in DC that understand we cannot continue spending money at the current rate. It’s good to see Senator Manchin coming forward to discuss it rather than blindly following Harry Ried.

Joe Scarborough, host: “As a Democrat, as a mover of the Democratic caucus can you tell me, tell us, tell America why the Democrats in the United States Senate who run the Senate have not produced a budget for this country in three years?

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): “I don’t have an excuse. There’s no
excuse. I would have been impeached as Governor. I would have been impeached. I’ve had to put a budget together and I had to look at it.”

This is a must watch.

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  1. BF

    Yes, that right there is the main reason you’ll probably never pass a balanced budget amendment on the Federal level. The Fed has a completely different logistic situation than the states do.

  2. name

    Manchin is a patriot. I know Republicans can say that stuff until they are blue in the face but to hear a Democrat speak up carries a lot of weight.

  3. Bill Fleming

    Sure Bruce, first and probably most important, the States don’t get involved in wars. Then there is disaster relief, bank meltdowns, etc, etc. all kinds of unforeseen emergencies. How do you budget for them? You can’t.

    Then there is the fact that the Fed can (and does) print money and the States can’t. (Can you imagine how easy it would be to balance your budget if you had a legal money-making printing operation in your basement?)

    There are lots of other considerations of course. But the main reason Manchin says what he says is because WV is required by law to balance its budget. So yeah, if he didn’t he’d be breaking the law. It’s more of a factiod than it is anything meaningful.

    Kind of like comparing the National budget to the family checkbook. It makes good ad copy and political slogans, but it has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

    1. Les

      Fed prints money? The federal gov borrows from the federal reserve(nothing to do with anything federal in our government outside of corrupt collusion) who prints money and we pay the interest to the federal reserve for a nice profit to the bankers on that money they created out of thin air. Tell me how that has anything to do with budgetary responsibility Flem?

      Bank meltdowns? Let them melt, they created their own mess. War’s? Bring our kids home! No excuse for budgetary mismanagement. None of the above have any reason for no loyalty to our future generations!

      Ron Paul and 8 years of home schooling our congress.

      1. BF

        Yes, Les, Ron Paul seems to understand the concept quite well. Money is a vague philosophical concept. A fairy tale. My point still stands, however you want to define “printing money.”

        Let’s say I need to borrow some cash, so I write myself a check for $100 and put it in my own private bank and charge myself… let’s say …oh what the heck… 1% interest on the money (don’t wanna get too greedy).

        Okay, so I now have $201 ? the hundred I just loaned myself, and the $100 I owe myself, plus the $1 I’ll earn in interest on it.

        Cool. A minute ago I was in the hole, but now, poof!

        I got money in the bank, baby.

        And a balanced budget in the black.

        1. BF

          It gets even better, Les. Let’s say I start getting worried that I might not be able to pay myself back (because if I don’t, my whole house of cards here is going to collapse.)

          So I say, hey Troy, I’ll pay you $25 right now for some insurance on my loan here. If I default on myself, you’ll pick up the tab for me. If I don’t you get to keep the money, deal? Troy says sure, what the heck that’s a quick $25 bucks on a sure bet, what the heck, thanks, BF!

          Meanwhile, since I now have $100 on deposit and a buck in interest coming, I can actually loan people money and charge them interest.

          So I loan Stace, and Whalen, and you, and Cory and Bill Clay all $50 bucks and charge you all 5% interest.

          Then I go get some more insurance from Troy to cover my ass(ets.)

          Meanwhile, Pat Powers (behind the scenes) sees all this action and wants to get in on it, so he starts making side bets with Bob Newland and Sibby and Schoenbeck about whether or not Troy’s gonna take a haircut on all this BF debt he’s been underwriting.

          Pretty soon were talking some serious money here. All because I loaned myself a few bucks. Money that I “printed” right here on my unicorn ranch the day I wrote myself that loan.

          Now, Bruce… about that balanced budget amendment…

        2. BF

          Enter, Ron Paul… (Les, you’ll like this part, I think). Ron Paul pulls back the curtain I’ve got around my little bookkeeping office here on the unicorn ranch and says, “Hey guys, you’re all worried about BF’s debt? That’s all just a bunch of BS, it’s money he owes himself, same with his bogus “interest” thingy. That’s not real debt. Just wipe it off the books and his balance sheet looks just fine.”

          1. Les

            Cool Bill, why wouldn’t they let JFK play in their game?

            Of course the game is about over, soooo, maybe Ron Paul could play while it lasts??

  4. Bill Fleming

    Bruce, most States have balanced budget amendments. And there is a pretty good argument that during the lump in the late 2000’s that actually made the recession worse, because states had to cut services during a time of nationwide economic hardship. Say what you want about the Stimulus money, but it had to come from somewhere, otherwise there are a whole lot of states that would have been in a world of hurt.

    1. Bruce Whalen

      BF, sorry about the late reply. I try not to live on blogs even though I am checking in more.

      I suppose I am still for a balanced budget amendment because it forces some sort of restraint. I don’t hear much of that from either side but mostly don’t hear it from Democrats. So let’s make a Constitutional Amendment so we can all have something more to complain about, or for some to strive to achieve.

      Years ago I got myself into some credit card debt. I made good income and spent if foolishly and covered other necessary purchases and also more unnecessary purchases with additional credit card charges. I paid the minimum balance which meant my new balance kept increasing.

      Using a credit card was like printing money and banks covered my other major purchases. I borrowed money to make bets on pool matches I had to win in order to eat and pay back the loan. I had a massive child support payment each month breathing down my neck, which I made faithfully because I wanted to. I had emergencies and survived them even through my less then stellar ability for pre-planning. I survived the emergencies caused by my friends too.

      That all changed because of personal life style changes and new found restraint over foolish spending, borrowing and betting. I also found new friends. Yet nothing is perfect at least life seems more sane and predictable. It took and continues to take personal will power. Everything is far more easier to manage and my family’s quality of life increased. I am achieving.

      Bill you are a bright guy and thinker. Now if we can describe the world through mathematical equations then we ought to find the equation that describes fiscal restraint to the average American.

      You see Bill, the story you told shows a country out of control and in need of fiscal maturity. The entire country can achieve because that’s what most of us already do.

  5. Bill Fleming

    (Ooooh jeeze…now I suppose Nelson is going to jump all over me about how SD is actually self-sustaining and doesn’t REALLY take back more from the Fed than it pays in. I just gotta learn to keep my mouth shut about that kinda stuff around here, Whalen ;^)

    1. Bruce Whalen

      Nah Bill, keep up the comments. You have an entertaining way of expressing your viewpoints. I might not agree but at least I think I understand most times where you are coming from.

  6. BF

    Les, the game never ends, it just cycles through and starts over. That’s why all those people are out in the streets revolting all over the world. Same game, different times.


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