Dilges out? BFM Commissioner said to have left State Government.

It has been overshadowed by other events of today, but multiple elected officials have noted to me that while he’s still noted on the Governor’s website, they’ve been notified that Jason Dilges, Commissioner of the State’s Bureau of Finance and Management is no longer with State Government.

While such moves are not unusual as a Governor winds down his term in office, this comes at an unusual time when State Government is in the middle of working on the budget in preparation for the coming legislative session – something especially problematic with an economic downturn which is causing reduced revenue estimates, and the passage of IM22, which could cause 12 million dollars to come out of education, or other areas of critical need.

Dilges had been in the position all through out the Rounds administration, and had previously worked for BFM under the Janklow Administration.   Under the Daugaard Administration, Dilges was also a member of the Governor’s Executive Committee where he also had oversight of the Department of Revenue and Bureau of Administration.

Update – From the Argus Leader: 

The state’s longtime chief budget officer is no longer in his position after being placed on administrative leave last week.

Jason Dilges, the commissioner of the state’s Bureau of Finance and Management and the state’s chief financial officer, is also a member of Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s cabinet. Tony Venhuizen, Daugaard’s chief of staff, confirmed Tuesday that Dilges had been placed on “indefinite administrative leave” pending a final decision on his employment status.

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9 Replies to “Dilges out? BFM Commissioner said to have left State Government.”

  1. Anon

    Odd that there wasn’t a public announcement from Tony. There was for other members of DD’s Exec Committee (Dusty, Costello, Seward). Makes you wonder what the whole story is.

  2. Anony

    So let me see if I understand this. Lots going on – and everything in the newspaper except this one.

    Mickelson out – in the news
    Noem in – all over the news
    Seward leaves – press release
    Dusty for House – interviewed
    Krebs for House – interviewed
    Nesiba arrested – in the news
    Judges appointed – in the news
    RC Fire Chief resigns – in the news
    Belle Fource Police chief resigns – in the news

    And so on. But the highest paid Cabinet member is gone and there is no news on this? Where’s the main stream media on this?