Dems nominate sacricifial lamb for PUC, GOP Nominates proven Nelson.

Word out of the Dem Convention (at Perkins or wherever they were holding it) is that they’ve nominated a sacrificial lamb to run against Public Utilities Commissiober Chris Nelson.

Apparently, the man they talked into it, Henry Red Cloud, owns a Solar Company on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

Last election, they selected electrician David Allen to run for Public Utilities Commission, who was thoroughly slaughtered at the ballot box when he failed to break 30% of the vote. There’s no indication of what the Democrats intend to do to change their fortunes this time at bat.

On the flip side, Republicans nominated Chris Nelson to serve in the office again, who promised in his speech to make decisions “based on facts and law, and not a political agenda.”  And underlined that complacency is as much our enemy as the Democrats.