District 11 House Candidate Mary Claus says Republicans are “Bastards,” who think “Women are nothing more than breeders.”

Claus CVIn District 11, Democrat for House Mary Claus lists as part of her CV that she studied at “Bernice Johnson’s Academy of Modeling and Public Relations” as part of her education.  In reading on of her latest facebook missives hating on Republicans, I’m thinking she was better at the “modeling” part of her education than she was the “public relations.”   Because it doesn’t really seem to be something one would say if they’re seeking votes from Republicans.

Mary Claus BastardsAccording to Mary, Republicans are “Bastards,” who think “Women are nothing more than breeders?”  Oh My…  With Democrats like this running for office, why is anyone complaining about Donald Trump?

If you look at her facebook page, there’s some real mean-spirited nastiness & hatred going on towards the Republican majority in this state.  And I can’t imagine that’s going to reflect well with the Republicans in her district at the ballot box this November.

11 Replies to “District 11 House Candidate Mary Claus says Republicans are “Bastards,” who think “Women are nothing more than breeders.””

  1. ymous

    I’ve noticed democrats on Facebook have become less and less tolerant of people that differ from their beliefs. I would say almost hostile. Bringing people into their tent is not likely with such views. But then again, if you disagree with the left, your a bigot, anti-gay, sexist a racist and any other negative word they can spew. It’s their message and tone people in SD are rejecting.

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t forget anti-religion, anti-drug free, plenty of hate and a lack of taking responsibility for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is this twit? I’ve never heard of her. Is she from New York or California? Let’s just hope with views like this she isn’t breeding, because her kids wouldn’t get a very good upbringing.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t know if she would do any better at the modeling than the PR. You just have to read her post and the opposite of the “beer goggles” effect takes place-she looks hideous.

  4. grudznick

    Mr. Anonymous, that is my thought too, although this Ms. Claus is very very pretty and does not appear fat like some of the libbie ladies who hate people.

    1. Anonymous

      I wonder if you have ever spent time shadowing a real journalist, or attended any journalism classes.

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t it the leftwing atheist people who abort female babies (not to mention male babies)? So, Scary Claus, who actually is a bastard? Me thinks you are! The hypocrisy of this ugly person is astounding. The package may look fine, but what is inside is poison and vile.

  6. MK

    Some people! Another great read. This lady has no clue, it’s too funny. I can’t wait to tell the ladies about her post describing Christian conservative men. We’ll have a great laugh as we discuss when our husbands plan for us to be pregnant again…..bawhaha.