Did someone miss the memo?

I was reading the Capital Journal this morning, and had to do some head scratching over a couple of comments in this article:

It’s still early in the campaign season for most candidates. For example, state Rep. Stace Nelson kicked off his bid less than a week ago. But the question remains of when the capital will see its first public campaign stop and what role it will play in electing the state’s next senator.

Jon Schaff, a political scientist at Northern State University, said since it’s still early in the race some candidates have stayed close to home. But he would advise them not to dawdle in getting to the capital.

“I think a candidate is making a mistake if he or she does not make it to Pierre sooner rather than later,” he said.

Pierre has more importance than its size would suggest, Schaff said, especially as the seat of state government. Many of the state’s activists, interest groups and elected officials, who have important connections and access to donors, are located in town. It’s also the place to “pay court” at party headquarters, he said.

For the serious campaign that wants to build a ground game and hire experienced staffers, it’s also a good place to look for recruits, he said.

Schaff said those type of political connections make Pierre a more significant stop than a city such as Aberdeen, despite having 10,000 fewer people. It would be the third place he would go, after hitting population centers Rapid City and Sioux Falls, he said.

Read it here.

Don’t you just love those ‘in-the-know’ who have never been in the trenches? Ugh. ““pay court” at party headquarters?” In case anyone missed the memo, The bulk of the GOP operation moved to Sioux Falls. Over a year ago.

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  1. Anonymous

    Schaff is really out of touch. Pierre is a Rounds area why would Schaff expect anyone to not realize that?

    For one in a primary it’s important to not just judge an area on population but on registered Republicans and % of Republicans who vote.

    Kristi knew she wasn’t going to win in Aberdeen against Stephanie and putting her resources of time would have been a waste after a certain amount. Each candidate knows where they have regional strengths.

  2. Anonymous

    Schaff has always been a disappointment to the political world. He is conservative but (by choice) completely removed from anything to do with politics or connections to the GOP. I would suggest the newspapers stop interviewing him and other college professors and begin interviewing the vast majority of experienced people like Joel Rosenthal, Lee Schoenbeck or Pat Powers or Steve Jarding. Why waste time on people who have never been involved and are not known to anyone in the GOP.

  3. Jon S.

    Pat, remember just a couple weeks ago when you chastised the Argus Leader for writing about you without bothering to confirm things?

  4. Jon S.

    To the point, I talked to the reported a lot about “party leaders.” The phrase I used multiple times in the interview was “political professionals” or “people who do politics for a living.” There are more of them in Pierre than in other places was my point. I may at some point have said “party headquarters,” I honestly don’t remember. I didn’t mean to say that party headquarters were in Pierre, for as a regular reader of this blog I know different, but I might have said “headquarters” at some point (again, I don’t recall using that word, but I may have). That’s me being sloppy or the reported mishearing. As I trust the reporter’s professionalism, I will assume the mistake was mine. But I do appreciate being insulted on your blog this morning. It’s really brightened my day.

    1. ANON

      I’m glad to know you read the SDWC because it means you know something about Conservative Republican Politics. It would also be good to see you get engaged in the process and visit with voters and party leaders across the state if you are going to be quoted as an expert (and maybe even a candidate every now and then). SDWC is a great forum for people to live vicariously through other peoples experiences but it’s still not like being involved in the real thing. No blog is better in all of SD and I would like to see South Dakota Politics blog start covering South Dakota Politics once in a while.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    Main floor side room in back of the Red Rosa former Governor M. Michael Rounds announced his entry into the SD US Senate election process a while ago. This story must be about the other candidates.

  6. Anonymous

    Stace has spent enough time in Pierre already and has few friends left there. He needs to focus on the places where people don’t know him and hope they don’t do their homework. What I’ve seen is people get excited about him and then first impressions wear off when they see how he is

    1. Anonymous

      ..and yet the people who know him in his district love him and keep electing him. To be disliked by a hand full of politicians with poor voting records? Good endorsement in an era where people dislike the go along to get along politicians.

      It appears his campaign material is flying out the door by all the comments and pictures on his facebook pages. But what do the voters know.

      1. Anonymous

        Who has Stace Nelson honestly defeated in his time running for the legislature? Running against joe shmo who doesn’t know anyone or a thing about campaigning doesn’t mean a thing. Runnign against a Democrat in SD during the elections of 2010 and 2012 doesn’t show he knows how to campaign. Every Republican on the ballot in those elections won in SD.

        1. Anonymous

          Jim Putnam, a 24 year incumbent in a new district for Nelson? His first race he beat a popular Democrat incumbent. In 2014 he will beat a former life-long, Democrat, and a former governor with a record like one.

  7. Anonymous

    So an old guy who was way past his prime?

    State Representatives REP 25 Stace Nelson 2 4814 27.34%
    State Representatives REP 25 Jon Hansen 2 4579 26.00%
    State Representatives DEM 25 Oran A. Sorenson 2 3859 21.91%
    State Representatives DEM 25 Dennis Van Overschelde 2 2918 16.57%
    State Representatives IND 25 Kevin R Crisp 2 1441 8.18%

    1. Anonymous

      Again Nelson has not won a race of great importance yet. Anyone who thinks winning a legislative race in the two biggest wave years in memory is representative of Nelson’s strengths is nuts.

      1. Anonymous

        Yep, Nelson is a real LOSER for having WON his last 3 elections. The trolls are really desperate. For a guy who was gone for 20+ years, who nobody knew in 2010, looks like he did pretty good.

        He has such an absolute no chance of winning? A Democrat super PAC is shadowing every event he is at.

          1. Exodus

            The Dems know Nelson will say foolish and outlandish things that hurt Mike Rounds. They want to make commercials of what a “tea party” republican says about our future nominee.

            Nelson’s actions will have consequences. They won’t benefit him but they will tear our nominee down. Nelson likes destroying the GOP.

            1. Anonymous

              Rounds/Rhoden’ records suck. Democrats don’t need anything more than that.

              Keep your liberal lying Alinsky campaign up “Exodus” it’s the only thing Rounds has going for him!

              Nelson isn’t afraid of you or The Rounds political machine!

  8. MJL

    It seems weird to claim that the candidates don’t spend enough time in Pierre considering that three either work or worker in Pierre on a regular basis. I think that they would already know how the inside operatives were that would connect with their campaign.

    1. Exodus

      You are a smart cookie MJL. There are people who understand politics all over the state not just Pierre. Some of Janklow’s best didn’t live in a big SD town. The best people come from all over.

      Sometimes it’s best to get outside of state government or an echo chamber and visit with real folks.

  9. Anonymous

    It is so entertaining and fun to see how much Stace Nelson has the left worked into an absolute frenzy. If the left was not concerned about Stace, they shure would not spend so much time on this blog viciously trying to tear him down.

    Go get ’em, Stace!

    1. Anonymous

      They aren’t concerned about Stace. They want him to damage our nominee (Mike Rounds). They want to use Nelson’s words against Rounds in the general election.