Did anyone have a guy come ring their doorbell yesterday….

Door to door is definitely getting tougher in this environment, as someone went to the point of posting a picture and was asking on Facebook yesterday “Did anyone have a guy come ring their doorbell yesterday.. Not sure who would be doing that right now?”

(That was State Rep. Isaac Latterell, btw who is campaigning for State Senate.)

14 Replies to “Did anyone have a guy come ring their doorbell yesterday….”

      1. Ike

        The time dilation around you must be immense. I don’t think even black holes are quite as dense. Tell me, do your kids age backwards like Benjamin Button?

  1. anon

    like they said in the post — ‘Odd Timing’. Yep. Even if you’re not afraid the virus yourself, candidates need to understand that there’s a lot of people who are afraid and don’t want some stranger knocking on their door right now. C’mon everyone — get a clue and find other ways to campaign.

    1. Anonymous

      Not that odd. Petitions are due in a week. All events are canceled and public places closed. What other ways are there?

  2. procrastination

    this is why you don’t wait until the last minute to get signature Mr. Palm Face

  3. Anonymous

    What happens when he loses to Rep Otten? Will he move to another new district to run for legislature.

    1. Anonymous

      Last time those two were in a primary, Latterall polled more votes that Otten. Should be interesting.

  4. Pat Powers Post author

    Petitions kind of leave a candidate in a catch 22. You need the signatures. but it’s a particularly tough environment to get them in.

  5. PlanningStudent

    This how people act these days, has nothing to do with the virus.. for years people in Tea, Harrisburg, and Brandon have been posting on Facebook saying look at this person who had the audacity to us my doorbell, Dow anyone who they are.. Often times the home owner is admittedly home but just doesn’t want to answer.. every Facebook rummage page has had post just like this for years.. it’s quite stunning actually that, that is where we are now as a community.

  6. Old Republican

    It’s crazy that people are getting upset about door knocking. I am willing to bet that the same person who gets upset about this, has no problem going to the gas station or grocery store and grabbing door handles that many other people have already touched. This current fear based environment is just crazy!

    No one is forcing you to answer the door, are they?

    1. Troy

      I don’t much care personally. But right now, while I could be wrong, I am not sure the optics are good when social distancing is the mantra of the day. I think that is the point.

      1. anon

        yes, that’s exactly the point. Just having some awareness of the environment right now would make sense. If you need to collect signatures, it would seem that candidates would have a few friends that could each pick up 10 signatures from their family or close friends, rather than go door-to-door.