Denise Ross is on to something…

Mitchell Daily Republic reporter and documentary filmmaker Denise Ross wrote one of the more enjoyable reads as of late about the fate of Senator Tim Johnson’s senate seat. Like many of us, she also noticed Mike Rounds has been running Fischer Rounds insurance company TV ads during the ten o’clock news on KELO. She covers it on the MDR blog.


You can be the judge.

South Dakota political observers could be forgiven for licking our chops over the pending 2014 U.S. Senate race even while a 2012 U.S. House race gets under way in earnest after Tuesday?s primary election.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin?s announcement last week of her pending move to Sioux Falls brought the 2014 election into sharper focus, and former Gov. Mike Rounds has launched TV commercials promoting his family?s insurance business. Rounds does the talking in the ad. I hope I can be forgiven for wondering exactly how much those TV ads really have to do with the well-established business.

The big surprise to me in Denise’s column was her over-playing Brendan Johnson’s status in South Dakota politics at this stage. I have no doubt Brendan Johnson will have his moment one day, but we are elevating him early in my opinion with talk about running for Senate. Especially if his first race is against a popular former two-term governor. I’m not convinced even Herseth Sandlin would want to run against Rounds.

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  1. Elais

    Bill, you need to make more of an effort to put Rounds on a higher pedestal, we can still see him from here.

  2. Anonymous

    Mike Rounds is a good man and was a good governor.

    I’ve given it some thought. If he runs I will suppport him. I hope Noem runs also because a contested primary will be good for both.

    SHS and Johnson should primary each other also.

      1. anon

        He clearly understands how to engage an audience. I wish he had run in ’08. Johnson would have been destroyed.


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