Did self-described “super-tough Democrat” Steve Jarding finally flip a coin & decide to run for congress?

I see that political consultant Steve Jarding, who to date has been wishy-washy about which office he’s begging people to draft him for, is now running ads on facebook that seem to indicate that he’s focusing on one office.

I assume this means he’s gone to the trouble to flip a coin:

going_for_noemThis advertisement, which I had the misfortune of having pop up on my facebook today, would seem to indicate that (at least this week) Jarding – the author of the “not worthy to debate stratagem” – is leaning towards taking on Congresswoman Kristi Noem.

But then again, it’s hard to take anyone seriously who describes themselves as a “super-tough Democrat.”

13 Replies to “Did self-described “super-tough Democrat” Steve Jarding finally flip a coin & decide to run for congress?”

    1. Anonymous

      Can Noem clear 60% this time?

      I thought her reelection performance was really weak in 2012 against Varilek (57.8%).

      And I feel Lora Hubbel is about to run against Noem in 2014’s primary.

      If Jarding runs he will find a third party candidate to run also.

      But Noem wins hands down it’s just a question of how much of the vote she gets.

        1. Anonymous

          Unfortunately it will be the first time for whomever she hires to run her campaign. Her campaign staff is different every two years. No continuity form cycle to cycle.

          1. Dairy Dude

            This is a problem for Noem, she needs some consistency on the campaign side of things. While I strongly dislike Jarding he is a professional snake when it comes to campaigning and will have a win at all costs approach. He won’t win, but his mafia style will make it interesting, especially when he yells during speeches!!!


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