Democrats – Tornberg has no plan, and down to the “no one else” guy.

The Democrat-insider ran “Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls” blog makes note of what we’ve been hearing for a while. That Dems are down to “the no one else guy” and that Ann Tornberg may very well be the worst chairman ever. 

In Political News: Word on the street has it that Jay Williams, the Yankton County Democratic Chair, will announce that he will challenge John Thune for John’s US Senate seat this year. His announcement could come as early as next week. The South Dakota Democratic Party has been struggling to find someone to run against Thune and his $11 million dollar bankroll. Jay indicated some time ago he would do it if no one else would. It looks like the Democratic Party is down to “no one else”.

And, Democratic registration in South Dakota fell again in January to a new low of 167,064. Democratic registration has declined in 13 of the last 14 months, the only exception being a 14 voter gain last July. In total, Democratic registration has dropped by 8,900 voters since Ann Tornberg’s election as State Democratic Chair in December 2014. Despite promises, we still have not heard of any plan from Ann about a voter registration drive to reverse this trend. She is probably too busy being a pretend legislator in Pierre.

I need a Drink.

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7 Replies to “Democrats – Tornberg has no plan, and down to the “no one else” guy.”

  1. Anonymous

    Pat, Have the state Dems tried CraigsList yet in the jobs section? Would they pay this candidate $15.00 an hour with bonuses available provided an electoral victory? I’d imagine they would limit it to 40 hours a week limit since it would be cost prohibitive to go beyond that. They would need to come up with the money to pay this worker.

    1. Pat Powers

      I’d have to go look, but someone was looking for a Thune opponent on Craigslist a while back….

  2. Vinny

    This Willisms person has a lot more problems going on than you have any idea of. At this point anyway. You will know.

  3. Tony Sayer

    They don’t have to send anyone into the grinder this time. I don’t think they ever planned to. They’re playing their cards very well by getting behind ballot initiatives first then I imagine they’ll have some candidates very well chosen that will easily fall in behind what initiatives the voters supported. We Republicans can’t see it right now much in the same way the Czar couldn’t understand why Napoleon willingly vacated the Pratzen Heights at Austerlitz (think: Napoleon’s biggest victory) however since we have a party unwilling to push against Democratic measures we’ll essentially assist them in their endeavors. A super-majority gets sloppy and thinks short term. Those folks on the other side are being extremely smart and calculating. I may be a Republican but I have to appreciate cunning where I see it.

  4. Ymous

    I agree with parts of this post. Initiatives and city council candidates as well as letting a mayor Huether get started where there was no footing. Underestimating ones opponent in the boxing ring is also unwise.

    1. Anonymous

      If the Dems can’t find an opponent, then so be it. Who cares. Ymous, I’m surprised you’re not on your way back to Pierre to sponsor more hateful, bigoted and discriminatory legislation. And you are correct, it is unwise to under estimate an opponent. Especially when they can affect your business and your bottom line: making money.

  5. Troy


    Cunning? Well-played? Smart and calculating?

    Not quite the words I would use to describe the SDDP.