Did Paula Hawks move to Michigan, and not tell anybody?

Another awful fundraising email from Paula Hawks for Congress:

From: Paula Hawks
Date: February 16, 2016 at 3:28:52 PM CST
Subject: this is a disaster
Reply-To: info@hawksforhouse.com

(Redacted), as I’m sure you know, there is a massive public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, where the water has been found to contain dangerous levels of lead and other harmful chemical contaminants.

This has been the case for years in some Flint neighborhoods, but government officials have turned a blind eye to this disaster. Now, more than 10,000 children in Flint have been exposed to harmful concentrations of lead in their water.

We need to help our neighbors hold their government accountable. Click here to sign the petition to demand solutions for the Flint water crisis.

It’s no secret that South Dakota has had more than its fair share of government corruption and incompetence. The water crisis in Flint is just one example of what can happen when elected officials serve their best interest instead of the people’s.

I’m running for Congress to oppose selfish and corrupt attitudes like that here in South Dakota. We need to be able to hold our elected officials accountable – not only for the problems they cause but for the ones they ignore for political reasons.

Join me to hold Michigan government officials accountable to the people of Flint – add your name now!

Thanks for stepping up,


Well, this email is a little bizarre. And awkward.

Does someone need to be reminded that this is South Dakota? How exactly does she intend to hold Michigan officials responsible?

And how is giving money to Paula going to do anything?

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    1. Anonymous

      Yea. Pat hates “pople” in other states.

      Aren’t you the fellow running her campaign – such as it is?

  1. Cliff Hadley

    The incompetence that allowed the water contamination was entirely on the Flint city officials, the appointed emergency manager, and the regional EPA — all Democrats. But it’s Gov. Snyder — a Republican — who’s gotten the most grief for not jumping in sooner to save the city from its corrupt ways. That type of intervention would have been resented like hell. Snyder can’t win on this.

    I lived in Flint in the 1960s. It was a pit then and somehow slid down even further.