Dems going after Tim Bjorkman for not being Democrat Enough

It’s starting to look like Dems aren’t satisfied with their candidate for Congress, because he’s not Democrat enough to toe the line for the liberals that have taken over the Democrat party.Maybe that’s why Billie Sutton’s people are being ambiguous about his views on the issues?


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  1. Lee A Schoenbeck

    It makes you feel bad for Tim, who is a very fine individual.

    It reminds you of why the Weiland folks are the best thing that ever happened to the GOP in South Dakota – all the people they chase out are people we want in

    1. Miranda Gohn


      I replied right away to Randee Huber who posted this. The South Dakota Democratic Party and better yet we South Dakotans need more candidates like Tim Bjorkamn and Billie Sutton. I have met each one and am so grateful they are running. As mentioned before in an earlier thread Right, Center, Left and ………………….Hard Left they need to be in person to hear Tim speak, visit with him, he is a great listener and is sincere and ask questions regarding any concerns one may have.

        1. Miranda Gohn

          One of the Admins of the Living Blue in SD Facebook page. She lives in Sioux Falls. As I posted on their facebook page given what they have advocated I suggested they may wish to consider doing some political soul searching. What they support seems to be more of a mixture of Libertarian, Anarchist and Marxist rather than being a Democrat. Once they properly align themselves politically perhaps that will reduce some of that anger, frustration and then they can focus on what they hope to accomplish whatever that is.

            1. Anonymous


              Somehow that reply vanished yet she denies she deleted it.

              Ironically another post directed at Tim Bjorkman by Larry Kurtz vanished too. He did his usual copy & paste stating that any candidate that did not legalize all drugs does not have a chance of winning here in SD but frankly I get the impression that guy would join any party that would legalize the drugs he uses.

              You know all this reminds me of Kermit the Frog singing it’s tough being Green but in South Dakota it reminds me that it’s tough being blue. 🙂

      1. KM

        Miranda, sadly the “Hard Left” don’t care. They don’t care about what you have to say. They are bullies. What we see here and what is happening to Sutton on the abortion issue proves what you already know.

  2. Springer

    Bjorkman’s views are those of the Democrat party of old, and if the Democrat party wants to be relevant ever in South Dakota, they would do well to listen to him. But as a strong conservative, I hope they don’t!

      1. Emoluments Clause

        Abortion, guns, and racism are the major reasons for the collapse of the American middle class over the last forty years. There is a direct correlation between these issues and the inability of the Democratic Party to create and/or maintain a grand political coalition, and this correlation is directly responsible for the collapse of the middles class (due to the advent of pro-business, anti-worker, supply side economics), which is the number one security threat to this nation in the 21st century….. And the Republicans know this, but they play it at the expense of Americas relevance or potency in the 21st century, in order to cater to the 1 %, which many Republicans are members of….

  3. Fed up by liberals

    It’s because of stupid posts like this that pushed Trump over Hillary. Does this person realize they’re living in South Dakota and not in a hippie, liberal commune?!

    People fundamentally agree with Democrats on economic issues. Why do they always screw over their own by bringing up abortion, etc.? I’m an ardent Democrat, but these people sometimes make me reconsider my registration at times.

    1. Miranda Gohn

      Fed up,

      I have talked to other South Dakota Democrats like you across the state and they feel the same way. It sounds like there may be some really good candidates emerging for the legislature that regular South Dakotans can relate to yet many are afraid to get more active and run themselves because some of these extremists scare them away thinking they have taken over the party. Meanwhile our state suffers from a lack of competition and oversight. We need to support the good South Dakota focused candidates, turn this around and build momentum for a healthier political system and government in our state.

  4. Anonymous

    Take this all back. Know your place d’s. Rick will lead you for his own personal enrichment. Ballot measures, money pocketed, whining. It’s no way to advance the cause or efforts of decent folks like billy and bjorkman.

  5. Anonymous

    I see serial troll Larry Kurtz who is banned here and almost everywhere for being so vile, misogynistic & always pushing drug use has found a home at Living Blue in SD. He will fit right in. Birds of a feather flock together.