Democrats alternate reality

Harry Reid

How stupid do President Obama and high ranking Democrats think we are? When reality doesn’t look so good for them, they create fiction and try to sell it to the public:

Moments after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, blocked a Republican motion in the Senate to vote on President Obama’s jobs bill, the president’s re-election campaign sent out an e-mail blasting House Republicans for not voting on the proposal.

Friend —

President Obama is in Dallas today urging Americans who support the American Jobs Act to demand that Congress pass it already.

Though it’s been nearly a month since he laid out this plan, House Republicans haven’t acted to pass it. And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is out there actually bragging that they won’t even put the jobs package up for a vote — ever.

It’s not clear which part of the bill they now object to: building roads, hiring teachers, getting veterans back to work. They’re willing to block the American Jobs Act — and they think you won’t do anything about it.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, tried to force a vote on the president’s plan in the upper chamber Tuesday afternoon, but Reid used a procedural tactic to block the bill from coming to the floor. He called the Republican’s insistence on a vote a “publicity stunt.”

Reid says he plans to vote on the measure by the end of this month.

Here is video of Senator McConnell encouraging Harry Reid to bring the bill to a vote:

15 Replies to “Democrats alternate reality”

    1. Spencer

      Oh come on, do we really need to be so glum? I like to remind people that Clinton had low polling numbers, and he easily won reelection. That narrative seemed to work well last year. Unfortunately for wishful thinking liberals, Obama is 5 percentage points behind Clinton in the Gallup in his approval rating at this same week in each of their first terms. Worse yet, Obama’s jobs bill or something else needs to give him a 7 percentage point boost by mid November or Clinton is going to leave him in the dust with a 12-point lead.

      1. Anonymous

        If memory serves me Clinton’s problems had to do with his personal affairs while Obama’s have to do with him driving this country off a cliff.

        Big difference.

  1. feasant

    More proof liberals would rather bash someone than come up with solutions. The reason is: they always think the solution to any problem is to spend more money.

    Get off the back of the American people and you will see jobs. We have thre major construction projects on hold here in SD, Big Stone II, Walworth County power plant, and the oil refinery in SE SD.

    1. El Toro Grande Loco (The big crazy (ugly old) Bull)

      You almost got it… “They always think the solution to any problem is to spend more (of other people’s) money.”

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    what is sad, is that Obama’s lack of executive experience and qualifications was so clear —- and yet we drank the kool-aid (ok – Caveman and I didn’t, but I’m taking poetic license). Look for leadership skills – not just speaking skills. We owe it to our kids.

    1. anonymous

      After the Bush debacle, you should have given us a better alternative than McAncient and his twit running mate.

  3. Anonymous

    Obama is a spender, Bush also gave Goldman Sachs a trillion don’t for get that also Bush gave money to the the car comapnies like 54 billion.Bush also gave us Medicare D a tune of one trillion, plus throw in two unfunded wars how many trillion there also.Also if you voted for Bush you put Obama in.

    1. Anonymous

      How true. Bush and his tax cuts, and his wars, and his Medicare D program, and his stimulus plan handed Obama an economy in free-fall aalong with the biggest national debt ever and the biggest annual deficits ever. Obama could have just stopped all government spending and tried to balance the budget like the GOP suggested, but that wouldn’t have cured the patient it would have killed the patient.

      Obama hasn’t proven to be the most skilled leader, but after 8 years of Bush incompetency the public was willing to take a chance on something different. If anything, Obama has been too cautious in spending the money necessary to get the economy off of life support. If the GOP would stop obstructing for political gain, we would certainly get through this economic stretch quicker.

  4. springer

    Just listening to the great O on his news conference, blaming the Reps for everything, claiming his plan will create jobs, blah, blah, blah. Excuse me, I’m about to get sick listening to it.

  5. Duh

    Harry Reid sucks the big one. Can’t stand him, can’t listen to him. Proof that clams can walk. Still amazed that he even survived reelection. Then again, look who voted him in, the residents of one of the worst economies in the nation. The residents who’s state mantra is sin, lust, gambling, crime, drugs, porn and excessiveness. Is there a similarity here???

    Beyond sick of listening to Oblabla’s blather. Simply the Worst President Ever.


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