Deputy AG Charlie McGuigan addresses Brookings Co GOP

Deputy Attorney General Charlie McGuigan was in Brookings this morning to address the GOP, talking about his office, as well as his candidacy for Attorney General in 2018.

McGuigan spoke about how states who have legalized drugs have become a major headache for South Dakota, as they’ve become a significant source of illegal drugs – not just pot, but hard drugs such as meth.

He made his case as a candidate for the GOP’s nomination for AG in that he is the candidate who brings both institutional knowledge of the office, as well as continuity for the AG office, having been with the Attorney General’s since Mark Barnett.

Lots of good discussion on the dark web, and new legislation, as well as other topics.

John Fitzgerald is next candidate (also AG) scheduled to speak to the local GOP group on September 16th, so stay tuned for more on your GOP candidates.

14 Replies to “Deputy AG Charlie McGuigan addresses Brookings Co GOP”

  1. Miranda Gohn

    Looks like a candidate for AG to consider. The state of Oregon not satisfied with Marijuana legalization is now looking to legalize Meth, Cocaine And Heroin. Was this really a surprise? Will New Approach South Dakota & the hard left be pushing that and Medical Meth in 2020?

    1. KM

      Gohn – McGuigan does look like a candidate to consider. You mention the troubles OR is facing, I would like to point out Durango, CO (well, the entire state) is dealing with a serious homeless problem brought on by the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Crime is up, theft on business owners, their entire town has been transformed. MG, your comments about this issue are always well-defined and consistent, that is appreciated.

      1. Miranda Gohn


        I appreciate your compliment and would rather not even be taking the time to deal with this but the momentum is building and I am at an age where others and myself have personally had to deal with bad outcomes from MJ abuse. I’ll be taking a former tenant to small claims court to recover damages that is related to this but according to the pro-pot advocates none of this exists. It is always something else and never about the MJ.

        If I had a BS indicator it would overload or explode quickly when I hear or read the claims by those pushing this. If they were honest from the get go then we could craft public policy to minimize the risk of negative impact and be pro-active but they keep making false promises.

        More than anything I feel we have a mental health crises along with other issues that need to be addressed otherwise the demand for drugs will remain.

        1. KM

          Gohn – You’ve articulate reasons against MJ very well & your real-world experiences bring to light real-world consequences. I disagree w/momentum statement, however, I don’t have FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc so your perspective may be diff. In my social circle: pt waitress where young ppl mingle, church, kids activities and when w/family and friends I don’t hear much support or interest for it. And the ppl I do hear get excited about it, when asked if they voted in 2016, more often than not the answer is no.

          You mention court issues w/tenants. Part of my significant other’s job is to service homes, there was a big job in the low-income apts dwntwn SF & while entering several places, MJ and paraphernalia was visible. One place smelled to high heaven of it, this is frustrating bc the community helps ppl in tough situations and some are doing drugs? If the drug is illegal now, the probability of issues such as this will continue to increase and get worse (Durango, CO).

          1. Miranda Gohn


            Look at Melissa Mentele’s responses. That is telling enough. New Approach South Dakota, other entities in and out of the state are using the same model they have used in other states. Push hard and fast and go after the gullible voters. They know once states pass it that it will be very hard to repeal.

            A great example is reading an Argus Leader article online and whenever there is an article about MJ coming to a vote or the legislature within minutes of it being posted two or 3 Industry shills from California in comments from their facebook account. You can read them w/o facebook. It is all cut and paste or they may engage if challenged. It is always the same ones. They have done this in every single state and were called out on it in Florida when they tried to pass Medical MJ. I confronted them and asked them who is paying them to post citing their past history in other states and they were evasive. Then I told them that I find it ironic that they never posted all this pro-BS when there are stories of crimes, child neglect in unsanitary conditions, and car accidents where MJ was a factor and their drug of choice. They went back to their robotic like answers.

            I have just scratched the surface as far as experiences and have lived in other states too. Voters should sit in their local Magistrate Court for a few days and just observe. They would learn quite before casting their vote.

  2. Mel

    No Miranda we won’t be you can find that “Medical Meth” in every pharmacy in the US. Big Pharma has the lock on that. I’m sure you are aware of the number of children in the US on ADHD meds right? I’m sure you are also aware that those meds are 1 compound difference then the meth that is highly abused right?

    Ignorance must be bliss

    1. Miranda Gohn


      I am fairly aware of the differences but thank you! So getting back to the original question can we expect New Approach South Dakota in 2020 to follow Oregon in pushing legalizing all drugs next such as Molly, Meth, Cocaine and Heroin? Would you push it once again as “compassion” promising all kinds of “pie in the sky” revenue for the state with virtually no negatives? Of course, Just like the Marijuana ballot initiative your pro-pot advocates won’t talk about just how much of that “Pie in the Sky” revenue for the state should and will eventually actually be used for addiction/chemical dependency treatment, mental health and a robust education program to counter the pot/drug culture myths out there as to the real consequences and risks of ingestion.

  3. Miranda Gohn


    Realistically the way these Marijuana ballot initiatives being pushed by New Approach South Dakota and a large part of the South Dakota Democratic Party are deceptive. If they get voted in it will not take long before South Dakotans realize they got conned.

  4. Mentele


    I am the author of the medical cannabis & recreational cannabis initiatives. We actually due address the need for treatment and have allocated funds in the language for it. Maybe instead of spewing nonsense on social media you should try actually reading the language so you can at least speak about facts. Let me help you out here Section 34 of the recreational initiative lays out how we will be helping pay for many badly needed services in SD.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      I have read Section 34 and it will fall far short of what will be needed.

      #1 New Approach South Dakota and a large part of the South Dakota Democratic Party are pushing this by not laying out all the cards on the table in regards to an honest discussion with the REAL consequences and risks of Marijuana ingestion. The overwhelming message coming out of advocates of legalization and users is that it is completely harmless, it is NOT addictive, it is good for you with virtually no negatives and keeps saying it has less harm than…..which still does not address the problem. That by itself is a huge problem to overcome!

      #2 Do you realize we already have a mental health crises and just how far reaching & much it is costing our society?

      #3 Do you know what a dysfunctional family is and even dysfunctional behavior in individuals or in relationships? Drug abuse, not communicating in a healthy way, even not picking up the subtle signals that a family member is depressed or they need help because of being under the influence of Marijuana or another drug in that it is just a normal for them and they know no other way. Then there can be generational dysfunction. This will increase substantially with the Marijuana culture and industry messaging that is being put out there.

      These marijuana ballot initiatives are deceptive! South Dakotans are getting conned on this. Video Lottery all over again but this will have far more negative impact.

  5. Mentele

    I know right cannabis is bad bad bad…that’s why 44 states have some form of access and it is a 6 billion dollar industry. Awful terrible stuff.

    I guess if it had the daily death rate like alcohol or the one every 19 minutes death rate of prescription drugs I might give you the floor and actually entertain your concerns BUT since you ignore the obvious I just can’t.

  6. Miranda Gohn


    Can we have a mature discourse first? Personally I’d rather not see it legalized for recreational use but if it were going to happen you could of gone about this an entirely different way that would of been more comprehensive in covering bases, and turned into a positive opportunity, reduce risks and buyers remorse in regards to South Dakota voters. I have visited with a number of DFL legislators, two DFL candidates for governor and a mental health professional that treats those chemically dependent on MJ and he is actually for legalization but with stipulations learning from the mistakes and issues from states that legalized like Colorado. I asked if he realized that anything negative about the data he obtained that will be denied by those pushing this. They all thought a pathway we discussed was realistic and reasonable but the key is being honest with the voters first about the myths upfront.

  7. Springer

    So who is going to pay for the problems if, heaven forbid , marijuana gets legalized in SD? NOT my tax dollars! Put a 300% or more tax on the stuff in that case, whatever the costs are, and those who use would be those who pay for the problems.

    By the way, I would support medical marijuana if it were treated like narcotics are now. But NOT for recreational use.