Did I just see a singing janitor commercial?

I didn’t see the beginning, and I wasn’t sure if it was a Nurse or what kind of staff member it was, but my wife said she thought she started out with a broom, as she sang through the brand new Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital commercial.

All I could think was that “no one was singing the last time my dad was there for prostate surgery.”

And…. “What ad company actually thought the singing janitor was a good idea?”

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  1. Anne Beal

    I mopped a lot of hospital and nursing facility floors in my life. As the night shift charge nurse I got to do everything.
    I have to admit there were more than a few times I sang “Amazing Grace” while I did it.

    And there was one old Russian who didn’t speak any English, and when I mopped his floor I would sing the chorus of “bayushki bayou” to him. I couldn’t manage the rest of the lyrics though.


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