Democrats to trigger immediate election for Chair – Dump Tornburg movement afoot?

Are South Dakota Democrats saying it is time to dump Tornburg? (Or maybe we call it the “Ban Ann” movement.) 

Either way, it appears that the SDDP is going to be voting on bylaw changes to be offered at a meeting next week to trigger a new election for democrat state party chair. And if it passes, the vote will be the very same day.

The SDDP will hold a state Central Committee meeting in conjunction with the dinner. Constitutional amendments, which could lead to an election of state party officers at this same meeting, have been introduced. To quote from a letter from Rachelle Norberg summarizing the proposed amendments, “One of the most important changes in the proposed amendment is the moving of State Officer elections to a spring window on odd-numbered years, typically held at the same time as the McGovern Day fundraiser. If passed, this change causes an election of new officers to be held April 29th, 2017. Please ensure all potential officer candidates are given adequate notice to the best of your ability”

There could be fireworks at the Central Committee meeting, folks!!! Rumor has it that Paula Hawks wants Ann Tornberg’s job.

I am not a big fan of the current SDDP Chair, but a snap election, initiated in this manner, with almost no notice, seems deeply arrogant on the part of the conspirators and very wrong-headed. This appears to be a palace coup by Powers behind the throne. Changing one Queen for another is not progress even if the new Queen would be substantially taller. Change requires changing the Powers that be.

Read it here at the Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally group.

Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally is noting that it seems that the people who put Tornburg in power simply want to switch the bobble head on the mantle from Tornburg (who did an awful job on the state elections) to Hawks (who ran an awful Congressional campaign) without changing the awful campaign philosophies that have kept the SDDP in the doldrums for close to a decade now.

With their ED abandoning ship, it’s probably a convenient time to “Ban Ann” as well, but if the SDDP continues in not registering voters and blowing money on petition campaigns instead of candidates, nothing is going to change – especially at a time when the Democrat party is viewed as drifting farther and farther to the left, and away from mainstream South Dakota. (Having Keith Ellison as their big dinner speaker underlines that point.)

And all of this democrat drama will be taking place in the shadow of the South Dakota Republican Party Freedom Rally in the hall next-door.

10 Replies to “Democrats to trigger immediate election for Chair – Dump Tornburg movement afoot?”

  1. Anonymous

    It may be the opportunity to just let the SDDP be the party that encourages drug use, enables some individuals to continuously play the victim without ever accepting responsibility for their own actions and demonize anyone that disagrees with them.

    Those that crave another option for healthy competition in our state need to start a 3rd non-fringe party.

  2. Anonymous

    How can the Dems honestly hold elections with no notice to its members? This is looking like a dumpster fire at an event that is supposed to be the Dems annual fundraiser. What a mess.

  3. Anonymous

    I would encourage the SDDP to recruit someone like Chuck Welke who has proven that he can win in a Republican District and appeal to Republican voters.

    Maybe they could even recruit a person who is very liberal if they are good at raising money and understanding that SD isn’t San Francisco or Washington DC.

    1. Anonymous

      Chuck Welke would be excellent! We need more like him. Curious if his son still lives in South Dakota. It would be great if he would explore running. We need more reasonable candidates.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think they do an excellent job — of organizing. If a circular firing squad was the objective

  5. Anonymous

    It’s not like the SD GOP really is the reason for Republicans winning in SD.

    Obama is the reason unorganized Republicans won and the reason almost all Democrats lost.

    It really doesn’t have a ton to do with the parties.

    I do believe Lederman will deserve more credit for the 2018 elections than any Chair in the past decade. A good SDDP chair can also help guide and recruit candidates who aren’t out of touch with the state.