Dems to hold listening tour, because they’re really, really going to listen this time after another year of record losses.

The leadership team who put the Democrats farther in the hole than they already were have announced that they’re going to conduct an ages-old SD Dem tradition and hold an apology tour to revisit their sins and gather new ideas. 

From: “South Dakota Democratic Party”
Date: November 21, 2016 at 5:03:58 PM CST
Subject: Moving South Dakota Forward Listening Tour

After a tough election cycle, we’d like to hear from you about what issues are important to you and your community and how we as a Party can come together, move forward, and have a better election cycle in 2018. 

To that end, SDDP staff would like to invite you attend one of the meetings of the Moving South Dakota Forward Listening Tour. We’ll be making stops around South Dakota in the next couple of weeks and hope as many people as possible can join us! 

Of course, they’re holding these meetings and will follow up by ignoring any suggestions that they act like a political party, instead devoting their time to ballot measures, as they have for the past several elections, while their numbers dwindle.

5 Replies to “Dems to hold listening tour, because they’re really, really going to listen this time after another year of record losses.”

  1. Anonymous

    Listening & Apology Tour? It will be like we are very smart and all knowing what is best for you! Just ask us! Followed by an attack on peoples various religious faiths, all Cops are bad and the same old angry chip on a shoulder conspiracy talk and then say the key to success is to get the pothead vote.

  2. Anonymous

    Will the tour include the pseudo intellectual from Colorado? Hamburgler and his partner from New Mexico?

  3. Pat Powers Post author

    I saw that e-mail and couldn’t stifle my laughter. We’ve been seeing this nonsense for what? 4-5 election cycles now? What a pack of fools.

    They’re more interested in contemplating their navels, going on about how to tell people how they should think, they’ve lost sight of actually listening and representing people.

    But, whatever. They can tell people what to think and claim to be superior. Us plebians will just sit over here and spend our time winning elections.

    1. Just askin

      Sorry Mr. Powers for the off topic question, but how serious is the push back on how easy it is for all these out of state and liberal ballot initiatives, referendums, et cetera to get into the election process?

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe there trying to do better.Keepfindingfault with people.Just because they don’t agree with you on everything.