Dems have Senate Candidate for first time in years; Dr. Kevin Weiland's older, less interesting brother.

Monty’s BIG EXCLUSIVE ARGUS LEADER NEWS is that former 2 time candidate Rick Weiland is getting into the race for US Senate. Really?

We’re supposed to get excited that Dr. Kevin Weiland’s older, less interesting brother is a Democratic candidate for US Senate?  I had to ask someone – does he even live in South Dakota at this point?

Anyway, here’s a snippet from David Montgomery’s story:

Rick Weiland, a staffer for former Sen. Tom Daschle and an appointee in the Bill Clinton administration, says he will try to hold the seat for Democrats. Weiland, 54, is the first Democrat to officially enter the race. Former Gov. Mike Rounds is the only Republican running so far.


Ben Nesselhuf, the chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, said the news reflected Democratic confidence.

“I think that this is a strong indicator of how bullish Democrats are that we are going to keep this seat,” Nesselhuf said. “Mike Rounds is a very flawed candidate and there are several Democrats who would relish taking him on.”

Weiland forecast a populist campaign, saying he wanted to fight for working families and against special interests he said “snuck into Washington and stole our government away from us.”

Read that here.

Here’s the best part – Weiland’s line about how “special interests snuck into Washington and stole our government away from us.”indc

And it’s accompanied by a file photo of him sitting in an office. In Washington.

Let’s face it. This is the point where Ben Nesselhuf and the DSCC are going to officially start having kittens.

Their desired candidate, the card they wanted to play against Republicans, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, has now been trumped and beaten into the race by someone who might be accepted as a “true Democrat.”

Meaning, a liberal Democrat. And it’s not the fresh faced Brendan Johnson, who had captured the imagination of liberal Democratic activists statewide – they’ve got Rick Weiland. An aging white male Washington liberal scion of Tom Daschle, who is going to try to run in a state that’s redder than ever against a popular former Republican Governor.

In case you’re wondering about Weiland’s track record, from the same article:

In 1996, Tim Johnson decided to leave the House and challenge then-Sen. Larry Pressler. Weiland was one of four Democrats in the House primary, and he won a crushing victory with 42 percent of the vote. But he failed to break 40 percent in the general election match up against John Thune.

Following the loss, Weiland served in the Clinton administration as the Rocky Mountain regional director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a position that found him frequently in the state dealing with natural disasters.

The House seat was open again in 2002, when Thune challenged Sen. Johnson. Weiland ran again in a four-way Democratic primary, but he ended up second, falling to Stephanie Herseth.

Read that here.

So, how embarrassing is it going to be to Dr. Kevin Weiland’s older, less interesting brother to find out that the DSCC is continuing it’s recruitment efforts with Herseth Sandlin?

15 Replies to “Dems have Senate Candidate for first time in years; Dr. Kevin Weiland's older, less interesting brother.”

  1. Exodus

    This is all blowback aimed directly at SHS. She needed to fix her relationship with the base and she hasn’t done it. It’s no one’s fault but her own. Weiland is only in this race because the DSCC wouldn’t support Brendan Johnson. Weiland has no future in elected politics like Brendan so a suicide candidacy meant only to launch torpedo’s at SHS is all that this is about. The DSCC knows Brendan couldn’t retaliate but they forgot about the backlash from the sidelined Dems with nothing to lose who simply hate her guts.

    SHS has no one to blame but herself for neglecting the base.

    (weiland is similar to a Stace Nelson candidacy on the right – 12% of the primary nothing more nothing less and anyone’s name would get that percentage)

    1. Jenny

      No one saw this coming. The SD democrat base needs some new, young blood to get things going again for them. They don’t like Herseth, and didn’t want Brendan b/c he’s the old Senator’s son. SD dems should have seen this problem coming.

  2. Al Frankenweenie

    This will do plenty to weaken Stephanie. Now she has to run a primary after only living here 7 months and then against rounds. If she thought the ads in 2010 were tough on her, wait until 2014. Her phoniness is finally catching up to her.

  3. Ymous

    Really dems, Rick I’m a life long government stooge who can’t get any job but an appointed one? I believe his kids have bragged about the dinners the government buys them on his card in DC?There is so much dirt on this guy I’ve heard. His boys talk a lot in the bars in Sioux Falls when there lit up drunk.

    1. Jenny

      Okay, you need some better dirt than a government employee’s family having their dinners paid for them.

    2. Bubba_Schwartz

      After his loss in the 2002 primary, I felt he had accepted the fact that he would not win elected office. In a televised interview, he stated that “he would have made a great congressman,” but he was resigned to the idea that it just was not going to take place. Thus, it is stunning news for many that he would run for office once again after two statewide losses. Also, it does not appear that he is prepared for such a contest. The previous contests appeared to have a lot of preliminary work done prior to their launches. The initial effort in this venture seems to be less passionate. In any case, it would be interesting if “Ymous” would share some of the talk and dirt that he is aware of regarding Rick Weiland. Such a discussion might make him at least as interesting as his younger brother.

  4. Elais

    Now we just need an independent candidate and we have the Three Stooges trifeca in play!

  5. Anon

    wow- Rick is actually a solid candidate who will be able to energize the dem base (which is critical if they want to win). I don’t think Herseth could beat him in a primary.

    1. Jenny

      Agree. Repubs are smiling big now, but I wouldn’t count this guy out just yet. Remember 86 (Daschle) and 2002 (Johnson) big Dem Senate wins.

  6. MC Post author

    Really? Wow! I guess it is now, game on! Not to mention

    Nesselhuf said the potential for more than one strong candidate means a successful candidate in what’s expected to be a high-profile, expensive race

    from Keloand

    More than one? you mean we will have multiple targets? Since their ‘prefered’ candidate can’t deciede if she is in or out, this does open the door wide range candidates.