Dist 7 Democrat bizarrely campaigns in video by claiming state is backwards and a bunch of racist homophobes live here

I’m not sure how this is going to win District 7 House candidate Louise Snodgrass any votes. But, whatever:

@loudangThis trend… but local politician edition. 😎🤠 Building a grassroots campaign as a working class progressive here in South Dakota.

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11 Replies to “Dist 7 Democrat bizarrely campaigns in video by claiming state is backwards and a bunch of racist homophobes live here”

    1. Caleb

      I wouldn’t be amazed at all:

      1) adherents of The Creativity Movement reside in District 7
      2) white supremacists placed their stickers all over Brookings public property after last month’s “justice for black lives” march
      3) white supremacists have more than once in recent years put up their propaganda around the SDSU campus
      4) somebody stole pride flags from downtown Brookings last weekend
      5) Brookings County has a high concentration of CAFOs

      Point being: while her messaging could perhaps use refinement, she isn’t reacting to nothing, and many of District 7’s citizens share her concerns.

      1. Anonymus

        This is a manufactured fight. It is all BS. As much as you want to think there is racism, the only racism is on the left towards whites. Grow up. This is just stupid.

        1. Ike

          I dunno – my neighbor woke up one morning to the n-word spray painted on her garage door. Racism is everywhere, and in a massively white state, I can assure you that you’re not the victim.

        2. Caleb

          I’ve seen the white supremacy propaganda in Brookings. To use a euphemism: you’re talking out of your ass.

          Go ahead and check out The Creativity Movement’s web site if you seriously believe racism against whites is the only racism: https://creativitymovement.net/

  1. grudznick

    Messrs. Tidemann and Ried had better get busy getting out a new tiktok movie on their own selfs. This young lady’s moving is going to bury them in the elections.


    1. Caleb

      Dave R, I’m also concerned about people exploiting their software’s users for nefarious aims. Can you elaborate on what concern you have about TikTok? I haven’t learned much about the app yet.

      What do you think about our Chamber of Commerce and even government entities relying so heavily upon Zoom?

  2. Anonymous

    She is not open to discussion and is determined to know what is best for me. This is not the direction South Dakota needs as in going to another extreme.


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