Dems still complaining about the poor leadership of Ann Tornberg at the SDDP

In recent weeks, South Dakota Democrats passed on another opportunity to amend the constitution, and force their state party chairman Ann Tornberg to be up for immediate election after kicking the can down the road earlier this year when they try to do so on the day they held their big dinner in Sioux Falls.

Why is there such discontent? One word: performance.  And we are continuing to read about the Democrat party’s ongoing problems. 

The folks over at Sioux Falls drinking liberally have another missive today about the poor performance of the staff at the South Dakota Democrat party, and their continued efforts at driving the Democrat party to oblivion in South Dakota:

In South Dakota, that extension of the University of South Dakota’s student government politics called the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP), continues to go through the motions of a functioning political party and the staff periodically reprints passages from their job descriptions to justify their paycheck and the monthly subsidy the Party receives from the Democratic National Committee. For example, in an e-mail on May 24th, the SDDP announced a statewide voter registration campaign. “Today we’re announcing the Summer Voter Registration Challenge for county party organizations. We’re challenging every county party to register as many voters as they can this summer…The Challenge will run from June 1 to September 1…We are encouraging every county party to have some sort of registration event on June 3…”

The e-mail didn’t specify what “sort of” registration event should be held but it did ask recipients to contact the SDDP with any questions anyone may have, such as “What the hell should I do”.

The results of the “Summer Voter Registration Challenge” have been predictable. Since the late May announcement, Democratic voter registration has declined statewide by 983 voters. I know it is summer vacation and school is still out, but the USD football team is already practicing for the opening game. Perhaps it is time for Ann Tornberg and her USD staff at the SDDP to pick it up a notch and send out another e-mail. It may seem like Student Government at the SDDP and who really cares about that but you are getting paid.

Read it all here.

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  1. Miranda Gohn

    Jaa Dee up here! 🙂 What is going on in the SDDP? Cory over at the “Dakota Pot Blog” had a long list of things that need to happen to correct the downward slide of the party which is just in shambles. I had a list of examples to prove a point as to what a number of their members were doing that further accelerated their decline but he deleted them. He is involved in this group that is contributing to the slide but according to him they are on the correct path to success. If that is the case 2018 is going to be another really bad election year for the SDDP.

    Any thoughts as to why they seem to be sliding from what was supposed to be South Dakota’s opposition party to bring a political check & balance to an eventual status of being a minor fringe party?

    1. Miranda Gohn

      Jaa Dee where did you go? Well anyways according to Heidelberger evidently the key to success here in South Dakota is to go full Portlandia Hard Left and they want Budweiser and not Bud Light Dems in South Dakota.

      I pointed out the SDDP has two statewide Democrats running for office that have distanced themselves quite a bit from the party since the SDDP brand has been so badly damaged. Those two candidates are true to themselves and their values. Tim Bjorkman is the most conservative Democrat I have come across in a long time and personally I very much appreciate he has stepped forward to run. We need more like him. That caliber of candidate.

      Even a longtime media person from Sioux Falls shared with me that the South Dakota Democratic Party just has not resonated with South Dakotans.

      I posted a few questions for past District 3 State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger after the list he provided as a road map to success for the SDDP. Knowing what he did and having the time to campaign full-time for months when other candidates have their own businesses to run (personally I can relate to the time demands of being in a family business) and jobs, having his blog to further promote himself, decent and competitive campaign funding and his messaging why did he lose so badly in Brown County that used to be a long time Democratic stronghold? Was it the messaging and policies promoted, the messenger or a combination of both? It was all deleted from his “Pot Blog” but those questions remain.

      1. grudznick

        Mr. H deleted things from his blog? I was under the impression he did not do that for he was proud of where he stands, and he refuses to change his message or the speed of it’s delivery or the arm waving, no matter what the Brown Countians think they want. They will have to adapt to him, I believe, or he will move to Fall River County and bend them to his ways.

        I, for one, believe he might just give it a go, for he seems a gamer at least.

      2. a nony mous

        I am in the same boat. My questions never get answered and my posts never see the light of day in his forum.

  2. Springer

    The Dems have increasingly supported liberal and socialism ideals (in their words progressive) that the majority of South Dakota do not believe in. During the eight years of Obama this was accelerated and the Dem party nationally and statewide embraced this same philosophy, and the slide downhill accelerated. That pretty much sums it up.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      You mean the Dems need to get back to less socialistic ideas like farm aid, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Programs which are more wildly popular, huh?

      1. a nony mous

        I will not tell any Democrat what they should do to win. I DON’T WANT THEM TO WIN.
        Is that clear enough?

  3. grudznick

    Most Democrats I know or read rantings from have devolved into a existence in a mode ritualistic hatred and rage. They hate, they don’t really even understand why by they are filled with rage and hatred. Most people don’t want to join up with a group of crazy-eyed yellers and high-strung shouters. It would be ironic indeed of the Democratic Party was ultimately taken over by Mr. Nelson and some of the Howites so they could have their own party. Mr. Nelson is already having all his shots called by the man who, before Mr. Nelson was in the legislatures, was the noted most ineffective fellow there ever, Mr. Kloucek.

  4. happy camper

    But Grutz, where are you reading these rants? The political blogs attract the fringe elements who are always angry. The vast majority of people remain in the middle of the bell curve regardless of party affiliation.

    People have a tribal nature don’t draw conclusions based on extremists. Sad thing who wants to enter politics the way it is now? Only those with the thickest skin or those who stay in their camp. You mingle with libs but drop the strong statements.

    Important to remember there is equal bias each side has against the other: “The political left might consider itself more open-minded than the right. But research shows that liberals are just as prejudiced against conservatives as conservatives are against liberals.”

    It’s a pretty good article. When randomly issued colored T-shirts people are attracted to those with the same colored shirt, for no reason other than they are like me. Human nature is still a primal thing, which most people want to deny.


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