"Democrats in Washington are still looking for a candidate that they can get behind"

Good to see the Argus has gone back to some factually based reporting for the occasion of Riick Weiland’s rejection by the DSCC, as they continue to search for a good candidate to run for Tim Johnson’s seat, as opposed to the several week old casserole that is Rick Weiland’s campaign:

More than a year before the election, the Democratic senatorial committee’s lack of confidence in Weiland as a candidate isn’t a big deal. But if Weiland wins the nomination without getting Bennet on board, it could cost his campaign millions of vital dollars against the Republican nominee.

“I think the DSCC has backed themselves into a corner in the scenario that Weiland ends up being their nominee,” said Nathan Gonzales, deputy editor with the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report. “I think it would be tough for the DSCC to embrace Weiland at some point later in the cycle or put in any money after publicly shunning him.”


Gonzales said Bennet doesn’t seem to be just talking when he mentions looking for another candidate in South Dakota.

“I can confirm based on a conversation I had … that Democrats in Washington are still looking for a candidate that they can get behind,” he said.

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There’s little hope for Weiland at this point that National Democrats are going to hold their nose and lend him monetary assistance. As a candidate who fully embraces the Obama agenda in a state that rejects it overwhelmingly, Weiland is not a winnable candidate.

The fact he’s lost twice before means he’s taken even less seriously.

As a former Daschle operative, you’d think he could see the handwriting on the wall. But, unfortunately for Democrats, Weiland’s political vision has been clouded by delusions of grandeur.

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