Dems mislead on medicare and Noem's record

The 2012 congressional campaign has begun. And wouldn’t you know it, the democrats are already misleading voters. Democrats hope to benefit from partisan attacks rather than from fixing a system that is bankrupting our country.

Let’s get this straight. None of the Republican leaders in DC want to end Medicare.

DCCC Campaign billboard

Matt Varilek touts this deceptive ad on his Facebook page:

A supporter sent us this picture of a billboard near I-229 (Cliff Ave and 41st) in Sioux Falls.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Paul Ryan’s budget plan is actually a bi-partisan effort.

Paul Ryan insists on saving Medicare for future generations while Democrats consistently drag their feet allowing the program to deteriorate at a rapid rate. What is more responsible? To fix an ailing system so that it is there to help people in the future or leave it until it is unsustainable?

The only people hurting medicare are those in the Democratic party who chose to divert $500 million to offset the cost of Obamacare.

We all know the Democrats’ plan this cycle. Scare women about health care issues, scare seiniors about medicare. Their reelection plan revolves entirely around fear-mongering with a complete disregard for facts. Maybe Democrats are fine with ignoring the financial collapse of our country, but Republican leaders in Congress and the Senate are focused on righting our economic problems.

I’m willing to bet that voters across this country also understand the ramifications of doing nothing aswell.

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  1. Arrowhead

    What is wrong about this billboard is the fact that the news media bit on it and did a story about the ad. So a $2000 billboard ended up garnering free media from KSFY. Smart move by the dems.

    Outside of being purely political they are lieing through their teeth about medicares future. Or else they are eating their parents hippy mushrooms from the 60’s and hallucinating.

  2. anon

    I wonder if the Dems are running these ads against Ron Wyden in Oregon? He’s a Democratice Senator who is supportive of Ryan’s plan.

  3. anooner

    Check out Noem at about :58. She has earned the simultaneous nod and shake. Kind of like her vote and her statement on this story.

  4. Anonymous

    Kristi Noem is an American Patriot and all of those who challenge her are pinheads! Unlike the Democrats, she cares about small government, she cares about helping small businesses, she cares about letting us keep our income out of the hands of D.C. bureaucrats. She makes me proud to be a Republican Woman.

    1. M.M.

      Are you nuts!? Kristi Noem makes you proud to be a woman? This is the same person who doesn’t think you have a right to control your own body! She might put on the glamour girl/modern homemaker/farm wife routine, but she is in lockstep with the white male hipocrisy exhorted by the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers. “Gee, I got some money the other morning at breakfast and I am going to get some more at ‘American Pizza’ for lunch. As long as I keep letting them tell me what to think, and let them leer at me, it’s almost like being snow queen all over again.” Proud to be a woman…please!

      1. Janet K.

        M.M. That is really low! Kristi Noem is a great person, not some vacuous bobble head. I have had the chance to work with her and her staff and I am more impressed with Congresswoman Noem’s grasp of the issues than I ever was with either Herseth or Daschle. She actually gets it, and she really believes it. I agree with Anonymous, that Kristi is something special and I hope to heck we keep her around for many more years.

        Additionally, M.M. I suspect you too are a female, and I am sorry that you can’t get behind a fellow sister and lift her up in these difficult times. South Dakota and the United States need more women like Kristi; many, many, more.

  5. Jammer

    If people want to determine who is NOT protecting Medicare, they should look for the people that are not trying to do something that will make the program fiscally sound. Medicare along with the Prescription Drug Plan has over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Not address this structural deficit will without question lead to Medicare becoming insolvent and disappearing for all seniors.

    The other issue to look at is just who supported the robbing of $500 billion dollars of Medicare assets to help pay for Obamacare. This blatant attack on America?s seniors will only cause the Medicare Program to go insolvent sooner.

    So, identify these people and you will find the true enemies of Medicare and senior citizens. I for one believe that most of these people have big blue D?s behind their name.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m glad you brought up Bush’s Medicare Prescription Drug Program. This was a budget-busting GOP program from the beginning. Sure Dems supported it, but Dems pushed for drug prices to be negotiated. The GOP killed drug price negotiation as a favor to their contributors in Big Pharma. So the GOP wanted a new government program without any price controls. The GOP did this at the same time they were borrowing to fund a discretionary war in Iraq.

      Glad to be of assistance identifying the true enemies of both Medicare and balanced budgets. Man, is Sen. Thune lucky he was out of office in 2003-2004 when the Iraq war started and when the GOP President and Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug program!

      1. Jammer

        Certainly the prescription drug plan can be laid directly at the feet of Republicans and George Bush. However, that is history and NOW the question is what are they going to do about it and Medicare to keep it solvent?

        Your comment was a misrepresentation of the problem at hand. I was the typical “political hack” response to an issue. The other thing is the tired worn our claim about drug prices not being negotiated. That is simply a lie. While you may not like how they chose to do it, your comment is nothing but a liberal lie to help sell your radical progressive liberal agenda. Your tired old crap doesn’t work anymore.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Whatever, Jammer.

          Like most Dems, I’m all up for discussing the Health Care issue rationally, but let’s get the facts straight first. (And as usual, your yammering isn’t cutting it.) Funding will come in the form of repealed Bush tax cuts and Military and entitlement cuts as per sequestration.

          In fact, it’s already on the law books. No further legislation required. All you have to do on your end is to count on your GOP buddies to continue to vote no on any better ideas.

            1. Bill Fleming

              Yes, that is partially correct. DuggerSD. Although calling a tax increase is dishonest. But I know that doesn’t bother a dishonest guy like you. Under my scenario, there will be no vote to increase taxes.

              1. duggersd

                You see, truth is in the eye of the beholder. In my truth, I believe because if nothing is done, taxes will go up for everyone, therefore a tax increase. In your world, a tax increase is not a tax increase unless there is a vote to do it. You remind me of the Congress that thinks that a cut of 5% of an increase in spending is a cut. There is your world, and the real world.

                1. Bill Fleming

                  So if you agreed to take a pay cut at your job for a few years duggerSD, and then your wage went back to normal, you would think you got a raise?

                  I bet your boss would like that actually. But your friends… they might think you were kind of a sucker, you know?

                  1. duggersd

                    Not the same thing, and you know it, but you have to argue the this way to defend the indefensible. But, if I did take a pay cut, then that is what my salary would be. Then if it went to where it was before, yes, indeed, it would be a raise. That has nothing to do with being a sucker, but more to do with math. But, we now can all agree you are in favor of increasing everybody’s taxes. Thanks for clearing that up.

          1. Jammer

            Here in a 5 minute video is a complete explanation of what progressive liberalism is.

            People need to realize what Obama and all of his supporters are trying to do to this country. They are the biggest threat that this country has ever faced and that includes our two World Wars and the Cold War.

  6. Elais


    Let me offer a different point of view.

    Kristi Noem is an American traitor and all of those who support her are pinheads! Like other republicans, she cares nothing about people, she cares more about giving breaks to big business and cares more for them than she does for the average man or woman. She makes me glad I’m not a Republican.

    1. Job Creator

      Come on now, Elais. Kristi is many things – but I don’t think you can legitimately call her a traitor. She may be misguided at a fundamental level and bought and paid for at an operational level, but she is not a traitor. You are correct in that she seems to favor the rich people, but they are the ones she really serves – exactly like almost every politician at that level. And even though you don’t like it (and presumably live in South Dakota) she represents (or at least casts her meaningless vote for) all South Dakota citizens.

      Hold on to your hat. The Democratic Congressional Committee is clearly not going to give her a free pass this time. People are mad at both Dems and Repubs and that is just a fact. I predict Kristi will pull it out 51% to 45% for the Dem candidate and 4% for “also ran,” declare a “mandate of the people” and survive to run against Rounds in 2014, where the Good Old Boy Republican Establishment (GOBRE) will crush her.

      Having witnessed my predictions coming true yet again, BILL CLAY will declare me a pundit.

  7. 73*

    The important thing is that we don’t have any illusions about who Kristi Noem is as a person. She isn’t any better or worse than most politicians.

    Teddy Hustead, Steve Kirby and Barb Stork are all on her campaign treasurer/PAC’s for one reason. They can raise her piles of money. The people she hangs out with are the people who have something she wants. Is that wrong? Not anymore wrong than anyone else in life.

    Maybe you or I can donate $2400 to a campaign but certain people in our communities can not only donate that much but also raise it from all of their friends. Those are the people who get the affection from pols. Some of them are real friends but for the most part it’s that they both want what the other person can do for them.

    1. toga

      That billboard is the exact reason Noem isn’t going to clear 60% in the 2012 race. The country is so polarized between partisan talking points that both sides are drawing lines in the sands.

      Traditionally South Dakotan’s have supported traditional medicare but they have recently been repulsed by the spending in DC. Push comes to shove we are a conservative/moderate state.

      Noem will win but she will not get huge margin’s in the next election.

      #1 because she isn’t out selling her plan.
      #2 because it’s not a down hill sell.

      As a supporter of Ryan’s budget my biggest frustration has been the lack of Congressional leaders like Noem who are willing to actually go out and advocate and educate the voters on this plan. If they don’t do a better job educating people they might aswell stop proposing controversial plans.

  8. Job Creator

    Those *&^%&*# lying, cheating Democrats. Paul Ryan and the Republicans have told the absolute truth from the first moment on this! The Republicans have only what’s in America’s best interest for ALL Americans, right? They have no ulterior motives.

    Come on. It’s election season. Finding a partisan who is going to tell the truth is about as easy as seeing a neutrino with your naked eye – just isn’t going to happen. On either side.

    So sit back. Enjoy the ride. Chuckle when you hear the absurdities coming out of both sides of the political mouths. And lower your expectations. That should help keep the veins on the side of your neck from popping up!

    I used to be disgusted. Now I’m just amused…

  9. Anonymous

    American patriot what ever your smoking I want some,I dont beleive she ever wore the uniform of our country they are the real patriots who have served their country , and not take bo co farm subsidies.Patriot what a joke.

  10. insomniac

    I’m voting for Noem but that doesn’t mean I’m not glad to see this billboard. Hopefully this will get Noem out and make her explain why Ryan’s plan is right. She shouldn’t be letting Ryan carry the water for the entire GOP.

  11. anooner

    No one seems that interested in, or contesting that the GOP killed price negotiations on the Bush drug plan so their fat friends in Pharm could get greased. Negotiating lower pricing would have saved money which is good right? Jammer? Dugger?

  12. duggersd

    nooner, I do not disagree that there should have been price negotiations. However, I did not believe Bush should have had that drug deal to begin with. If you had heard me back then, I was very disgusted.


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